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Close Ups

Lesson 10 from: How To Take Amazing Photos With Your iPhone

Jared Platt

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10. Close Ups

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Close Ups

Another thing that you could do with your phone is simply take close ups. So when you have something, really anybody like this little plant here and it draws your attention to it, you can also get a very, very close up shot. But I want to show you the trick to that, because if you're just in normal camera mode and you're trying to take close up at one point, you're just to close and you can't get focus because lenses could only focus so close. And so if you're trying to take it in the normal wide angle lens, you're gonna have a hard time getting in and getting focus on something. However, one of the upgrades inside of the IPhone seven plus is that it has those two lenses. And so if I want to get closer, I'm just going to simply click on that one X button. Change it to two X Now I'm using the telephoto lens, and I can also use it for nice close up so you can see that I can get much sharper on that little tiny plant by simply using the correct lens. So now I'm going to do a little adjust...

ment, and now I have to hold super steady. So I'm not going to talk to you. And you see that I used a burst mode because pushing the button itself creates a little bit of a movement inside the camera. So I used burst mode and or try and get the best possible shot. And now when I go in and click Aiken, just cycle through those images and find the very best one that sharp, and that's the one I'll use.

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a Creativelive Student

This is a fast and very effective course. The teacher is excellent with his great teaching skills. Really recommended!


This course was quick and full of very specific ways to use the iPhone 7 Plus and its abilities. I only own an iPhone 6 and still found this class useful. Even though I've taken thousands of images with my phone I STILL learned a couple things I didn't know. If you have questions about your iPhone camera I would absolutely recommend this course. Well worth the money.

Vincent SMINK

Great class, with all the basics you need to take good photo's. Some interesting extra's that I wasn't aware off! Just start here and then move on!

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