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How to Create Collage Paper

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Introduction to Collage Paper

Andrea Chebeleu

How to Create Collage Paper

Andrea Chebeleu

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1. Introduction to Collage Paper

Lesson Info

Introduction to Collage Paper

Welcome to creative live we are here today with andrea she blew and we're actually going to talk about how to make collage papers in this course and my name is chris jennings I'm going to be your host andrea this is probably the most colorful I've seen this studio looking we've got supplies everywhere right here in the studio we are very excited to get started if you're not familiar with andrea she actually has a studio a work of heart and you can see all of your work actually had a work of heart dot com right so beautiful so that's how you get in touch with andrea check out some of her work but today we're going to get hands on we're gonna have a lot of fun and show you how to make some collage paper we are students here with all the supplies eager to get going so andrea I'm gonna let you take it away and I'm gonna go take a seat all right? Thanks so much I today we're going to learn how to make our own collage papers and the reason we want to make our own collage papers is because th...

ere's so many things out there that you can buy but what better art can you make then doing it with collage papers that you make from scratch so today we're going to learn how to do is make your own stamps s o, you really truly get your own mark into your work. You can also make your own stencils. We're going to learn how to layer colors on paper so that they don't make mud. If you want to avoid making brown, you'll learn a little bit about color combos. We're going to learn all about layering, so you're gonna have the whole thing is all about layer layer, layer it with a variety of mark making tools with a variety of art mediums, and so you can take your collage papers and make things like collage on campus. Or you can make things like an art journal with your actual papers. So are you excited? Are you ready? Alright, let's, get started.

Class Description

Make your next craft project truly unique by incorporating collage paper made by hand. Learn the tricks and techniques for building artfully layered projects in How to Create Collage Paper with Andrea Chebeleu.

Andrea once made a living selling customized scrapbooks – now she dabbles in a whole range of hands-on art thanks to her flourishing studio, A Work of Heart. In this class, she’ll share her love of making as she shows you how to make your own collage paper. You’ll learn how to:  

  • Mix and layer colors effectively
  • Select the best materials for your project
  • Hand paint, stamp, and stencil papers
You’ll learn about how handmade collage paper can be used as a foundation for a larger collage piece or torn into strips to be used as elements in mixed-media sculpture.

If you want to add a new level of customization to your art pieces or simply have fun creating a versatile craft project – How to Create Collage Paper with Andrea Chebeleu is the perfect class for you.



As a proud father looking for ways to share good times with my kids, I'm glad to have found this course. I have tons of ideas that I can now capture on paper using a variety of tools. My plan is to take some time on Sundays to do only ART with my kiddos, especially on cold Winter days. The class is very informative, particularly in the items to get. Since this is new to me, I would not have any clue on what to buy, but Andrea gives you the ins and outs of what works and what doesn't ... a really good time/money saver. I highly recommend this course. Thanks CreativeLive !! You guys are awesome.


Wow, that was SO much fun! Lots of wonderful techniques I hadn't tried before.


This is a great beginner course and is loaded with creative and simple ideas. I love the fact that Andrea doesn't waste anything! She makes great suggestions for reusing items that would normally end up in the trash and she shows you simple ways to cut corners on your crafting supplies. This is about making collage paper, not a final work of art. I can't wait to get started trying out her ideas.