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Lightroom: Sorting and Ranking Images

Lesson 11 from: How to Capture and Edit Landscapes in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

11. Lightroom: Sorting and Ranking Images

Landscape and wildlife photographers can end up with a seemingly endless amount of photos to choose from. Learn how to use the built-in features of Lightroom to save time and quickly sort your images.

Lesson Info

Lightroom: Sorting and Ranking Images

So we're going to go in to the Arizona landscapes album that we just created and imported our images into. But before we go into actually editing our images, we have to select. And that's where we're going to come into this grid, and we're going to start looking at our images. And you can see the regular image that we created that wasn't HDR, and I'm gonna click on that one. I'm gonna give that a five star, because that's kind of our original, best image. So I've clicked the 5 button on my keyboard, now that one's five stars. And then I've already gone through the process earlier of merging the three images into an HDR image, so that we could speed along this lesson. And that one's right here at the very beginning. I'm gonna give that a five star as well. So that we have two five-star images that we're gonna look at. Above all the images in the grid, you see a funnel icon. That is the way you sort images. If you wanna sort images, just simply click on that little funnel and then all of...

the options for sorting will come up, and I'm gonna just click on five stars, so that we only see our two five-star images that we've come up with to edit.

Ratings and Reviews

James Kitt

I wish more people would present this way! Each step from beginning to end demonstrated in short, concise and useful actions. Every tool and technique is something that I either use, (now better) or will start using because I now understand how to use it efficiently. I highly recommend this course!

Fauzan Pojam

Finally, a video tutorial that taught me what I've known on basic level and truly explore how to use it properly and what everything means. I've been waiting for something like this for awhile now. Greatly improves my technique now so thank you for this!

Angie Purcell

Great class wi with tons of helpful hints for both Lightroom and Photoshop.

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