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Lightbox Drawing with your Mobile Device

Lesson 8 from: How to Draw

Cleo Papanikolas

Lightbox Drawing with your Mobile Device

Lesson 8 from: How to Draw

Cleo Papanikolas

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Lesson Info

8. Lightbox Drawing with your Mobile Device

Lesson Info

Lightbox Drawing with your Mobile Device

Now we're gonna go back to some tracing and tracing has a little bit of a bad rap because a lot of people will just trace something like directly off a photograph and not not release themselves from looking at the photograph and continuing on in making their drawing how they want it to be. There's just a really tied to that drawing of the photograph, but we're just using it a little bit for just some placement. And just to get that first rough draft down onto the page, I use it all the time. Professionally, really just speeds up the process. So lightbox drawing is the fun part. So what we've been waiting for You have your IPad and, um, online. We have supplied ah, bunch of different photographs for you. We're going to go toe one that is called Dog Lick something. It's a picture of my dog. It was a little bit of a pain, but he's very cute. And then we also have trophies, all kinds of different subjects. You can draw on, not subjects, but varieties of trophies. And I think we're using tr...

ophy number five. So I'm gonna go to I have downloaded um, there in my photos. Here's my picture of my dog. And I'm cited. I want to draw a picture of a dog on top of a trophy, so I'm gonna get a nice piece of her still bored out. You have any Bristol board there? You want to use our bacon? Okay. That's probably just thicker one and it doesn't have a roughly edge on it. Probably. Hey, I think I might take this down again, too. And then now, depending on where you have your photos in your device, they're gonna move around a lot. So what, you might want to dio Okay, they're gonna move around. We're gonna try really hard not to touch the screen. We're gonna try and just touch the edges. But what you might want to do is make it as your wallpaper. That way it won't move. So first, what I'm gonna do is I've decided I want to put the dog on top of the trophy, and I know that's trophy is just about the same size of the dog right now, so I need to make my dog smaller, so I'm gonna make my dog smaller. Here we go. A little bit of check. I'm gonna make my dog smaller, and then I'm gonna take a screenshot of it, okay? And then I'm gonna go back to my photos, and I'm gonna go Teoh ups my screenshots. Okay? And here's my dog. Um, now he's the right size, but he's still moving. So I am going, Teoh hit this little button up here and I'm gonna say use as wallpaper, and I'm gonna say sat home screen. Okay, there it set. Um, So when I go to my home screen and I scroll over, I usually always have a page that just has one tiny little icon up in the corner. Icon moves, but the dog does not move. Very good. Now I can mess with it as much as I want. So many take. Okay, take a piece of paper and tape it to the screen of my device. Being very careful. Not actually. I don't have to be careful not to touch my screen now. And just dio I usually use a finer pencil for this. So I'm gonna use my HB or, um or maybe my two h and just trace around it. I always have my fingers kind of right here, so it doesn't move without. I don't think these tracings have to be that great because I don't want to be tied to something that's really good. I like to be able to have the option of living myself. So I have traced my dog. You're just getting like placement. Sometimes it's really hard to find where things line up. Now. One of the good things about tracing a photograph is what you could do something like. Take a picture of a dog tongue and a dog that's moving really quickly. If you're gonna try and hold up your hand and do the whole pencil measurement by the time you get all in position, your dogs, me gone or you like to use this because you're drawing an object you don't own, you could draw a really nice house. You don't owe boat. Um, anything that doesn't fit in your studio draw from a photograph. Okay, so I've done a little tracing sees I just moved something. OK, so I do well, tracing my dog. There's one that's already finished, and I don't do the same thing with my trophy. OK, there is my trophy in position to lay that down, tape it down. You know, usually I don't even bother making it. Why wallpaper? Because I just do a really quick little trace that that one done. Now, I have these two nice elements. Now, what are we going to do with these on the page? How we gonna line them up in this case? I know that I want to line them up with the dog on top of the trophy. But you can do so many different things with composition. So I think I'm in a go through a few quick rules of competition on another piece of paper. Just have a little sidetracked, but just just to teach you some art school lessons.

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This fun course is perfect for the beginner that wants to learn how to draw with pencil. Cleo had lots of great tips and techniques that are easy to employ and you can get started with whatever supplies you have around the house (back of the envelope and a #2 pencil..). It is great to have more fuel for my creative habit!


This class is fantastic for getting you off and running for a daily practice of drawing and DIY exhibition. The range of techniques that Cleo goes over are easy to follow and enable you to create something that has potential! I am inspired to apply what I have learn in this class right away. I primarily work in the digital space, so spending time developing analog skills with an experienced instructor has been so valuable for me and my work. And as a side note, I loved focusing on everyday things (keys, scissors, etc.) and bringing out the character and beauty of those objects in our drawings.


I thought this course was great! Cleo broke down the fundamentals of drawing in a way that was easy to understand. I was particularly impressed by the different tracing paper techniques and using the pencil as a measuring tool. After taking this class I can now look at drawings and identify the techniques that were used to accomplish them and that's an awesome feeling :)

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