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How to Create Addictive Content

Lesson 5 of 12

How to Never Run Out of Content Ideas

Melissa Cassera

How to Create Addictive Content

Melissa Cassera

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5. How to Never Run Out of Content Ideas

Lesson Info

How to Never Run Out of Content Ideas

So I love this lesson. This will ensure that all of your content is about to get 100% better, just from this. I promise you. How to never run out of content ideas using the heat technique. Has anybody here, just by a show of hands, ever written a piece of content and you just felt totally bored by writing it, you were like, I really don't wanna write this right now? Yeah. (laughing) So most of you, okay. So using this, you're never gonna do that again. Ever, ever, ever. Unless for some reason you are paid by a client where you must do this, and you can't get away with it. So, okay, that's fine, but when it's your own content for your own business and you have full control, this will fix everything. What happens when your clients want certain content but it bores you to tears to create it? This happens all the time. Because all of you as I see, almost all of you raised your hands that you've created a piece of content before that bored you to tears, right? Many times that comes either f...

rom the fact that your clients have asked for it, they've said, "I really wanna know more about this." Or maybe your survey responses indicated that. Or maybe you see that lots of other people in your industry are talking about this and you're like, I should be talking about it too because everyone else is. No, (imitates buzzer sound) wrong. All of that's wrong, scrap all of that. You're never gonna write about those things again, because it bores you to tears to write about it, and it's gonna bore the reader to tears when they read it. Because if you were completely unenthusiastic about it, they're gonna hate it. So I don't care if they're asking for it, you're gonna write this way, you're gonna write from the heat. Because emotion inspires action. Alright, so how are you gonna uncover this heat? First thing I want you to think about is what frustrates you about your industry? I bet you every one of you in this room right now could shout that out. All of you will have at least one thing that you're like, oh I really wish this would change, or like, oh, this really gets to me. So heated, right. Even when I asked that question I guarantee some of you had a little bubble in your stomach. You're like, ooh, god, you just wanna shout it out. So, that's great fodder for content. Also, what are your biggest turn offs or turn ons in business and in life? So what turns you off, what turns you on, right? So what are you super excited about? What do you wish would go away forever and die a slow painful death? What is your secret dream? So do you have secrets, things like, this doesn't always have to be business-related, by the way. Everyone can relate to having a secret dream. So I don't care who you are, and how corporate you are, or what your job is, we all have little secret things we wanna do. There's always the high powered attorney that secretly wants to write erotic romance novels. Actually, a lot of them become my clients. So, this exists. So even if your secret dream is not business-related, even if you do something for a living but your secret dream is that you want to, I don't know, scale a huge mountain or something, you can still use that as a piece of content, because everyone can relate to having a secret dream. And if you care about it, then you're gonna wanna write about it. If you don't care about it, then definitely don't write about it. When was the last time you did something you didn't think you could do? Again, this relates to everybody. I don't care what business you're in, or what industry. There's always somebody that's gonna feel this way. Where you accomplished something, you did something, and I don't care if this is like the smallest moment of all. So it doesn't have to be this huge, massive undertaking that you took on and then triumphed. That's great too, but this could be as silly as, I never thought I could do a yoga class, I thought I'd fall on my face and I did one. Right, I mean, even that can be powerful. Because if it meant a lot to you, then your story's gonna be really good, because all you're doing is reciting how you felt in the moment adding lots of fun, vivid language, and everyone can relate, they're like, even though it wasn't a yoga class for them, it would be something else that they can slot themselves into, that they had the same feeling that you did, in that first yoga class. Alright, so, let's do a couple of heat topics, just so you guys walk away today, with some ideas of maybe some things that you could write about that you actually care about. And not five ways to have better pilates moves. 'Cos nobody wants to write about these things. Can we have the white board, thank you. So let's just brainstorm for a bit, and see what we come up with. So do we have any volunteers? If we don't I'm calling on people. Alright, go ahead. Okay, so I'm a family photographer, and I do in home, real life, kind of more candid stuff. So I'm gonna go with what frustrates me, that's easy, matching outfits. I can't get behind that. If you check my Instagram though, I did just dress up with my kid in a matching shirt, so don't judge, but, generally speaking, we don't dress like that, so, poor dad, in a striped shirt and khakis matching the baby, it's just unfortunate sometimes. I love it. Sorry, I'm being super judgy, but it drives me crazy. So yeah, 'cos my objective is to get their real life, you know, how it is day to day. I love that, I hope you write that as a piece of content. But I think there's actually multiple pieces that could stem off of that. I mean, first the thing to keep in mind, is that the great part about this topic, is that the people that hate matching outfits, are gonna be like, you are my photographer. 'Cos, very rarely I feel like, do photographers talk about that, and so it would be so refreshing to have a photographer be like, why you will never see any matching outfits in my photos. And people will be like, oh my god, she's it, she's edgy! She's different. So first of all, it's perfect for that, because you're accomplishing not only a cool piece of content, but you're also welcoming in the people you wanna work with. So I love it for that. You could also do this in a couple of, you could make it a series. It could be one piece of content, where it's just your thoughts, and the heat pouring out. And, I think you need to do that. But then, maybe there are, like, a follow up piece, a sequel, one or two, that is about telling them about, like, so what's the alternative, right? 'Cos that might be the next question, we wanna anticipate the next question. Sometimes they just tell you what they are. Imagine the next question might be, okay, I am definitely not one of those, I do not want my family in, like, little white Polos and khakis, right, so they're thinking that. But then they might be saying, like what, visually would be the best? So, that could be a cool piece of content, if it feels exciting for you to create, only if. And it wouldn't be, like, fashion advice. I think this would be like a showpiece of, you know, calling back, and you would link back to this piece of content. Right, so they know how you feel. A little, tiny paragraph of how you feel, again, just really summed it up. And then you might say, here are some examples, of how you can ditch the whole matching outfit trope right? And then there are some fun examples, maybe you have a family in leather jackets. So, I'm sure you do crazy, awesome things, so, just like capturing the real life. And, I also like the other thing that you talked about, which is maybe a separate topic. Like, getting them in their natural environment, so, like, I like, what came to my mind, as soon as you said that was, all these weird family photos where everybody's like, like, with awkward smile. (audience laughter) Like their smiles are, it looks like maybe, like, someone in the family's a serial killer, right? (audience laughter) And, like, everybody's just kind of, or like they're in a weird cult. So, I like that, okay, when you said, I'm capturing them in their environment, I sense that they're just going about their stuff. Within reason, and then you are stepping in, almost like a wedding photographer does, and you're capturing moments. So, that could be, also be a cool piece of content, like a before, like maybe take a fake picture, of some friends, or whatever, with like that terrible smile. Just like, all standing in a line. And then, like, you know, no creepy cults here. (audience laughter) And then, you have some fun pictures. So, I think that's the overall, there's so many ideas. And fun for you to create. Awesome. Anybody else wanna brainstorm? You're gonna love this. (audience laughter) Okay. Because it's amazing, so, I'm gonna go with, I love your class by the way, I'm just like, light bulbs all over here. When was the last time you did something, you didn't think you could do? So, as you know, I go on destination with my clients, and I went to South Africa, in Cape Town. And, I had a driver to drive us, but it didn't work out. So, and I'm an artist, I only think on this side, I'm not very this side, so, now I have to drive, on the left, with the steering wheel on the left, and it was, my hands were sweating like I was 14 years old. And I was, oh my god I can't do this, I can't do this. But, it turns out that I could. And, it was amazing. I felt so good about myself, like, I feel like I can do anything, bring on the lions, no problem. (audience laughter) Bring on the lions, yeah! I love that, so, I mean there's so much in there. It could be just once, I mean, you literally, could just tell that story, as a piece of content, which is great, right? Like, the story alone, stands on it's own. I think I would just do that, but in the end there's so many mini pieces of content that spring off of that. I love the notion of driving on the opposite side of the road. I mean, that's a cliffhanger sentence, right? It's like, when you drive on the wrong side of the road, and everybody's like, what? What do you mean, and that could equate to so many things in life, where, like, even if we're not in that situation, with you. Don't we all feel like we're driving on the wrong side of the road in some essence, or element of our lives? We all do. So, that could be just one of those things, where you're just talking about how you felt, you know, in that moment. And instead of telling the whole story, because you've already done that in a separate piece of content, you can dig into how that felt. I wanna know what the feelings were for you, through that. Like, you did explain a bit, like my hands were shaking, and I love the fact that the clients are sitting there, so, you're also trying to hold it together. 'Cos you don't want to like, I had it! I'm good. So that's a really great one, and then, also, like, this notion, like, bring on the lion, bring on the lion, so it's like, that's like just a whole other thing of having that feeling. And you're clients will probably get behind that too, because in order for them to, even do, or engage with you, like, go on some kind of luxury destination retreat, like, they have to, almost, be in that point of their life, where they're like, yeah bring on the lions. You know, 'cos not everybody like books these random things, I mean, usually, somethings going on in their life, where they're like, screw it I'm doing this, I'm doing it. So, doesn't it have that same element? So, again, to welcome in some new clients, and have them have that feeling that can equate to your business. They might be in that space, like, alright, I just gotta do it, I gotta pull the plug, right? 'Cos they're sitting on it, so I think you have a nice, lots of nice pieces of content you can chunk out of that. Alright, who else? Alright, so I say this probably frustrates me about my industry. The people who come to me, have usually been fear-mongered to death, by some person, or other practitioner they've seen, and they're like, ugh my pelvis is so crooked, or my posture is so terrible and I can't do anything right, and I need 18 pillows and a pillow fort, and some incense to be allowed to do a plank. (laughing) So, let's make sure we prop me up, because I'm afraid I'm gonna injure the crap out of myself, if I just lift my arm, and I'm broken. And it's like, nah, that's not how life works. Like, you don't need, you don't get a pillow fort for life, you need something else. I hope you can sit in a chair, and not be wrecked, really, truly. (laughing) Alright, so many good things in there. So, I mean like, just the one of, why your pelvis isn't broken. (laughing) That was just, like when you said that, it made me laugh. And I think that's, I'm grabbing the marker, that is just so funny, even as a little cliffhanger. Or, just any ridiculous thing that they've been told. Like, you can almost just use that as a cliffhanger, and then go into your diatribe of, like, this industry's ridiculous, right? You've heard all the wrong things, but I also like the ditch the pillow fort, or lose the pillow fort. Because, again, and that's also equating, your clients will totally get it, 'cos they're all coming to you with, my pillow fort, I can't, my incense, and really all it is, like your blankey, so it's like, we all have, like, a blankey, something in our life, that's like a security element, that we probably don't need, that we can do with ditching. So, again, even beyond, just that on the nose, like they have their pillow fort. It's just that notion, of having a blankey in your life. And not needing that, releasing that, so, even people that don't have the pillow fort example, can still relate to that, 'cos I'm sure there's still some aspect of pilates, or working out, or health, that they're using a blankey, (laughing) a blankey for. So, lots of good stuff in there, and I love how you know all your client's language too. That's really key, I can tell, the way you speak, it's like you really soaked in everything they say to you. And, 'cos of all the little inflections. You're not reinterpreting what they said, that's exactly what they're saying. So, kudos to that, that's awesome. Who else? So my work is spiritual work, it's deep healing work, with people and I love this question about, what's your secret dream. But I'm curious, if it's my secret dream for myself, my secret dream for them, my secret dream for the world. And I wanna put more of my humanity into my work, because I'm such a, it's very philosophical, and very theoretical, and so, I want it to be a little bit more tangible. 'Cos the work I do is, very much, in the nitty gritty with people, so I'm trying, thinking about, how can I humanize myself more, and not make my work as scary, to them. Yes, great question. Keep the mic, 'cos I have a question back to you. What, of all those things you just told me, like, whether it's your client's secret dream, your secret dream, your secret dream for the world. Or, something else, what gives you the most heat right now? Like when you think of all of them, what are you like, I need that to come out, it's boiling in your stomach. Probably, my secret dream for them. Okay, so that's where I would start. Okay, Is, whatever your vision is for them, could be a great piece of content. Even using that exact headline, like, my dream for you. Or, my secret dream for you, is really exciting, particularly for your clients, like, you've dreamt about me? It feels very special, you know, that someone else is thinking about you enough, that they have a dream for you. I think that's really powerful. How often do we hear that, I feel like we don't. And now I want it. (laughing) So, I think I would start with that. Though, if the other angles also feel exciting, for you, then you can do that. But, don't force it. Like, if talking about your own, maybe, personal secret dreams, feels like, oh god I don't want to do that. Then, don't do it, you know, you don't have to do that. So, I think there's a lot of, and you could also, if it's not just one dream. Like maybe it's one dream, but maybe it's, you know, you have multiple different dreams for your clients. So, this could spurn off into more of a series. Or, maybe this spurns, even into part of it's free content, but maybe it's also part of an offer, that you give. You know, where it's like, I'm not saying you have to dream for clients, but honestly, I like that, I like that too. And it doesn't have to be the whole offer, but it could be a piece of it. Where it's, like, I have a dream for you, and like, and that is like, you holding them to that. Like, you're sharing the dream you have for them. And that almost makes it easier for them to achieve it, because it's like now they feel, kind of, you're in my corner, right you believe in me, and having one person believe in you, is so powerful. I honestly wouldn't be a screenwriter, if I didn't have a person like you in my life, that actually believed in me. Like that was it, it took one person, actually saying one simple thing to me, that was like, okay, just having that one powerful person in my corner was huge. So, I think there's a lot you can do with that. But just start with, my dream for you. Thank you. Yeah, I will take one more. I'm a speaker and a trainer, and I teach creatives how to use their software. And I think, for me, the biggest turn on and turn off is, as well, is passion, meeting people who are passionate about what they're doing. Because I'm helping them learn their tools, but I like to hear why they're passionate about using the tools. It's not just a tool for me, it's what are you creating with those tools. And so, I think a turn off for me, is when I feel like people aren't passionate about what they're doing, and I feel like, everybody should be passionate, whether it's their job, or just passionate about stuff that they're doing. I like to work with passionate people and people who are excited and creative about what they wanna work on. Yay, so much good stuff in here. So, this is huge, certainly, it works great as one piece of content, where you're like, talking about, like, pulling passion into your business or, loving working with, you could frame it that way, I love working with people that are passionate about their business, you could even spotlight some of your clients, so many angle you could go with that. But I also like the whole theme of passion, even for all of your content, or business, if you wanted to. So, if you wanna welcome people in, that are passionate people, I don't mean, like, romance novel passionate, though I do think you could benefit from using a lot of those words. (laughing) For sure, because that's the thing is, it will turn on and attract those people to you. So, if that's who you're seeking, then you want to use copy, right, you wanna weave words that are exciting and passionate and riveting, right? Heart pounding, 'cos then, those passionate people are gonna be like, yeah, oh you get me. And then, the people who are not passionate about what they do, you know, are either going to be, not attracted to that, which is fine, or, what happens sometimes, they feel like that's aspirational and they still come to you. Because they might say, I love what you do, and how you're so passionate about your work and your clients. And I wanna be passionate like that too. So, I think just being in your orbit, will make me feel more excited. So, sometimes you get those people, who don't actually meet the ideal client criteria, but they aspire to be. And those are great clients as well. And I think that makes you stand out so much, because I haven't heard, I don't feel like I hear this very much in your industry. Like, people talking about passion. Maybe I'm wrong but, you're the first person, maybe, I've ever heard, in your industry, actually talk about this, not just that, you're passionate, that's obvious. But that there is passion around this subject, and, in fact, it can be, like a sexy topic. You know, it doesn't have to mean that it's like sex, but just that it's sexy, passionate and exciting. And that, that's how people should approach it, and come in and you actually help them, get excited about this, as well. Which is great. (laughing) Who doesn't want that? So, there's lots of different angles here, I think it's a great one piece of content, but you can also extend it over, as an umbrella over all of your content. And, just be mindful of that, and really being more excited and passionate in all of that so, it attracts those people.

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As the saying goes, “Content is king.” And that’s especially true when it comes to marketing your business. You might have fabulous products or top-notch services, but if you don’t have compelling content to help drive sales, you’re probably leaving a whole lot of business on the table.

But don’t make the mistake of slapping together a bunch of worn-out, half-baked ideas and calling it content. It’s critical that your articles, blog posts, reviews and videos are thoughtfully prepared and offer value.

Melissa Cassera, a successful brand and marketing consultant and screenwriter, will show you how to use Hollywood storytelling techniques to create content that entices people to read and watch, excites them to share, and moves them to buy.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand your audience and the content they crave.
  • Repurpose each piece of content for maximum exposure.
  • Avoid creating boring or corporate content.
  • Uncover your unique voice and style.
  • Create a thriving content-creation process.
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  • Leverage user-generated content for added credibility.

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