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Lesson 14 from: Blog Post Writing: Create Engaging Blogs

Maddie Cohen

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14. Roundups

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and now introducing our next blog post type, number three roundups. Roundups are super readable. This blog post type is great for search engine optimization because you can link your content to other sources. Both internal and external roundups are also an easy way to organize useful information for your target audience. What are roundups? They're a collection of strategies, tools or other items that are somehow related. Consider the ketogenic diet for a moment, a low carb, high fat diet that involves bringing the body into a metabolic state known as ketosis. An expert roundup might include several dietitians perspectives of the ketogenic diet. Or a typical roundup could feature five celebrities who swear by the diet. Your headline might look like 10 experts explain why you should go keto. Or four celebrities share their experiences with the ketogenic diet. In simple terms, roundups feature a series of experts of thought leaders or another group of people sharing their views on a given...

topic. This approach and expert roundups in particular can help you establish your brand as an authority After all the experts, your featuring, trust you enough to share their opinions with that. Here are two other examples of what an expert roundup post might look like. Number 1 10 guitarists share their favorite rock anthems of 2019 or 2 24. Realtors explain how Bay Area property values are changing makes sense. These posts involving organized list of expert opinions, opinions on a specific topic different from expert roundups. You might also choose to publish past post roundups, but only after you've been blogging for a while. These posts, which are awesome for S. C. O. Involved. Lots of internal linking. We'll get to the benefits of that in Chapter five there are also a great way to steer your readers towards all the posts in a given category. A past post roundup might look like introducing our top five most popular posts of the year or going back to the ketogenic diet. Here's everything you need to know about going keto. These posts include relevant information pulled from your existing blog posts. Basically you're organizing key details from multiple blog posts into a single past post roundup. Peace with links to the original content. Use this format sparingly but don't hesitate to go for it when the opportunity presents itself. Next step will discuss personal stories.