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Craft a Compelling, Accurate Headline

Lesson 21 from: Blog Post Writing: Create Engaging Blogs

Maddie Cohen

Craft a Compelling, Accurate Headline

Lesson 21 from: Blog Post Writing: Create Engaging Blogs

Maddie Cohen

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21. Craft a Compelling, Accurate Headline

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Craft a Compelling, Accurate Headline

to craft a compelling, accurate headline. At the beginning of the course, I mentioned that you should avoid click baiting headlines. There's one caveat here, You still want your headline to draw readers in. You should adhere to a proven format and structure when writing your headlines and you should absolutely make your headlines interesting, just make sure your headlines are accurate, that they don't misrepresent the story you're telling now that we've cleared that up. Let's talk about how to go about writing a headline as a content marketing writer. I like to write my headlines early in the writing process before I start working on the body copy of my blog posts. This is because my headlines generally inform the post content. You want your content to be top quality, your headlines are no exception. You see, according to copy blogger, eight out of 10 people will read a headline in full. Only two out of 10, however, will actually click on the article or post and read the rest of the co...

ntent. You want people to click on your content to read every last word Here are some tips for crafting rock solid headlines. Experiment with multiple headline options. I like to write 3-5 headline options for every blog post before I start writing the actual post, I then consider my options and pick the best one. Say I want to write a post on how freelancers can take time off work without getting super stressed out. Here's some headline options to choose from one of freelancers guide to taking a week off to taking time off as a freelancer for strategies to consider three, yes, freelancers can take time off. Here's how four, five steps freelancers should take for a stress free vacation. Five can freelancers take time off work, you might even consider adding a statistic to your headline in order to increase your authority. CNBC for example, published a slightly less optimistic but related piece called why 92% of freelancers say they can never take a vacation. Which headline option would your readers be most likely to click on? Think about it for a moment and note that there's no right or wrong answer per se, at least in this case, you should definitely avoid missteps, like making your headlines too wordy, failing to make your headlines specific and neglecting to convey a sense of urgency. Consider which headline types are most effective according to the digital marketing company conductor, there are five quote unquote approved, high level types of headlines, bloggers can use these high level categories include normal headlines, for instance, ways to make exercise more enjoyable question headlines, for instance, how can you make exercise more enjoyable How to headlines, for instance, how to make exercise more enjoyable. Number headlines Like 15 ways to make exercise more enjoyable and reader addressing headlines such as strategies you need to make exercise more enjoyable. This should be fairly self explanatory, but it's worth noting that both question headlines and reader addressing headlines directly engage the reader with that let's explore which headline structures drives the most engagement Conductor found that number headlines were the most popular. 15% more popular than reader addressing headlines which came in at second place. So keep this in mind while you write your blog posts. But again it's okay to mix things up from time to time and see what your audience prefers. Why not play around some review your analytics and then decide which headline structures work best for your business. Our next headline writing tip kiss, keep it simple stupid headlines shouldn't be clunky, they shouldn't be ambiguous or so wordy, your audience has no idea what you're talking about. Your headlines should be readable, informative and engaging. Are you familiar with the Kiss principle Kiss stands for keep it simple, stupid and yes you can and should keep your headlines simple while writing your blog posts. There's no one size fits all approach to structuring your headlines, but there are a few things you may want to keep in mind. For example, I want your post to perform well in search hubspot says you should keep your headline under 70 characters. The ideal blog post headline length is 60 characters give or take. Speaking of keeping things simple, the data from conductor also showed that superlatives should only be used in moderation, 51% of respondents preferred headlines with 0-1 superlatives anymore than that and the headline became too clunky. So you could write a headline along the lines of four best ways for millennials to invest their money. The word best is a superlative, but it's the only one in the copy and that's perfectly fine. You can delete the word best and write the headline four ways for millennials to invest their money. What you shouldn't do is cram your headlines all of superlatives. Keep things simple, steer clear of wordy headlines like four of the top all time best ways for millennials to invest their money, or four of the best and smartest ways for millennials to invest their money. Kiss, Keep it simple, stupid.