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Closing Words

Lesson 10 from: How To Create Beautiful Portraits By Simplifying Light

Audrey Woulard

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Lesson Info

10. Closing Words

Audrey will give a few closing words about what was covered during this course.

Lesson Info

Closing Words

I want to thank all of you guys for joining me here in my world, in downtown Chicago. I hope that you learn a lot of different tricks and tips that I like to use when I'm creating the images that I personally love when we went over the full Sun look. We also went into the forest area. Then I brought you right into the heart of downtown Chicago and showed you a little bit about how I like to look for specific locations to capture the look that I want, using just your camera and one stroke. So hope you guys had a good time as much as I did and thanks so much and take care...

Ratings and Reviews

Michael A. Gruich Jr.

My goodness! This class is like a breathe of fresh air in the morning. Vey easy to follow along for some very amazing results. Really enjoy the friendly presentation, filled with tips and clear explinations for working with light using a minimal setup. Thank you Audrey

a Creativelive Student

Audrey brings together and simplifies divergent ideas in photography. Finding beautiful available light (based on direction and quality) on location is her first priority. She then perfects the light using a single strobe on her subject. Her style emphasizes shallow depth of field using fast primes and high-speed sync, and her post-production is minimal. She offers a pragmatic workflow and a creative philosophy that values getting out in the field and making photos. The reliability, ease of use, and affordability of the newest off-camera flash solutions make this kind of dramatic portraiture accessible to more artists.

Yo Pal

Wow! I love her non-complicated process and the stunning results! I can't wait to use all I learned from her shooting on location as well as her editing tips. Audrey has a great personality and is a teacher I would watch over again. Will search for more of her classes. Did not want the class to end! Yolanda

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