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Make Your Content Readable

Lesson 26 from: Blog Post Writing: Create Engaging Blogs

Maddie Cohen

Make Your Content Readable

Lesson 26 from: Blog Post Writing: Create Engaging Blogs

Maddie Cohen

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26. Make Your Content Readable

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Make Your Content Readable

# seven. Make your content readable. The average american reads at 1/9 grade level but research shows most people prefer to read two grade levels below their actual capabilities. So keep this in mind when you write your content again, you should be working hard to appeal to your target audience. How can you do this? There are a few things you can keep your sentences short. This is also ideal for S. C. O. Your content shouldn't be so complex that readers and search engine crawlers for that matter can't follow what you're saying. Well not all your sentences should be of the same structure. You want your blog posts to flow well after all, you should aim to keep your sentences under 25 words. You can also keep your paragraphs short. Have you ever clicked on a link? Found yourself staring at a clunky block of text and felt your eyes start to glaze over. I have to By limiting your paragraphs to 150 words you'll make your content much more digestible. And avoid overwhelming your readers. One ...

last thing play around with post length Again you want your content to be readable, that's said to see what your readers value most. You can experiment with the length of your posts to an extent at least Google does want your content to be at least 300 words. So avoid publishing blog posts that are shorter than that. Like we discussed in chapter one mediums data lab says the ideal blog post length is 1600 words but readability is more important than anything else. 700 words of stellar content is better than 1000 words of drivel. So basically your blog posts should be as long as you need to get your point across to convey valuable information, But they shouldn't be so long that they become tedious or difficult to understand and they should absolutely be at least 300 words sound good before we begin chapter five, let's review what we just learned when it comes to writing your blog posts. You need a content calendar. You need a compelling, accurate headline for several options to choose from. You should in line with the kiss acronym, aim to keep things simple, you should appeal to your audience's emotions. You should outline your post but stay flexible If at all possible, you should write a lead or an intro with a gripping hook. You should include a call to action like contact us to learn more or reach out to schedule your demo. You should include images in your content and you should, above all else aim to make your content readable

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