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Write to Your Audience

Lesson 9 from: Blog Post Writing: Create Engaging Blogs

Maddie Cohen

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9. Write to Your Audience

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Write to Your Audience

in this chapter, we'll discuss how to best identify your audience and how to incorporate those notes into your content marketing. There's one mistake many brands make when they start blogging, that mistake is simple. It's an easy trap, a trap that I fell into far too often when I was new to content marketing, here's what these brands do. They write based on subject matter, instead of writing to their audience. What does this mean? Exactly. Let me explain. Say for example, you're a realtor, you're looking to launch a blog and you don't know where to start pro tip. Don't focus on what it's like to be a real estate agent. Don't write about your day to day or what it is you do. Why not? Because that's what your website is for, because your audience doesn't necessarily care about what it's like to be a real estate agent, unless you're writing your blog posts for other realtors, you should steer clear of generating content that won't serve your home buyers or sellers. That is your actual aud...

ience to be blunt. Your audience cares about how you might be able to help them. They want to understand why they should hire you rather than your competition. They want to come to know the ins and outs of their local market. So here are two examples of effective real estate blog posts. The first is titled, should you list your home during the holidays. The second is professional real estate photos. A must both pieces offer Homebuyers Duluth Minnesota real estate agent, Diana Bennett's target audience. Super useful knowledge makes sense. So when you get started with your own blog posts. Don't just write based on subject matter. Think carefully about what your audience will find most valuable. Start by asking yourself this, who are your ideal readers? In other words, Who is your target audience Before you start blogging or before you write your next post, If you're already blogging, think about this group, define them, jot down their age, range, gender, genders and other identifying factors. But be sure to focus on what's most important meaning your audiences, personal preferences, their hobbies and goals their values. Ask yourself questions like what do they enjoy doing? What does your audience hope to achieve? Most importantly, what problem or problems can you help them solve? Take sports, fashion and lifestyle Brand. Adidas as an example, the brand doesn't just churn out blog posts about their garments and shoes Instead. Adidas crafts, unique pieces designed and not only appeal to their audience, but also broaden their audiences. Horizons. Example, one yoga for beginners, how to start doing yoga and six yoga poses. Example to seven steps you can take to fight pollution. The Adidas marketing team knows their audience cares about fitness and they know their target audience value sustainability based on this deep seated understanding of their audience. Adidas has come up with profound, engaging content that's bound to make an impact. You can too, you just need to understand the people you're writing for, you aren't even writing for them necessarily. You're writing to them. It should feel like you're talking to them when you blog, your content should be conversational. It should be as though through your content marketing you are speaking to your audience like you're speaking from human to human because that's exactly what you're doing. Audiences care about their problems, they care about finding solutions to those problems. They care about what you stand for and what you have to offer. But who is your audience? How can you help them through your blog posts Without defining your audience? You risk falling short in your content marketing.

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