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All You Need To Know About Adobe Lightroom® CC

Lesson 13 of 16

How to Use Soft Proofing

Matt Kloskowski, Jared Platt

All You Need To Know About Adobe Lightroom® CC

Matt Kloskowski, Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

13. How to Use Soft Proofing

Lesson Info

How to Use Soft Proofing

soundproofing Tylo feature. But if you're doing a lot of your own printing when you go over to the develop module, you'll see you got your little soft proofing check box over here. So that takes into soft proof mood, which opens up that hole box up in the top, right? What you'll find is is C. M Y case off proofing. So before that, we didn't actually have seemed like a We have most of our inkjet printers and all those different profiles, but you will see that you can now actually do see him like a soft proofing right from within light room by all of your faces, I can tell that you're just ecstatic, really, by this feature, I mean, like, you know, you know, that there's someone out there that it's super ecstatic about that because they've been waiting and waiting like light room two or three or whatever they did soft proofing. I've heard people like, Why don't we have see him like a then? I think that's a color from summer, and I'm assuming Canete custom profiles to stop proof. Absolutel...

y, absolutely. Inside of that drop down menu, there's a part that says add Maura's custom or something like that, and when you open it up, anything that's installed in your system is there waiting for you. So whatever papers you put on your EPS and printer, it's there. You just have to turn it on so that this list isn't like she raised the other. The other question that gets asked a lot when I talk about soft proofing is who's sponsoring today's free Web E. I totally I get that. It's all the time. So a big thanks to create life for having us here and over at on one. We've got a whole bunch of late room training bundles for you as well. There's a link up there. There's presets and all that fun stuff.

Class Description

Adobe® Lightroom® Creative Cloud®, is an essential tool for working photographers. The super efficient organizational tools and quick retouching capabilities found in the latest version of Lightroom make it an indispensable addition to a photographer’s workflow.  

In All You Need to Know About Lightroom® CC you’ll spend two hours exploring the new features and functions found in Adobe® Lightroom® Creative Cloud®. Matt Kloskowski and Jared Platt will give you the inside scoop on all of the changes that come with the Lightroom® Creative Cloud® release and show you how to work with them. 

It can be a challenge to stay on top of all the ways Lightroom® can assist you in your work. Learning how to use Lightroom® in this crash course will ensure you are up-to-date and getting the most out of the latest release of Lightroom®

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This course is part of the Adobe Lightroom tutorials series. 



I fell in love with lightroom about three years ago. Making it better is alway nice. Thanks for sharing the information on the up grades. Also making it fun to watch.

Sean HIll

A great intro, this class convinced me to get the Lightroom/Photoshop software on the monthly basis. Mr. Platt is very good at presenting the subject matter and getting you interested in doing more, both in camera and with post processing. Great job guys!