How to Write Captivating Commercials and Promos

Lesson 9/11 - Incorporate Audience Involvement Into Your Promos


How to Write Captivating Commercials and Promos


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Incorporate Audience Involvement Into Your Promos

So, now how to incorporate your audience into your promo. This makes them really fun because people want to feel part of something. So, how can we do that? You can run a contest or a scholarship along with your promo. This works well if you're selling classes or workshops; something where there's kind of multiple spots and not everyone has financial access to that, right! There's people who would love to do your program but it legitimately is out of their budget and so sometimes it's great to do scholarships and get them involved and people can vote on the people putting in the scholarships. It's really fun! Or, you can run a contest, right? Have a contest to some piece, I think I did that a couple of years ago for my class and it was around obsessions. So, it got people talking about obsessions and it aligned with my program because, we all that obsessed. And it was just a fun poppy contest and everyone was excited and sharing obsessions and it got the conversation around that and it ...

allowed me to take it and say "Don't you want your business to feel this way? Don't you want your business to feel so exciting?" So, I was able to do that. So, contest and scholarships are really fun. Also re-sharing social media photos of your audience engaging with you product and service. This is my favorite thing. I love when my audience is doing my workbooks that they get through my class and they take a photo of it and they are like "working on my class today" and I love that. It's so awesome! And, then I re-share them all the time. So, what's social proof, right? This is great! Now, you always have to get permission; you want to make sure you're not taking private photos, of course, or sneaking up on people with cameras. But, if your clients are okay with it, you can ask them to take a photo if you have a product; this works really well; products are the best for this. But, also if the clients in the gym; everybody takes gym selfies so that's great for anyone in the fitness world, the yoga world, right! That can be really great. Any of you that teach classes and have an actual material like a workbook or worksheet or something. If somebody would be willing to take a shot of like "I'm working hard today on this". You can re-share it so it's fun; it's also fun for your clients because everybody wants to have a little spotlight somewhere. Also, gamify your promotion. So.,if there's a way you can turn what you do into a game that's really fun. It's a little more complex, of course, but is there something where everyone can compete against each other, right. Is there a game? So, I go to a spin studio and we do these challenges every month where it's like, whoever gets to 30 classes first wins and you get some kind of, I forget, maybe a water bottle. But anyway, it's like the prize doesn't even matter, you just want to be the one with all the stars. And we have all the stars on the wall and you put your little sticker star up which feels like elementary school so its even more fun. But again, its just gamifying; it's getting us to show up for class, right; it's getting the instructors happy cause we're all showing up. So, if there is a way that you can do a race or a game or anything that's always really fun. And you can also co-create promotions. So this is really fun. I've had a couple clients do this before and they loved it. Where they were rolling something out but they didn't have a name for it yet so they asked their community. They were like "Hey, I'm putting together this exclusive photography retreat, right, and I'm looking for a name. So, here's some I came up with and I would love you to vote on it. Or, you can also fill in a blank if you have an idea." Lots of people do this with books, too. They'll kind of Crowdsource the name of their book and it's fun. People love to co-create. It feels special, particularly, if you picked their name. They're like "I won". (laughs) It feels exciting. So, anytime you can co-create promotions; I've seen bigger brands do that as well with some things and that just makes it fun; fun for everybody. And they do that on TV shows too. There's a TV show Super Natural that's been on for 12 years and it has a huge, very, very intense fan base. And they do that with characters. They'll be like "create a character" and they'll have everybody submit it and then they'll create, the writer's room will create that character, the best one. And fans love it and that's why they have such a deep fan base.

Class Description

Commercials, teasers and promos are a great way to publicize your business. But taking on the task of creating advertising that looks professional and grabs people’s attention can be intimidating. The last thing you want to do is put out ads that are amateurish or tacky.

The good news is you don’t have to hire an expensive agency to create compelling commercials. This class will walk you through all the steps of how to do it yourself, from coming up with a clever concept to producing your ad on a tight budget.

As a brand and marketing consultant for businesses and a successful writer for movies and TV, instructor Melissa Cassera will show you how to use screenwriting tools and techniques to develop dynamic, award-worthy promos that drive sales and win clients.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand visual engagement and why it’s important to show, not tell.
  • Create an effective hook so your audience will pay attention and remember your ad.
  • Add emotion to your commercial so it stands out from the rest.
  • Develop a commercial brief.
  • Avoid using clichés and go for the unexpected instead.
  • Strike the right balance between entertainment and sales pitch.
  • Write an awesome tagline.
  • Master the art of the tease to add an air of mystery without being confusing.
  • Incorporate audience involvement to increase engagement.