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Outline Your Post

Lesson 22 from: Blog Post Writing: Create Engaging Blogs

Maddie Cohen

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22. Outline Your Post


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Outline Your Post

our next tip appeal to your readers emotions. We'll keep this tip simple. Stupid as well pun intended. This is just a quick reminder that your headline should touch on your readers wants and needs. It should serve as a catalyst for building an emotional relationship with your audience. How can you tell whether you're on the right track with the Advanced Marketing Institute's emotional marketing value headline analyzer simply paste in your headline, plug in your industry and receive a score based on your headlines, emotional marketing value or E. M. V. If you receive a lower score than you'd like, you can make adjustments based on what we've discussed and see if your score changes. Moving on from headline writing now to our third blogging. Best practice three outline your post. But be flexible just as you should be somewhat flexible with your content calendar. You need to be flexible when you outline your blog posts, you don't need to commit to your entire outline. If something that cou...

ld better serve your readers comes to mind, you don't need to adhere to the five item list you were planning on writing, you could include 1/6 item or use only four and still be just fine. But you should outline your posts, outlines can make all the difference in crafting a well organized, interesting piece of content. They'll make the research process much more efficient because you'll know exactly what to research. They'll make the writing process pretty seamless because your outline is meant to inform what you write. But all writers are different and so I won't spend too much time telling you how to outline your work. Surely you've worked on outlines before. I will share my approach with you though and drafting an outline. I already know my headline. So I'll open up a word document and write that down from there. All right, a couple of subheadings or I'm writing a list style post. I'll jot down each item I plan on including then all that's left is the body copy. In november 2019. I wrote a blog post entitled Six ways Pre employment screening can promote a safer workplace for one of my clients. I started out with the headline. I then included all six items of my list number one safer working environment to reduced employment fraud and theft. Three higher quality hires, four meat industry regulations. With these five fewer negligent hiring lawsuits. Six better regulatory compliance from there. I knew exactly what to research. I had my outline readily available and I finished the post without any trouble. No matter your industry, you can do the same thing. Now let's talk about writing a good lead

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