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Color Style #1: Pen and Watercolor sketch

Lesson 15 from: How to Draw

Cleo Papanikolas

Color Style #1: Pen and Watercolor sketch

Lesson 15 from: How to Draw

Cleo Papanikolas

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Lesson Info

15. Color Style #1: Pen and Watercolor sketch

Lesson Info

Color Style #1: Pen and Watercolor sketch

So let's start showing going through a bunch of different techniques that we can try. So you saw sort of how to load up your brush. Now I'm going to say what to do. Once you get all that different, all that paint on your brush, I'm gonna just go through a bunch of different techniques fairly quickly. I just want to show you all the different varieties that are available. And, you know, maybe you could even go home and make up some more varieties to This is gonna be a pen on watercolor sketch. So what I've done is I've, um I've taken a drawing, and I transferred it onto here. Normally, you would draw your drawing first, but I want to not show you how to draw again since I just did that. Uh, so I have a little drawing of this candy strawberry candy right there. And this is for if you're maybe out on vacation and you've got your little your little handy watercolor paint travel kit and just a little sketchbook and you're going to stop on the side of the road, you see something nice? You're...

just going to do a little sketch or it gives that same feel when you're back home of just a quick little artistic snapshot. So you start out and this is very similar to how we did our first sketches, Where you just kind of block in all the dark lines. Okay, you're doing kind of a very fast loose motion getting your just getting an idea for this while you're out there on the sidewalk. Hey, see, I'm doing really fast motion. Really sketchy. This is kind of like the rough first draft. Just kind of looking at my little candy getting idea for all these different little wrinkles in here. And then, if you want, you can add a little bit of shading in there too. So maybe all just doing some sketchy cross hatching here and there. And the reason you add the pen you can very easily You could just do straight watercolor over the pencil is well, but the pen gives it a little bit of definition, a little bit of pop. So it's just it's just a matter of choice. This is a very nice new dark pen. Okay? Just a little cross hatching here and there. Gusteau Frolunda. Okay, so I just blocked in shapes pretty quickly, and then you could take your round brush. And you don't really have to worry too much about what colors air mixing or what color is your using? Your just gonna Kind of I see a lot of red. I'm just gonna grab some red real quick. Just so, Aiken, remember what it looked like when I was out there? I kind of put it on in one blob and just take it through the shadow spots. Then use water to go into the lighter spots. Okay, some on the strawberries. Save your highlights out. Now, notice that I just put that black pen on there. And because it's a waterproof marker, it's kind of staying where it iss. If it were not a waterproof marker, it would be running and turning on my paint gray. Okay. And then I see a little green up here on the tip, the top of this, and you know, I didn't want to have to write out all this stuff, so I just did some well lines. Just get to get the idea. You can mix these two if you want. So some people like to keep their pots really clean, but I like to mix right in there. That's what these sections up here for mixing. But when you're out on the sidewalk in Italy and you just want to eat your candy, you need to paint it really fast. Okay, so that's just kind of something that you would appear in your sketchbook if you wanted to just knock out a quick sketch of something you saw as a postcard. That's we're going to call that style Number one. Here's my sample version that I did. So I had a slightly different set of paint at home and they came out totally different colors, didn't they? Even though I just took the red and the green straight out of the pot.

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This fun course is perfect for the beginner that wants to learn how to draw with pencil. Cleo had lots of great tips and techniques that are easy to employ and you can get started with whatever supplies you have around the house (back of the envelope and a #2 pencil..). It is great to have more fuel for my creative habit!


This class is fantastic for getting you off and running for a daily practice of drawing and DIY exhibition. The range of techniques that Cleo goes over are easy to follow and enable you to create something that has potential! I am inspired to apply what I have learn in this class right away. I primarily work in the digital space, so spending time developing analog skills with an experienced instructor has been so valuable for me and my work. And as a side note, I loved focusing on everyday things (keys, scissors, etc.) and bringing out the character and beauty of those objects in our drawings.


I thought this course was great! Cleo broke down the fundamentals of drawing in a way that was easy to understand. I was particularly impressed by the different tracing paper techniques and using the pencil as a measuring tool. After taking this class I can now look at drawings and identify the techniques that were used to accomplish them and that's an awesome feeling :)

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