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How to Use Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile

Lesson 7 of 9

Share Your Images With Lightroom On The Web


How to Use Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile

Lesson 7 of 9

Share Your Images With Lightroom On The Web


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Share Your Images With Lightroom On The Web

here. My files are just as I left them. The way we're able to do that is because we've got them living in the cloud. Something a lot of people don't know is that you can get to them on the Web. And this is really, really important because essentially what it means on the mobile devices, because this is all gated by your adobe I d. It's kind of like email your adobe ideas. What allows you to get to your stuff is weird as it would be. I could borrow one of your devices and I could log in and sign and Allegra Mobile and I would get all my stuff. But you can also do that on the Web and the Web is everywhere. So you could do this at work. You could do it at someone else's house. All you do is you log on to adobe dot com, and I'll be the first to admit this is a very busy, busy page a lot going on here. Um, I come down to l our photos, and if I click on that, it's going to take me the light room dot adobe dot com. It's you R l You don't have to remember, uh, and I come in here and what I can...

do is I can call up all of those photos calling up all the images. Just as we looked at them in the state that we left them in. We've got everything. Just as we left it here, right there. And I could I could add photos here. I can view them in different ways. Over here on the right. I could see the flag ones. I could change the order again. That order is important. The order doesn't really The order is device dependent. So it might look different on the phone and the IPad and the desktop and the web. So if it looks weird, check your sword order. It's probably stuck on a default on a different sort order you could play. This is the slide show here. The thing that I love to do. And I did this with this sabbatical trip I shot like crazy. I went on this trip with my dad for, you know, a couple weeks and he said, Send me the pictures. I was like, Yeah, I need a weed through them. We'll know just send me all the pictures. I was like, I shot, like, 2000 pictures. I don't think you really want all the pictures. No, no. You send me all the pictures, all choose which ones I like. Okay. And so I'm imagining this. I didn't even know what to do. You know, he's not a creative guy, so it's not like I can put him in a creative cloud library. Does he have Dropbox? What? What doesn't even look like it's a lot of pictures. And then I realized they're already they're already in the cloud. All I have to do is say share, and then it says, Well, do you want to share it with someone else? I come in here, it creates a link for me automatically. And I've got these options. Well, maybe I just want to show the ones I picked. So I just flagged the ones I've edited. And with him, he's okay. Is my dad. I'm gonna let him do this, allow downloads. But I could send it to someone else and say, Well, I just wanted to look at them. People can mark them up. They can comment on them if you want to let them download them, they can download them. You can collaborate with people. This is a really powerful portal toe all of those mobile files. So really, really great. And what you do is you either just copy this link your mail, it put it on social media. But that's I would say it's the area that's most useful to me out of all this stuff. Another thing we can do here, just choose an image is you can edit an image. Um, I'm gonna be really straight up about this. Uh, that's an enormous image. Will use that as an example, is painstaking as it might be. I've got a fast network here, have a large image, so it loaded pretty quickly. This is not the ideal environment crediting. You have to call up the image and you have to sort of pass back the instructions back and forth. You know, in a in a much slower fashion. It's not the same experience you're gonna have on your mobile device. But it is one of those things where if you really need it, it's nice to have it. So just to show you how it works, yeah, I can click on auto. It's gonna take a second to get that result. If I want to bring in some clarity, I can do that. If I want some effects like D. Hayes, we can do that. It's gonna take a second copy over, but you can do all that stuff we've been doing everywhere else. You can do it on the Web. So pretty, pretty wild devices that don't even support that. I'm gonna say save and exit and exactly what's going to happen. So that's that's the way of one thing that I'll speak to. I'm not going to show you a picture of an Apple TV because you know what it looks like. But if any of you have an Apple TV, you can also leverage this content on Apple TV. And the reason I think that's interesting is that the biggest screen in your studio that's the biggest screen in your house. It's a really nice way to show this stuff very similar experience. The light room Web. There's no editing there. I think that just in putting text on that thing is a nightmare. I can't imagine what editing would look like, but it's a great way to look at files and playback slideshow. I think a lot of photographers don't know that they have Adobe Portfolio built in with their membership on the way that it works is that you can build a really quick site. Minds just be he used on my portfolio dot com. And the way that it works is I have the same portal to it as I do with my life in photos. It's that same admittedly busy, um, greeting that I get on adobe dot com and down in there is portfolio website and the way that it works, I'm just gonna be really, really quick about this is you have all of these different templates to choose from. Its there already made their quick and easy. I'll be the first to admit I'm a photo guy. I'm not a Web guy, but I built one literally in a couple of minutes. If I say that I want to edit my portfolio, the main thing I want you guys to know is as I come into these say, we want to look at cars because you guys haven't seen enough car pictures yet. Um, this will show me the state that all of my car photography's in. But if I want to edit content, if I want to add content, I just come in here to edit project content. And I have all of these options here, and one of the options that I'm gonna get is the ability to bring in content from late room. Okay, So late room is all of these places beyond what you're used to thinking. If I click on light from here, I'm gonna get a very, very similar version of light room web. Again. These photos are all in the same place. They're just referenced in slightly different ways and slightly different containers. This is gonna call up all that stuff. All are very familiar files. I click on that. I mentioned you would sometimes see things in a slightly different way. This is one of those places. This is a very real world example. It's gonna take a minute to call those because it's never called those image. Call those images in this app. But my images will start appearing and I could just drop them in their right there. So all of those images in the same state and what portfolio allows you to do is just pick a template, put in your content and have a Web site really quickly. We supply the storage that you are. L all of that, um, it's it's pretty cool. I could probably do a whole other course just on portfolio again. If you want to learn more about that, the best way to do it is to just go to adobe dot com. Log in. You get to your light from photos, and you can also get to the portfolio website, and it will get you started there. We're gonna jump over. I'm going to spend the last moments on the desktop, and I'm just going to show you the couple of things that I still rely on the desktop for. But I'm not kidding when I when I go away for two weeks, I just taken IPad a phone in my camera. I have really given myself to this workflow and like any change at first it's a little scary, and then it's really liberating. And then this weird thing happens where you come back to this and 15 years of photo shop. I love Photoshopped, but I find myself touching the screen, and I find myself wanting to be able to have a cellular connection, and I find myself wanting to do things I can only do on these other devices. Um, it's it's really Ah, it's really pretty exciting. It's got amazing battery life. You've got cellular, you've got GPS, you've got an incredible screen. Don't think of Mobile is less than its It is truly additive.

Class Description

It’s now possible to access Adobe® Lightroom® CC not only through the web, but also on your mobile devices and Apple TV. Bryan O’Neil Hughes, Adobe Photoshop Hall of Famer, will show you how to put all of these new platforms to work for you. 

He’ll cover:

  • Best practices for capture and culling
  • Basic and more advanced editing within Adobe Lightroom CC
  • How to bring in raw files from traditional cameras

You’ll learn how to share, collaborate and put together an amazing slideshow so that you can show off your work no matter what device you have on hand.

Don't have Adobe Lightroom yet? Get it now so you can follow along with the course!

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom CC 2015


Anna Newman

This class was my favorite of all the 2016 Photo Week post classes. Bryan is a great teacher approaching his topics from a working photographer perspective, as well as an Adobe insider viewpoint. I starting using all the material Bryan covered immediately after the class, and have already sold a stock photo. I am completely sold on his reasoning about taking the time to organize your catalog. I highly recommend any class past or future Bryan is teaching.

JIll C.

Bryan's passion for the Lightroom Mobile workflow makes it easy to understand and adopt. He demonstrates with easy-to-follow examples how to capture and edit in the field on the IPad or IPhone. (Though not mentioned during the class the Android app is equally facile.) I am now ready to fully adopt LR Mobile and apply is to my workflow. Bryan is an articulate and natural trainer, and makes this topic completely transparent and approachable.

Sasha Alexandra Ordanian

Easy to follow and implement! Great class!