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Improve Your Website Traffic

Lesson 7 from: Blog Post Writing: Create Engaging Blogs

Maddie Cohen

Improve Your Website Traffic

Lesson 7 from: Blog Post Writing: Create Engaging Blogs

Maddie Cohen

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7. Improve Your Website Traffic

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Chapter 1: Why Launch a Company Blog?


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Improve Your Website Traffic


Lesson Info

Improve Your Website Traffic

A blog will also help your brand # six improve your website traffic. It makes sense right. By posting top quality content on a frequent basis. You can lure tons of readers to your website. The goal is to keep them there. If you're lucky, you'll hold their interest for more than a few seconds according to research conducted by Fast Company. The average web visitor reads just six words of a headline and the average time they spend reading a blog post is 15 seconds. The caveat, If the web visitor reads your content for more than 15 seconds will probably stay for a total of seven minutes or up to 1600 words. that sounds pretty good. Right? And if the reader sticks around for that long, you can expect them to return your blog and other parts of your site on a consistent basis, provide a decent vlog and your web traffic could increase by quite a bit. So to make the most of this opportunity, you want to use tools like the following but sumo this tool shows you which topics lead to the most so...

cial shares. Google trends. This resource provides a graph detailing how reader interest has increased or decreased over time. SCM Rush SCM rush will let you in on what keywords your competitors are ranking for in google. You can pull from these and improve your search engine ranking will spend more time discussing this in chapter six. These tools will help you determine how to boost your web traffic. You can use them to generate leads, grow your email list and ultimately drive conversions. You can also use them to learn more about your audience. You'll learn what they like to hear about, what they're less interested in, and most importantly, you'll learn more about who they are. So a quick summary of what we learned, blogging will help you achieve important goals that are crucial to your business success. Solid content will allow you to number one, tell your story number, to communicate with your audience. Number three, be competitive number four, establish your brand voice number five, repurpose your content when it needs a fresh take number six, boost your web traffic and when it comes to boosting traffic, tools like buzz sumo, google trends and ECM rush are awesome. They'll help to get you on track, makes sense. Great. Let's move on to take a break. If you need to complete the quiz and then let's reconvene and tackle the next chapter.