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All You Need To Know About Adobe Lightroom® CC

Lesson 15 of 16

What is the Upright Feature?

Matt Kloskowski, Jared Platt

All You Need To Know About Adobe Lightroom® CC

Matt Kloskowski, Jared Platt

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15. What is the Upright Feature?

Lesson Info

What is the Upright Feature?

you have one more feature? Yeah, this one's it's It's a tiny one. It so visit. But you guys produce Photoshopped to use camera raw and you'll notice late room and camera. Try to stay on par with each other for the most part. So this was a feature that got added into camera raw a few months ago. I was like that because it does basically auto. Straighten if you got those any crooked horizon lines, which I would really never have, because I shoot perfectly straight, as do I. But it should should know. I've got one of Jarod's photos up here where he has a very crooked rise and you'll see that there's, Ah, little auto. But right over there, so you got to do is just click it and it will go in there and auto straighten for you, um, the other end, By the way, this is a great feature when you're highlighting about five or six photos of, say, a portrait. You know, senior portrait and all of them are a little whatever and you've been shooting. You got a little happy about it, and you really do hi...

ghlight them all. Click that auto and all of them will be straightened up. Yeah, it's very similar. Like if you're in the lens corrections panel, you'll see that there's an auto upright section, so it's It's fairly similar to that, and that is doing the straightening and the horizon correction. So I got just This is a random tip because it's one of those little scouring the released documents from Adobe. But did you know a little change in the export dialog box when it comes to file sizing? I'm just trying to stump I. So there's a tiny little change you did know because I did your Jared. There's a tiny little change, but, oh, it makes sense. If you have to tell, I know a lot, especially when it comes Teoh to re sizing for certain websites and what not one under image sizing you didn't know. I just remembered when you're under image sizing resized to fit, and you could go with dimensions long ed shortage megapixels and they just added percentage. So again, judging from your faces, that's amazing. Just about is in, as the soft proofing feature was for but I could see it actually could see percentage being Maurin falling and soft proofing. I really can't get into it, but I have a Web designer who will love it, I'm sure.

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Adobe® Lightroom® Creative Cloud®, is an essential tool for working photographers. The super efficient organizational tools and quick retouching capabilities found in the latest version of Lightroom make it an indispensable addition to a photographer’s workflow.  

In All You Need to Know About Lightroom® CC you’ll spend two hours exploring the new features and functions found in Adobe® Lightroom® Creative Cloud®. Matt Kloskowski and Jared Platt will give you the inside scoop on all of the changes that come with the Lightroom® Creative Cloud® release and show you how to work with them. 

It can be a challenge to stay on top of all the ways Lightroom® can assist you in your work. Learning how to use Lightroom® in this crash course will ensure you are up-to-date and getting the most out of the latest release of Lightroom®

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I fell in love with lightroom about three years ago. Making it better is alway nice. Thanks for sharing the information on the up grades. Also making it fun to watch.

Sean HIll

A great intro, this class convinced me to get the Lightroom/Photoshop software on the monthly basis. Mr. Platt is very good at presenting the subject matter and getting you interested in doing more, both in camera and with post processing. Great job guys!