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Establish Your Brand Voice

Lesson 5 from: Blog Post Writing: Create Engaging Blogs

Maddie Cohen

Establish Your Brand Voice

Lesson 5 from: Blog Post Writing: Create Engaging Blogs

Maddie Cohen

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5. Establish Your Brand Voice


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Establish Your Brand Voice


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Establish Your Brand Voice

And now our next point You can use blogging to number four, establish your brand voice blogging will make you much more competitive in your industry. So long as you spend plenty of time developing your content strategy, you want to stand out to share your expertise with your readers and with a solid blog you can, if you have a blog currently I can only assume you have a website full of content as well. You've probably invested a decent chunk of time and money into making your website user friendly and visually pleasing. Hopefully you've also put in the effort to feature on brand well written web copy. You've taken the time to develop your brand voice blogging can help you cement that brand voice. What is brand voice though? In simple terms, it's the way a brand conveys its personality to consumers. This typically involves communicating specific attitudes and values and using specific language that aligns with what your business hopes to achieve. Your brand voice above all else should r...

ing true to both your brand and your target demographic. Everything you say should reflect what you do whatever you write, whenever you write it, that content should be written in your brand voice. So where does blogging come in? Generally your brand voice should be well established by the time you launch your blog. So when you start your blog, you should know exactly what toned right in and which subjects to touch on. You might have a general sense of your brand voice, but you still aren't quite sure how to define it. Here are some tips from the content Marketing Institute that will help you do just that tip one, gather a sample of your content, read through everything and take note of what's consistent throughout. You can review your web copy and other marketing materials to get a sense of the language you use, word choice, sentence and paragraph length formality and so many other factors play a role here tip to describe your brand voice in three words, you can pull language from your existing content or you can find other creative but accurate ways to describe the material. How would you classify your tone, style and values, Tip three create a brand voice chart with themes and a list of dues and don't. This will help you and your writers understand what direction to take when you develop your blog posts tip for revisit your chart if you re brand or make other changes to your business, remember that it's okay to evolve. It's good but you need to be attentive to the changes that take place. It's okay for your blog to evolve for now. Just keep in mind that your brand voice will determine the topic. Strategy and style of each post. Conversely, blogging will help you get a better sense of your brand voice ideally, you will come to know that brand voice like the back of your hand and your readers will too. Why is this so important? A solid brand voice can help to establish, Trust the word authentic gets thrown around quite a bit, but there's something to be said for authenticity. The consumer trust that builds from a consistent brand voice is pretty meaningful.

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