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All You Need To Know About Adobe Lightroom® CC

Lesson 3 of 16

What is Behind the Scenes of Lightroom® Creative Cloud®?

Matt Kloskowski, Jared Platt

All You Need To Know About Adobe Lightroom® CC

Matt Kloskowski, Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

3. What is Behind the Scenes of Lightroom® Creative Cloud®?

Lesson Info

What is Behind the Scenes of Lightroom® Creative Cloud®?

Mr Platts, I think this I think this is I think you have our first feature of the day. I sure hope I do. I'm not ready for it. No, I think you have her first feature of the data, but mine mine are the unseen features, so they're not really fun toe like show because there's nothing to show. Yeah, I know there's like there's a serious and I think for everybody out there it's important. What kind of, uh because I scoured before before I came on here, I kind of scoured where and when they do the pre releases, they actually give a release notes. And so that's really the only place to go to find, like, all the little tweaks that they make, because there's obviously the big features. HDR. But then, at the end of the release notes, there's all these, like little tiny things, like added keyboard shortcut for this and so right, both of both you and I have really scoured those things, so we'll give you those little things as we come across them. And so I need to go to the preference module, our p...

reference module. There's a brand new module in like So, if you go to my computer here in the preferences uh, under there's a there's a menu called Performance, which is new, and in the performance menu. There is actually a little check box here, and this is huge. I think this is one of the greatest things about light room. Sisi is that actually can use the graphics processor to speed up. The process is of all the things that are happening inside the light room, and so that's huge. So just speed increase is the I think the first thing you have to mention about light room Sisi is that you now have use of your graphics processors. I think a lot of people wanted to Yeah, everybody, ever. I would tell you have a live audience. A lot of people would say, Just want faster And it's, you know, I think, as a software company, I work for a company that creates software now to you know, you always want to create features, but at the same time, if you really listen to people, sometimes they just want speed, right? And so if if all they did in light room, Sisi was speeded up that would be worth it on DSO We've got a faster processor now. Uses both of our processes the graphics processing, the regular processor. But you do have to turn it on cause I think it ships with it off. Yeah, and that's important. Go in there and turn quite figure that out on, So go into the preferences, Turn it on. That'll allow it, and you have to have the right processor. It's not gonna like if you're using an old, old, like, clunky little computer that's held together with gum and Pentium. Yeah, to sixties. You're not gonna have that option so you can turn it on. But if you have a good grasp graphics processor than you can turn it on. So go play around with that. Yeah, Um, quick question is longer talking about speed. First time opening, converting your light room five. Is there gonna be any major delays that have to do update or we're gonna be, you know, other software. You could open it up and come back a day later before all your files are updated. Is there any of that? It's gonna be going on now. It's It's not too much of Ah, I mean, all it has to do is just kind of change some of the structure of of a couple things which we will mention here that has to know how to do. But it's every time I've updated to a six. It's been minutes, as opposed to. Has it even been 15 minutes? It's been pretty quick. Yeah, and there's yield. The first time you come in, you'll actually get. You'll get a if you have light room installed previously, you'll get a screen that comes up and says, We've detected that you have a previous version of light room installed. Would you like us to upgrade the catalog? I think mine took a decent size cattle of probably 30 40,000 images, and I think it might have taken 5 10 minutes. That was also with a beta copy to So I havent tried the actual full gold master released. But it'll ask you at the end to upgrade your catalog and little it'll take care and the interesting. I think it's important to know, because I know everybody gets scared about their catalog and their photos and like that's That's the Hubble like from like That's why or yourself is it doesn't take your existing catalogue and change it. It makes a duplicate copy and upgrades your copy of her cattle. So your old catalog is still there. In fact, if it hasn't changed in the master release, you can actually run late Room five and light from six side by side. Because I've been doing absolutely so it doesn't change your existing catalog. Everything safe put just makes a new one for the new version. And if it once you're happy with everything, you can go delete the old stuff. It's not gonna hurt the new stuff either. Right? And your presets air gonna still be there. You're, uh, plug in stuff like that because those air all housed outside of the light room program that housed inside of light room preferences and stuff like that. So it'll use those. You won't notice a difference between light from five and light from CC, except that you have new features. So another thing inside of the preferences that I wanted people to know is in the interface is a big one. I know you like this one. I goofy one, but so was whether Why it was ever there. First place in the in the interface. Here in the bottom area here, there's a little thing that says Show badges. Now that's always been there. You know what badges? Air Force. So if you go to my computer here, um, and you look at a set of images and let's say we're in the we're in the survey mode and we're clicking through and finding some images and playing with images. If I go down to click on a new image and I get a little too close to one of these badges, suddenly I'm in the developed ma dropping and I'm like crap. So the new feature in Light room is that if you go to the preferences, there's a new check box that says Ignore clicks on badges. So if I click on that now, it's gonna ignore the clicks on the badges on Lee here in the filmstrip view. So if I'm in the grid, it'll still if I click those, it'll they'll work. It'll take me wherever they're supposed to take me. But here, when I'm collapsed real small and I click on these badges, see that I don't accidentally click on a badge even though I am clicking on the badge. I thought that was a really good feature time and time again. I actually I don't know if you do. I get that question a lot from people like Number one. They want to know what those little things are. And then why? Whenever I click on it, it goes somewhere totally different. Go use that The last one. The last preference that I wanted to note that I really, really am happy about is when you right click the background, saying the survey mode and you can choose, like all of your different white, medium, grey type background. I want to. I want to notice that there is no pin stripe anymore, and I can't figure out why that was there in the first place. But nobody knows there's no pinstripe, and I'm so grateful that Adobe has finally decided that nobody wants to look at pinstripes when they're looking at their photos. So that's my first set of of release notes. I never I never quite, and I don't know if we can pull it my computer really quick, but I just wanted to show e o I just I opened up light room five really quick, but if you right click anywhere in that background, there really was a pinstripes option. Why? I don't know. I know. I don't know. Nobody knows. It's like nobody knows. Apparently, though, that was giving problems with their it costs in proper performance. Like performance. So important. You know, we haven't talked about what will happen. We talk answers. Good point. Who is sponsoring eso? In addition to the fine people that creativelive that are ever bring this here and over it on one is a co sponsor for the event today. So I happened toe work there, so thank you on one. So go check it out. And then we got a brand new site called on one photos dot com as well. So go check that out.

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Adobe® Lightroom® Creative Cloud®, is an essential tool for working photographers. The super efficient organizational tools and quick retouching capabilities found in the latest version of Lightroom make it an indispensable addition to a photographer’s workflow.  

In All You Need to Know About Lightroom® CC you’ll spend two hours exploring the new features and functions found in Adobe® Lightroom® Creative Cloud®. Matt Kloskowski and Jared Platt will give you the inside scoop on all of the changes that come with the Lightroom® Creative Cloud® release and show you how to work with them. 

It can be a challenge to stay on top of all the ways Lightroom® can assist you in your work. Learning how to use Lightroom® in this crash course will ensure you are up-to-date and getting the most out of the latest release of Lightroom®

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I fell in love with lightroom about three years ago. Making it better is alway nice. Thanks for sharing the information on the up grades. Also making it fun to watch.

Sean HIll

A great intro, this class convinced me to get the Lightroom/Photoshop software on the monthly basis. Mr. Platt is very good at presenting the subject matter and getting you interested in doing more, both in camera and with post processing. Great job guys!