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How-To Guides

Lesson 13 from: Blog Post Writing: Create Engaging Blogs

Maddie Cohen

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13. How-To Guides

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How-To Guides

moving on now to our next blog post type number two. How to guides? How twos are a very popular format. Generally people go on the internet to learn to do something, they want to learn to change a tire, invest their money or in your case right now. Right stand out blog posts that drive traffic. Here's where the benefits of how to guides come in. These posts are actionable in the sense that they're designed to teach your prospects and customers to do something. If we're going to be specific here, they're designed to help them overcome a problem through the solution you have to offer. But going back to chapter two, you need to be careful with how to posts like we discussed, you need to make sure you're writing the how to post for your target audience rather than your competition. Basically you should use this blog post type and moderation and when you do use it, you should be mindful of your approach, how to guides are meant to establish your credibility. They're a step by step model, ou...

tlining your solution to your prospects and customers problems. So keep this in mind when you kick off the writing process, how to headlines may look like how to write gripping blog posts in three easy steps strategies for improving your sleep schedule or how to program faster than ever. This type of post again in moderation will let your audience in on what you do and why they should consider you for future opportunities. These posts are instructional, they're actionable and they'll let your audience know how you can help them

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