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How to Draw

Cleo Papanikolas

How to Draw

Cleo Papanikolas

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Class Description

Calling all makers (no prior experience required!). Cleo Papanikolas is a super successful painter, author, illustrator, and maker, and in this class she shares techniques she developed in her professional practice that are fun and easy for beginners to get good results. In this three-part class, Cleo will cover your art therapy concerns and focus on putting the pencil on the paper and drawing with good results.

Class Curriculum includes:

Part 1: Drawing: Getting Started
  • Methods, materials and techniques
  • Embracing imperfections in your work
  • Step by step exercises that apply key drawing techniques

Part 2: Color: Adding Color to Your Work
  • Generating illustrative color styles
  • How to create harmonious color palettes
  • Using different mediums: watercolor, pens and color pencil
Cleo will also talk about ways to apply your drawings to products, and get your artwork out of your sketchbook!

Class Materials

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Drawing Tools & Materials List
Color Tools & Materials List
Candy Drawing
Lightbox Drawing Photos

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Sharks Drawing

Ratings and Reviews

Lt. Cmnd. Data

This fun course is perfect for the beginner that wants to learn how to draw with pencil. Cleo had lots of great tips and techniques that are easy to employ and you can get started with whatever supplies you have around the house (back of the envelope and a #2 pencil..). It is great to have more fuel for my creative habit!


This class is fantastic for getting you off and running for a daily practice of drawing and DIY exhibition. The range of techniques that Cleo goes over are easy to follow and enable you to create something that has potential! I am inspired to apply what I have learn in this class right away. I primarily work in the digital space, so spending time developing analog skills with an experienced instructor has been so valuable for me and my work. And as a side note, I loved focusing on everyday things (keys, scissors, etc.) and bringing out the character and beauty of those objects in our drawings.


I thought this course was great! Cleo broke down the fundamentals of drawing in a way that was easy to understand. I was particularly impressed by the different tracing paper techniques and using the pencil as a measuring tool. After taking this class I can now look at drawings and identify the techniques that were used to accomplish them and that's an awesome feeling :)

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