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Lesson 10 from: How to Expand​ ​Time​ ​and​ ​Live​ a Full Life

John K. Coyle

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10. Q&A

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So I'll close now and turn back to Q and A, and what I'd love to know is there's something that throughout the day, that peaked you, that you might want to, or can, or are going to commit to doing differently. Is there something that you can shift, 'cause I know I'd love to know and I'm sure the listeners would love to know too. Yes Mark. Yeah, I, again I, it's funny, sometimes we do in our lives what we absolutely need. When I saw what you were doing, I was excited to come to this talk. Having been here though, you're, it was far more extraordinary than I could ever imagine. I know when I focus on my strengths, absolutely magic happens. It's easy to fall into a trap. When things go wrong, everyone focuses on your weaknesses. They focus on what's going wrong. Mm hm. It's easy to fall into that trap, and if you do, it's a downward spiral. That's right. But when you stop, you forget about totally about the weaknesses and you refocus on what your strengths are, how you've, how e...

xtraordinary things happen. Right, right. And you're right. Sometimes things that may not mean, seems (mumbles) to us, how it could have such an easing impact, and you know when I was vogue speaker in lectured, to be able to look out into a room, and imagine that you're changing lives of everyone potentially changing lives, everybody out there, it's, it's powerful what we can do. Right, right, well said, thank you. And I know that you are, you've been a strengths fan for quite some time, and you've done some pretty amazing things by doing that, but you're right, we all get stuck, like when things to wrong, you start to start anchoring to our childhood program, because operant conditioning, it was beaten into us for a decade, so unwinding that, as the quote goes, is I think this is dead right, which is if you're over 25 and still trying to fix your weaknesses, that ship has sailed. It's just not gonna happen, and you, once you get past a certain age, you're not gonna un-wire those wires. You're not gonna be able to rewire those circuits. There's no point in doing it. Besides, you've got a whole bunch of strengths and talents, that you can just lean into anyway, so, so just do that, that sounds easy. It's not easy, I know. I know you're trying. Anybody else have some thoughts on what they might do differently, or how this might shift your perspective, yes please? Well, I was thinking about both your four by four, and also the Maslow's hierarchy and really reframing the entire meaning of making investments. Mm hm. Away from the idea that these are investments monetarily, but making investments banking these event horizons, and what a powerful, just thinking about the people and the experiences that I treasure and that I also wanna have more of. Right, well said, I, time is our most valuable commodity. Why would we not spend a great deal of energy and time figuring out the best way to spend it? And use the money for that, like if you've got money, use it to buy time, like that's the best thing you do with it, a lot of people let money take all their time, this is exact opposite to me of what should happen, the people that work 80 hours a week and have two, three, four houses they never see, I think that something has gone way off the rails there. Unless, unless, and this is sometimes the case. I think somebody like Elon Musk, he like, he loves to do all that stuff, and that's great. That's totally fine. But if you're not loving what you're doing and you're spending almost all your time doing it to store up money, you just need to invert that, right? Use your money to store up time, like you can buy time for sure.

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Susan Burks

This is an important class. John reminds us of the incalculable value of filling our lives and those of people we care about with what is truly important - the gift of meaningful time. I loved reflecting on experiences that have truly changed the course of my life. John's stories and the science behind them was so inspiring.

Anastasia Shatalina

Very interesting and inspiring. Thank you.

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