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How to Use Photoshop® Blend Modes Like a Pro


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Class Introduction

My name is Jesus Ramirez, and I'm just gonna put up this slide right away, so that you can see it. It's got my email. If you guys have any questions, feel free to email me about blending modes or any Photoshop related things. That's my website, my handle on all social media. Feel free to write those down if you like. I always start with whatever my latest composite is. This is one of my latest composites. That's mostly what I'm known for. I'm known for my compositing work. I've worked as a graphic designer for about 15 years now almost. But, recently I've been doing a lot of teaching for places like Creative Live. I've done events for Adobe, all over the world, including Australia, Latin America, all over the U.S. That's actually what takes up most of my time these days, just teaching people how to use Photoshop. Also recently, I like to start with that photo right there. That is my very first composite ever. (audience laughing) I like to show people that I started where everybody else...

starts, from the beginning, and I just have to keep practicing and learning the tools, the techniques, just to improve, just like everybody else. I always like to show the very first one, because if I just show this one, people assume that I was born knowing how to do all of that.

Class Description

Blend Modes are perhaps the most powerful and misunderstood features in Photoshop®. In this information-packed class, Jesús Ramirez will demystify these seemingly scary options and show you Blend Modes in a whole new light. You’ll discover exactly what Blend Modes are, how they work, and how you can find the right one to use for your project. You’ll also have the opportunity to work on several real-life examples so you can learn how to use Blend Modes in your retouching, compositing and other creative projects.