How to Edit With Adobe® Photoshop® Elements


How to Edit With Adobe® Photoshop® Elements


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We have a few minutes for questions I'm so glad that I made time for that sometimes we just get on a roll yeah when the one thing I want to mention so this is really a introductory right? We're spending nine minutes and and essentially photos of elements is kind of introductory piece of software itself and how would you encourage where can people go after like you what would you encourage them to d'oh dig in like just try and try everything out within the next steps okay, so play around I think that's important I don't know that you guys have a couple elements courses in your catalog so I think lisa has on dh there's one other I think but there's a few elements courses in the creative life catalog so I would check those out glum. Yeah, you know, I think reading books that's great playing with its great there's so many different ways I think it helps when you have a project. I know when I was first starting all of this stuff I would get so excited about the software and I'm like, I just...

want to play on then I'd be like, what am I going to dio I don't know and then you kind of are like, oh, well, like you're really excited and then you I sort of realized like I know it too I don't know what to dio and actually you know what there's a website called worth one thousand dot com and that's like the number so like the word worse and then the number one zero zero zero dot com and it's actually a photoshopped competitions on that website and it's free and it's wildly entertaining and they have all kinds of themes and contests and if you're looking if you're like I just want to sharpen my skills and play by like I didn't just have a baby to make a birth announcement for or whatever goto worth one thousand dot com and browse their competitions and sometimes they're wide open but they'll give you like a source image and they'll just say photoshopped this image someway or sometimes they have a theme and they'll they'll tell you like where to go with it and it just helps to have direction and then you have something to work towards you know it's kind of like in english class when they when your teacher would be like just write an essay about anything you can't think of a single thing but if they give you direction is easier so I like that I like worth one thousand for that I love that and you know I just I just checked our catalog and then we've got like half a dozen classes so lisa snyder has photoshopped elements for photographers specific to photographers and we have a digital scrapbooking course for just a scrap pickers for ellen it's and that's perfect that's really? I really think especially if you're scrap occur elements is so up your alley yeah and if folks if you're out there and you you're ready to step up from photoshopped elements last year I did a course with cara on photo shop so it's practical photoshopped basics so if you're ready to put the big boy pants on, that was also we had a great time with that lot project oriented on dh really dug into the bigger picture of photo shop so one question I'd like to run by you I'm just going to check my notes here portrait retouching we've worked with with say here is a little scratch important how is this for portrait retouching and people will be happy on too two questions on that do you think that this is suitable for suitable for professional photographers? We do weddings what's your thought here is the thing you can dio much of the same stuff the only thing you truly cannot dio is seemed like a workspace which most retire wedding photographers they're not using anyway the difference is in some cases you have maybe a little more nuanced control in big photo shop versus elements but in other cases you know I mean I could edit a wedding in elements I could do that um it just really it just depends on what you're more comfortable with and if you if you are using elements and you run into a wall somewhere, then maybe you need to be in big fred a shop but I'm a friend for example, who is quite he's quite a creative genius, I think and he would send me some work things that he was making on dh he only ever had elements and he would send me the most far out incredible stuff and not only did he only have elements, but he barely knew how to use it and then when he would tell me how he did what he did in elements I was just like, oh, I can't believe you pulled that off and like you don't even know how to make a proper selection or whatever you know so you can really make it do what you need tio so it's hard to say where to start, but the nice thing is you can own it for a hunt less than one hundred bucks. Yeah, so if you're looking to get started and you're like I just can't commit teo, you know, a subscription or whatever yet on do you just want to dabble for less than one hundred bucks? You can just run with this and it comes with that organizer so it's a it's a really awesome tool? Do you know how well it plays with white room you, I don't know, like, per se. I haven't, because I haven't set it up with light room myself, but it would work. I mean, the file formats are all going to be the same. You can set up the editors to be, you know, to export our open, how you want to. But it's got the organizer built in so kind of a one on one product, really sort of light room plus photo shop in one kind of cool.

Class Description

Everyone has heard of Adobe® Photoshop®, but have you met its easy-to-use counterpart, Adobe® Photoshop® Elements?

Adobe® Photoshop® Elements is the perfect tool for hobbyists and beginners who are looking for a simplified introduction to image editing and organization.

In this class, Khara Plicanic will get you started in this easy-to-use program. You’ll learn about everything from organizing your image collection to retouching to adding graphics. Khara will help you discover the function and features that make Adobe® Photoshop® Elements an awesome solution for folks who don’t need all the bells and whistles.  

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015