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Case Studies

Lesson 16 from: Blog Post Writing: Create Engaging Blogs

Maddie Cohen

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16. Case Studies

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Case Studies

Number five Case Studies. Are you looking for a seamless approach? A blog post format that's simple yet powerful, introducing case studies. Case studies are a great way to show your audience how effective your product or service can be. Let me explain, I'll take a minute to touch on my own experience as a writer. I once worked on a series of case studies for a farm in rural New Jersey. The kicker allowed dr in the farm. He and his team grew fresh produce and they customized plant based eating plans for their patients. Food plants composed of fresh produce sourced directly from the property as a ghost writer. I've seen a lot, I've worked on so many case studies over the years that I have lost count of them all. But this project stood out to me because the results were incredible. I knew right off the bat that with the storytelling approach. These case studies could blow reader's minds. You see these case studies were really impactful because they combine data with personal stories a pac...

kage deal, if you will. The doctor who ran the farm took a scientific approach. Everything was rooted in data in medicine. He carefully measured patient outcomes and each of the patients I interviewed improved their health outcomes in some way. I had the data right there in front of me to prove it numbers from actual medical records. But those numbers alone weren't enough to create a compelling case study. I also conducted patient interviews to touch on reader's emotions. These patients discussed how much their lives changed after going plant based, I made a point of including these patients thoughts and opinions on the content right alongside the data. These patients told me how going Plant based changed their lives after adopting a clean wholesome diet, they lost weight, their arthritis symptoms lessened, they felt better, happier, lighter, less stressed. Now I'm not in any way trying to get you to go vegan here nor am I trying to get vegans to change their diet. I'm just trying to share an example of a case study series that really made an impact on me because the businesses offering really made an impact on customers which brings us back to the benefits of case studies. Case studies offer real world examples of just how effective a brand's product or service can be the most effective ones. Like the posts I described combined facts and figures with emotional reflection and a compelling story. They combine hard numbers and rich qualitative data. If you feel comfortable, you might consider integrating case studies into your blog. But next up we'll talk about interviews. I mentioned conducting interviews with the patients who worked with the doctor on his New Jersey Farm In interviews can and should play a role in case studies. However, if you're strapped for time, you can have your interview, take up the entire blog post and still touch on your audiences, emotions

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