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How to Use Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile

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Class Introduction

Bryan ONeil Hughes

How to Use Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile

Bryan ONeil Hughes

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1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

I'm really, really excited toe show you what we can do with Mobile. And that doesn't just mean that we're shooting mobile. It means that we can edit Mobile. Um ah, lot has changed a lot of change in the last year. A lot of changed the last couple of months. A lot has changed in the last couple of weeks. I don't know if you guys, I think everyone's aware of the IPhone seven. But mobile photography is really it's become a whole new thing. You can you can shoot and edit raw anywhere. And this is kind of what we've all been waiting for forever. So when I talk about Labour Mobile, I'm definitely gonna talk about mobile capture. But we'll also talk about traditional photography as well. You heard a little bit about my background, but just so you know, Bennett OBE for about 17 years, 15 of those years were on the Photoshopped team. I live and breathe photography before coming to Adobe way back in the Dark Ages, I was a professional photographer shooting motor sports. You guys want fortunately...

see a lot of cars. Um so I love this stuff and I have personally move my workflow toe about 90% mobile. At this point, it really is, uh, things have changed where it this this wonderful tipping point. So, without further ado, what I want to do is talk about we're gonna start with the phone, and I should say right up front that everything we talk about today android IOS I understand people are on all different platforms, just like Mac and Windows. Everything I talked about today, you can do on whatever device you happen to be on. So really, really doesn't matter. I'm gonna use the IPhone seven plus, which is a really fun cameras show you guys some. What's possible with this?

Class Description

It’s now possible to access Adobe® Lightroom® CC not only through the web, but also on your mobile devices and Apple TV. Bryan O’Neil Hughes, Adobe Photoshop Hall of Famer, will show you how to put all of these new platforms to work for you. 

He’ll cover:

  • Best practices for capture and culling
  • Basic and more advanced editing within Adobe Lightroom CC
  • How to bring in raw files from traditional cameras

You’ll learn how to share, collaborate and put together an amazing slideshow so that you can show off your work no matter what device you have on hand.

Don't have Adobe Lightroom yet? Get it now so you can follow along with the course!

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom CC 2015


Anna Newman

This class was my favorite of all the 2016 Photo Week post classes. Bryan is a great teacher approaching his topics from a working photographer perspective, as well as an Adobe insider viewpoint. I starting using all the material Bryan covered immediately after the class, and have already sold a stock photo. I am completely sold on his reasoning about taking the time to organize your catalog. I highly recommend any class past or future Bryan is teaching.

JIll C.

Bryan's passion for the Lightroom Mobile workflow makes it easy to understand and adopt. He demonstrates with easy-to-follow examples how to capture and edit in the field on the IPad or IPhone. (Though not mentioned during the class the Android app is equally facile.) I am now ready to fully adopt LR Mobile and apply is to my workflow. Bryan is an articulate and natural trainer, and makes this topic completely transparent and approachable.

Sasha Alexandra Ordanian

Easy to follow and implement! Great class!