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DaVinci Resolve Overview

Lesson 3 from: How to Edit Video in DaVinci Resolve

Casey Faris

DaVinci Resolve Overview

Lesson 3 from: How to Edit Video in DaVinci Resolve

Casey Faris

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Lesson Info

3. DaVinci Resolve Overview

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The lesson is an overview of DaVinci Resolve, a powerful video editing software used in the film and TV industry. The instructor explains that Resolve can do everything from basic editing to color correction, compositing, effects, and audio mixing. They also mention that there is a free version available with few limitations. The lesson covers the different pages in Resolve, such as the Edit page for editing, the Color page for color correction, the Fairlight page for audio, and the Deliver page for rendering projects. The instructor reassures beginners that they will focus on the Edit page in this class and will explain every step of the interface.


  1. What can DaVinci Resolve do?

    Resolve is a powerful video editor that can handle basic editing, color correction, compositing, effects, and audio mixing.

  2. Is there a free version of DaVinci Resolve?

    Yes, there is a free version available with a few limitations, but no time limitation or watermark.

  3. What are the different pages in DaVinci Resolve?

    DaVinci Resolve is divided into pages, such as the Edit page for editing, the Color page for color correction, the Fairlight page for audio, and the Deliver page for rendering projects.

  4. Can I switch between pages in DaVinci Resolve?

    Yes, you can switch between pages by clicking on the buttons at the bottom of the interface.

  5. How deep can you go with DaVinci Resolve?

    DaVinci Resolve has nearly unlimited potential and can be as deep as you want to go with its features and capabilities.

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Lesson Info

DaVinci Resolve Overview

So, Resolve is a super powerful video editor that is used on, I mean, all kinds of Hollywood movies, all kinds of TV shows and everything. I mean, it's definitely not small potatoes. It's a very, very powerful video editor and it can do everything from basic video editing to color correction to fancy compositing and effects to audio mixing. And there are all kinds of really powerful features as well as hardware that integrates with it. And they actually have a super good free version that will do almost anything that you want to do. There's a few limitations, but they're nothing that are actually going to affect your work. There's no time limitation. There's no watermark. There's nothing like that. It's not demo software. It's just a super solid video editor that's sort of, kind of the lighter version of the professional editor and you can download it for free right now. It's just really hard not to recommend Resolve which is why we're doing this class is because it's so accessible. It...

's so easy to just download this free version and work on anything you want. I mean, the sky's pretty much the limit. So let's take a look at kind of how Resolve is laid out. Here, we're kind of in the main interface that we'll be working with today, and that's called the Edit page. It's called the Edit page because Resolve is actually broken up into pages and each page has a specific job for what you're trying to do for your video. So, if we're just editing, that happens in the Edit page. And we can switch pages by clicking on these little buttons down here in the lower part of our interface. And this will switch our app into a different mode. So right now I'm in editing mode, but if I go over here to this little color wheel and click on that, that will bring us into Color Correction mode. And it's almost like switching to a brand new program. The difference is that all of it lives inside of DaVinci Resolve. But we also have workspaces for fancy effects and compositing and graphics and 3D. We can get really detailed with our color correction here in the color page. We can get super detailed with our audio in the Fairlight page. And then in the Deliver page, we can render our project in all kinds of different, fancy, detailed ways that we probably won't get into today, but there is nearly unlimited potential with what you can do with Resolve. It's just as deep as you want to go. But again, if you're not there yet, if you're just kind of starting out, everything's gonna be okay. We're just gonna be working in the Edit page and I'll show you every little step of the interface.

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This is a great class! Probably my favorite Creativelive class so far. I've been a fulltime photographer for 13 years now, I guess it's about time I get back into video. I love that Resolve has a free version to learn on. The pace of this class was perfect, can't wait to watch the rest of Casey's DaVinci classes.

Simona Geneva

Thanks to Casey Faris for the interesting study material. I have been looking for a creative life course for DaVinci Resolve for a long time and I am very happy that one has already been created on your platform. I look forward to the other pieces. Thanks again for the shared knowledge!


I've seen many DaVinci tutorials that seem to just make things more confusing but Casey's tutorial really took a simple step-by-step explanation to really show how powerful and yet simple it is to use Davinci. The tools Casey covered in this course gave me the confidence to edit the ton of videos I have collecting dust on my hard drive. Great job Casey and a great sense of dry corny humor...lolol highly recommended!!

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