Compositing: Adding Type and Cropping a Shape


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Compositing: Adding Type and Cropping a Shape

All right, so let's have some fun and add some type to this I don't know about you guys, but I really love working with text, so to do that I'm going to grab the type tool over here in the tool bar, so I compress the letter t on my keyboard if I just want to grab the tech tool without having to go click on it and I'm just going to use the regular horizontal type tool so you'll see there is actually seven different versions of the type tool. I just want the girl classic type tool, right? Keep it simple the way it works is I can click and drag to make a box for my text when I let go, I'm going to have a cursor that's flashing at me and I don't know if you guys can see very well but it's a really large cursor right now, so I'm gonna drag my size down a little bit when I have the type tool selected the options for the text or going to appear down here in my options bar and if I want to change the size, I can click this drop down and click any number of preset sizes or I can actually hover ...

my cursor on top of the word size do you see this little double headed scrubber if I click on that and just dragged to the left it's going to get smaller, it's kind of hard to see when I don't have type in there, but I just dragged it I don't really care what it is yet I just wanted it small so I can see what I'm typing so let's type something like they call me and I'll hit harder turn then you are I'm hitting option and to make the tilden the inn you send your my my son's name is they so we'll say send yours a option e like that they call me send yours they now this spot that I'm using here is called bang, sure, and if it's a really great fun, I bought it recently and it was like sixteen or eighteen bucks or something. I don't know, I have a link to it on my facebook wall right now, so if you are you like brush, script fonts, this one's really affordable and totally dreamy, so you can find it on my facebook page called bon jour. So I'm going to select all of this type and we're going to do some edits to it. I want to make it bigger for one, so I've got it selected and I'm going to drag the science to fill the space about like that and now actually just want the send yours a part I want that to be bigger so that it fills this line. So I'm going to click to highlight just that and then come down here to size and just make that bigger groups that's a little too big, all right, something like that down below here we have something called letting, letting adjust the spacing between lines of type. So for example, when I look at this, I'm not really crazy about this capital s running into the tea right here, so I'm going to use the slider to adjust the letting so I can actually move this line down or up or whatever I may decide that I want, so move it down like that. So the end is cleared as well, and then when I'm happy with it, I go ahead and hit the check mark right here. So once you've committed your type, if you need to make any changes to it, you need to actually go get the type tool and you'll have to actually click once on the text to activate it, and it brings up this box, and then you can, you know, highlight or make any changes that you need to, um, your front controls and sizing and all of that is going to be down here in your tool options, but when you're happy with it, you go ahead and hit commit another thing we can actually do is warped this text, so I'm going to go back to the tight tool down here we see these two little buttons, this one where it looks like there's a tea standing on top of ah hill, you're jumping on a trampoline and I don't know what it's doing is being warped. This is the warp text button, so I click on that I can come in here and work this text so it looks a little more interesting. Maybe we'll inflate it, you know? What do we like inflating it? I want to keep it subtle, we don't want we don't want this to be like a cartoon, but I want to sort of play with that hand drawn look and just make it a little less beautifully, perfectly hand drawn, so maybe I inflated maybe I bolds it, so I kind of like that so you can you can bend it, you know? Whatever way works for you, I'm keeping it pretty mild here, they don't want it to look like a cartoon, but something like that. I'll go ahead and click ok, and one more thing I'm going to do is add one more type player because I want a giant exclamation mark over here so this time, instead of clicking to drag a box clicking and dragging to make a box I'm just going to click someplace out of the way like over here I'm just going to click on I'm going to make an exclamation point and then all committed and drag it over here and actually need to make it a little bit bigger so I have a couple of options I can get my type tool and select selected and then dragged the size like this or with with its elected I can actually transform it by pressing command or control t for transform and that's going to put a box around it like that and then they can just grab a corner and drag and an elements you don't have to hold shift to constrain proportion because there's an option right here doesn't automatically so I always have to remember if you hold shift it actually unconstrained the proportions so that that can get you so I don't have to hold shift because it's automatically keeping it proportional so I'm going to scale that so it's big like this I'm going to go ahead and commit it so now we have two tech type players over here in our layers panel and we have this texture layer if I want to rename this I can just double click on the words and let's call that texture press enter return to set that so you could actually rename your layers you can change there ordering and all kinds of things let's hide these type players for the moment because there's one more thing I want to add to this okay let's go back to this texture layer that we made over here and I'm going to go back to this graphics button and I'm going to scroll up and find another background they think I think it's up here hmm something fun with strength like this so there's this green stripe background I'm going to double click this now I have this fun texture is not great so this would be a great scrapbooking background or something and I'm going tio actually crop this into a shape this is another thing that's really fun about elements somebody grabbed the crop tool right over here in my tools and down here we can choose to haven't operate like the normal crop tool like we did earlier when we resize the image to that four by six or I can crop it into a shape in which case the crop tool becomes like a cookie cutter so it can cut your images into shape so I'm going to grab the cookie cutter and then if I click this little arrow right here I see all kinds of shapes that I can crop tio this is just the default list and it's not terribly long or exciting but if I come up to this drop down I can change it from default teo let's come up here and say all elements shapes because you need to see this so all elements shapes and I'm going to drag I mean, they click in this corner and drag out like that so you can see all these shapes okay, look at the little cartoon fund critters you don't get that in super hottie photo job, the other really fun that are just unique to elements, and I just think they're really cute, but we're not going to use those ones, but look at all this stuff I mean, there's, just a lot of this a similar with photo shop, but there's, there's extras and elements so one of the ones that I think is really fun that we're going to use is this mustache right here. So you know where this is going, right? So I'm going to grab the mustache and then I'm gonna click and drag there we go, click and drag. Now this in this case, I am gonna hold shift because it's not going to automatically constrain your your shape, so I'm gonna hold shift so he doesn't get like a walrus mustache like this, although maybe that's cute, but I want tio get this going, so I'm going tio click and drag, and then I'm holding the space bar to reposition the mustache on the background so maybe I want like this blue stripe down at the bottom or in this case it doesn't really matter but I'll just reposition it about like that and I'm gonna let go you see that it cropped the background into a shape I'm going to commit it and I'm going to drag it over and it's probably going to be huge because of just the way I've done this so we'll see so let's go back to our photo been because that's so handy and I'm just going to use the move tool to click and drag down I'm going to hold shift and drop it on to his friend now this is huge right because remember we downsized his his image so the mustache by comparison is enormous so we're going toe scale it down by bringing up that transform command again so on the keyboard that's command or control t for transform it's going to put a box around it now in this case the box is so large I can't even see it all so I need to be able to find the corners to drag them in and I can't even see them because they're off screen they're so huge so a little trick to help you and when you find yourself in this situation is to press commander control and the number zero and then it will scoot back enough so you can see the corners wherever they are so now that I'm transforming it because we're in elements it's going to constrain the proportions automatically, so I'm not going to hold shift, but otherwise you would and then I'm going to just drag inward and it's off I'm going to click and move it over so click and drag to move it on to his face oh boy, look at that! He only five months and has a moustache already he's very advanced, ok, so when I'm happy with it, I'm gonna press the plus and now he's got this fun little moustache. Now one thing I want to adjust over here, let's go to the layers panel so here we have our texture here we have our text layers, but I temporarily made invisible by clicking the little eyeball icon to hide them. We'll bring them back in a second, but right now, here's his moustache what I want to do is actually closed the gap between the sides because I just feel like his little face is too small for that. So what I'm going to do is grab this tool right here. This is the rectangular marquis selection tool and allows you to select parts of your image, so I'm going to grab that I'm just going to draw box around this half of his mustache and then I'm going to grab the move tool and I'm going to actually use my keyboard the arrows on my keyboard to just nudge it up and over like that simple enough right now we see these little this little flashing line around it this is called your marching and they represent what selected so now that we've selected the mustache, we've moved it over now we need to clear this election so I'll come up to the select menu and shoes uh d select right here. All right, so this is his moustache layer if I want to move the whole thing, I'll use my move tool and maybe the arrow keys to just kind of further adjusted so now we have a cute little lass dash all right, so let's bring our text back I'll click to bring the type back and let's say now that we're done editing the text right as it is right now it's what's called live text which means it's infinitely editable so if I want to change the font I can if I decide I don't want to say they call me son yours, eh? Maybe it should say introducing send yours they are whatever I can edit the text as much as I want even this warped layer even the warmness of it if I select this layer and then I come to the type tool and I clicked that work but in one more time it's still worked where I left it, so I can unworthy it, or warp it differently. Or whatever. So, if it's, fully editable as it is, okay.

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Everyone has heard of Adobe® Photoshop®, but have you met its easy-to-use counterpart, Adobe® Photoshop® Elements?

Adobe® Photoshop® Elements is the perfect tool for hobbyists and beginners who are looking for a simplified introduction to image editing and organization.

In this class, Khara Plicanic will get you started in this easy-to-use program. You’ll learn about everything from organizing your image collection to retouching to adding graphics. Khara will help you discover the function and features that make Adobe® Photoshop® Elements an awesome solution for folks who don’t need all the bells and whistles.  

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015