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Further Learning

Lesson 23 from: How to Edit Video in DaVinci Resolve

Casey Faris

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23. Further Learning

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The lesson is about the potential for further learning in video editing using DaVinci Resolve, including advanced editing techniques, multicam editing, sound mixing, and color correction. The instructor encourages students to explore additional resources, such as his YouTube channel and website, to deepen their knowledge and skills. He also emphasizes the importance of practice and experimentation in order to gain experience with the software and encourages students to start creating their own videos.


  1. What are some of the advanced editing techniques that can be done in DaVinci Resolve?

    Some advanced editing techniques that can be done in DaVinci Resolve include multicam editing, sound mixing, and color correction.

  2. Where can I find additional resources to learn more about DaVinci Resolve?

    The instructor recommends checking out his YouTube channel and website for additional tutorials and training on DaVinci Resolve.

  3. How important is practice in gaining proficiency in video editing?

    The instructor emphasizes the importance of practice and encourages students to start creating their own videos using DaVinci Resolve.

  4. Is DaVinci Resolve a free software?

    Yes, DaVinci Resolve is available for free, making it accessible for anyone who wants to learn video editing.

Lesson Info

Further Learning

The process of creating videos can be really fun. This is one of my favorite things to do. It lets you be creative in a way that you don't necessarily get with other pieces of media, right? It's not every day that you get to kind of craft a story and kind of really help influence people's feelings just by using your computer. It's pretty amazing. I hope you've had a really good time learning just how to make a basic video inside of Resolve. And this is the tip of the iceberg. This is just the edit page. And it's really, again, only just a little part of the edit page. This is kind of the basic workflow. The good news is that this really all you need to know in order to actually start making stories, to start making videos. But if you want to dive deeper, there is the deepest ocean you could think of. From doing advanced editing and multicam editing like you see here, to sound mixing and color correction, all of which can be done inside of DaVinci Resolve, again for free. So if you're e...

xcited and you want to dive deeper, we have other classes on DaVinci Resolve with yours truly here on Creative Live. I also have a YouTube channel where I post weekly or a couple times a week on DaVinci Resolve tips. I also have training on my own website. And we really can kind of get as deep as you want to get and learn as many things as you want to learn. 'Cause honestly, the sky is the limit, especially nowadays with all the resources available for learning things. There's just really no end to the awesome things that you can do with video editing and post-production in general. But overall, the very best way to learn this kind of stuff is just to jump in and try it. If you have an iPhone, go out and shoot on your iPhone, bring it into Resolve and start cutting things up, because man, like that is one of the most valuable things is just getting that experience with the software, you know. Don't be afraid. It's time to jump in, okay. If you wanna learn this, there's nothing stopping you. All right? There's no excuses. Okay? I've been Casey Ferris. So go out and shoot, go do the edit thing now and I'm gonna go get some coffee and then we'll actually have other classes too so you can. (upbeat music)

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This is a great class! Probably my favorite Creativelive class so far. I've been a fulltime photographer for 13 years now, I guess it's about time I get back into video. I love that Resolve has a free version to learn on. The pace of this class was perfect, can't wait to watch the rest of Casey's DaVinci classes.

Simona Geneva

Thanks to Casey Faris for the interesting study material. I have been looking for a creative life course for DaVinci Resolve for a long time and I am very happy that one has already been created on your platform. I look forward to the other pieces. Thanks again for the shared knowledge!


I've seen many DaVinci tutorials that seem to just make things more confusing but Casey's tutorial really took a simple step-by-step explanation to really show how powerful and yet simple it is to use Davinci. The tools Casey covered in this course gave me the confidence to edit the ton of videos I have collecting dust on my hard drive. Great job Casey and a great sense of dry corny humor...lolol highly recommended!!

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