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Meet the Adobe® Photoshop® Organizer

So here we are this is the organizer okay? And sometimes it can be a little tricky to know I mean the organizer in my in the editor because they do they look really similar they've got a bunch of tools and stuff and all your images so but here we are this is the organizer and we're not going to spend a lot of time in this today, but I just kind of wanted to show you how it works when you're in this space right here we're looking at the media so this is what's known as a catalog, so just like in light room you've got a catalog of all of your images that you've imported to the software and I like to clarify that when you import your images into photoshopped elements organizer just like when you do it in light room, you're not copying the files or moving them on your hard drive if you think of the word import instead of like it sounds like you're importing things think of it more like your indexing. So you're really just telling photo shop that these files exist on your hard drive and it'...

s connecting myth, making little links to those files wherever they are on your hard drive and just showing them to you here in the organizer so by importing photos I haven't copied them or moved them or anything they're just being acknowledged here in the catalog so I have a collection of images here that have been imported, and this is what we're going to be working with today what's really cool about the organizer is if you are like most people, you probably have a hard drive that's just filled with photos and kind of ah, less than organized manner, right? It might be a little messy, even so, unless you are really good about imposing structure into your images into your file holders, which you should be. You should be good at that, but we've try to be disciplined, but sometimes we slip in that department. What I like about the organizer is that even if you've done pretty much no organization to your images, you can find them very easily using what's called the timeline. So just to show you how that works, if I come up to the human knew and I choose timeline, I get this time line across the top of my screen. Now, I don't have a ton of images in here, so there's just a few stacks, but you see these little stacks right here they represent amounts of photos taken in that month or that year so I can jump to a certain chunk of photos just based on where I click in my timeline, so makes it really easy to find um, you know, a certain trip that you took back in two thousand ten or whatever you can just jumped two thousand ten and see everything from then and it's actually broken up by month so that I think is just really handy. So even if you do nothing else to organize your photos as long as you have the date and time and your cameras that properly, you have some instant organization and I like that because it's really simple and low maintenance, so I think that's pretty cool, but anyway, that's just a quick overview of the organizer here you can do some really basic fixing in the organizer I mean super basic, so in fact they just call it an instant fix. So let me scroll down tio an image that I thought we might use for this. I think this one here, so I'm just going to double click it tio enlarge it here in this area and down here there is this tag info button and there's an instant fix. So if I click the instant fix button, I get some options here of ways that I can tweak this image. Now if you've ever used photoshopped or the editor the photos of elements editor, you will see that this is pretty limited, right? So that is true but that's because it's just the instant fix so cut it some slack, right, it's, instant fix, it's. Okay, so what we might want to do here, I don't know. We could just click smart fix, and we'll just let elements run that it's going to do like a baby. Whoa, color correction or whatever it thinks is an exposure correction. I'm not sure I like what it did there. I think that was a little over the top there elements. So let me show you the most useful keyboard shortcut, which is undue, right. So on a mac, it's commands thee, and on a pc it would be controlled, the and that's going to undo whatever you just last did down here and elements, you'll also notice there's an undo button. So if you are not into keyboard shortcuts, for whatever reason, you can come down here and click that.

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Everyone has heard of Adobe® Photoshop®, but have you met its easy-to-use counterpart, Adobe® Photoshop® Elements?

Adobe® Photoshop® Elements is the perfect tool for hobbyists and beginners who are looking for a simplified introduction to image editing and organization.

In this class, Khara Plicanic will get you started in this easy-to-use program. You’ll learn about everything from organizing your image collection to retouching to adding graphics. Khara will help you discover the function and features that make Adobe® Photoshop® Elements an awesome solution for folks who don’t need all the bells and whistles.  

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015