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All You Need To Know About Adobe Lightroom® CC

Lesson 12 of 16

What are the Slideshow Module Improvements?

Matt Kloskowski, Jared Platt

All You Need To Know About Adobe Lightroom® CC

Matt Kloskowski, Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

12. What are the Slideshow Module Improvements?

Lesson Info

What are the Slideshow Module Improvements?

so I have a another big, another big one. It's a slight leap forward. It's not a huge leap like, say, the face detection HDR, but it is a good leap forward, and that's in the light air in the slide show. So inside of the slide show module, we now have a couple extra items. Eso If you look down here on the right hand side, you can see in the playback area that you have the ability to do several things, and one of those things is pan and zoom. So now you have the Ken Burns effect that you can add. And so I'm just going to play a slide show here on gonna play the whole thing. But you'll get the sense of what's going on. Panning and zooming e I could use the eyes thing so I e loved her curls on this wedding. So great. Okay, so anyway, really good point about the pan and zoom, though we talked about this at dinner last night. Yes, that there's really only one setting there. Looks like there's a there's a slider here, but I would never put it up here, and I would never even put it here. I pu...

t it here because I can. I show you should. Okay, I gotta show him on high, Okay? Because it's pretty funny. Okay, You ready? Here we go. And this is the other option for Pan and Zoom. Ah, a lot of movies. There's really only one setting port, so keep it on low. You might want to, you know, fudge it up a little bit down, but I keep it on low, because otherwise you're gonna get seasick while you're watching. Can you pan and zoom some of the photos? And not all of them are right now. It's, ah, all or nothing. Type of thing. So But it does show that they're interested in improving the slideshow module. So that's nice. But the pan and zoom is very limited. Keep it on the lowest. And then what's the difference then? Between automatic and manual? Oh, I I will show you eso Now if we go to another slide show, we've got, um there's a senior slide show, and if we which is funny, because whenever I say that, like overseas people think they were like seniors. You're taking pictures, old people because this is just not a big thing over there. So if you turn on automatic, you can actually sink the slide show to the music. So it's automatically doing the slideshow sinking stuff for you on ditz reading the music. And then it's kind of going to the beat of the music. It sometimes works and sometimes doesn't because it's like sometimes too fast, cause it gets, like, the every other be or, you know, like it gets on the where they call the half beat. Yeah, so in this case, it's actually gonna go to the half beat. But that's OK, because it's kind of, ah, high energy thing anyway. So, like, we'll just start in the middle of the slide show here. And so So it's gonna play to the beat of the music and for that one that worked perfectly. Sometimes I'll play like a slow one, but it has, like tickling and it goes. It goes fast because it here's the tinkling, So I think that the work on that a little bit but sinking to the slide show music is quite cool. That's a new option in the slideshow module, so those are two things that have come as a result of light Rum cc, which makes it uneven. Better slide show program

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Adobe® Lightroom® Creative Cloud®, is an essential tool for working photographers. The super efficient organizational tools and quick retouching capabilities found in the latest version of Lightroom make it an indispensable addition to a photographer’s workflow.  

In All You Need to Know About Lightroom® CC you’ll spend two hours exploring the new features and functions found in Adobe® Lightroom® Creative Cloud®. Matt Kloskowski and Jared Platt will give you the inside scoop on all of the changes that come with the Lightroom® Creative Cloud® release and show you how to work with them. 

It can be a challenge to stay on top of all the ways Lightroom® can assist you in your work. Learning how to use Lightroom® in this crash course will ensure you are up-to-date and getting the most out of the latest release of Lightroom®

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I fell in love with lightroom about three years ago. Making it better is alway nice. Thanks for sharing the information on the up grades. Also making it fun to watch.

Sean HIll

A great intro, this class convinced me to get the Lightroom/Photoshop software on the monthly basis. Mr. Platt is very good at presenting the subject matter and getting you interested in doing more, both in camera and with post processing. Great job guys!