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Be Competitive

Lesson 4 from: Blog Post Writing: Create Engaging Blogs

Maddie Cohen

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4. Be Competitive


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Be Competitive

moving on now, Blogging can help you. # three be competitive. Statistics show there are over four million blog posts published on the Internet each day. It sounds overwhelming, right? I hear you. It's hard to be competitive in a crowded space. How can you possibly stand out with so much content out in the world, even in your industry, it may feel like there isn't room for yet another voice, but there is in fact brands and businesses, individuals really anyone who runs a blog can use their platform to be more competitive. For example, say you work in early childhood education, you operate in a specific market and you are competing with several other organizations. If those organizations don't have a blog or if their blog is riddled with typos or if they're brand voice is inconsistent or if they don't update their blog regularly, you can build a blog that knocks there's out of the water. Think of it this way, your competitor may have a blog post along the lines of five benefits of early ...

childhood education. Nothing is wrong with that. Exactly. But anyone could write that post to go the extra mile. Ask yourself what do I know that my competition might not go deeper. Go there. You can brainstorm parenting tips, learning strategies for elementary aged Children engaging kids games and so much more you might write a blog post entitled can chess boost your child's brain or explore a data driven topic like the link between reading age and academic performance by going deeper. Like we talked about, you can be competitive and establish yourself as an expert in your field and by launching a blog with hyper specific, powerful content. You'll be well on your way to becoming a thought leader, a go to source in your industry. Another point I'd like to make do your research research and more specifically, data is what allows brands to take a seemingly obvious topic to the next level. Going back to our early childhood education example, a simple statistic on, say, the use of cameras in preschools can be repurposed into a compelling blog post on whether live streaming preschool classes is actually beneficial. This is much more interesting than a blog post on why parents should enroll their kids in preschool, right? You want to use important, timely research to tell a gripping story.

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