How to Take Your Own Headshot


How to Take Your Own Headshot


Class Description

A great headshot is an essential marketing asset for promoting your businesses online – learn the trick to snapping an amazing one, yourself.

In this class, Erin Manning will show you how to create a great headshot without a lot of trouble or expense. You’ll learn about everything from choosing the right clothing to finding and creating flattering light. You’ll walk away with all of the tools needed to put together your own professional-looking headshot.


a Creativelive Student

By creating a course for self portrait photography using a device most of us have, Erin reaches out to many who can benefit by learning these not-so-obvious techniques. Having an extensive portrait photography background with advanced SLR's, and then her demonstrating well and sharing all the simplicity and usefulness a camera phone has, Erin made it fun and fresh with ideas. A picture is worth a thousand words, and it was clear what the course was about. No surprises here, I liked it. Thanks Erin!

Walt Snell

What a fun class! I think that a lot of the lighting she achieves could be created using much cheaper equipment for the photographer on a budget But this isn't a class about lighting on a budget (guess what, that class exists!! I think it's called DIY lighting) this is a class about how to take your own "selfie" style headshot and make it look professional. it's even easier now that there are things like "selfie sticks" and smart watches that let you control the camera on your phone but Erin makes this class fun and informative taking your "i-phonography" to the next level.