Why you Want to Reuse Costume Jewelry


How to Turn Junk Drawer Jewelry into Top Drawer Accessories


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Why you Want to Reuse Costume Jewelry

Hello and welcome to creative live my name is ken klosterman I am your host today this is the lovely blair stalker who is teaching a series of classes here on creative live on up cycling and today's is how to turn jumped your jewelry into top drawer accessories I'm excited for this class I am tear you doing this morning good I get that a lot of fun looking things around here and I think we can just jump right into it. You are an author of a book called wise craft, which is also the site where that you're known for where people can find you on and I just love this series of classes that we're doing here on a craft channel all about taking old things and making them new again yeah fantastic we'll take it away you were so as I said, we're gonna concentrate on jewelry, costume, jewelry, old jewelry and make it new again. It's one my favorite things to play with and as kind of mentioned I wrote a book it was published in twenty fourteen and it is called wise craft turning trips for fines, f...

abric scraps and natural objects into stuff you love and in that book I I have sixty project that sort of further drive home the fact that I like to make new stuff out of old stuff and I do it through quilting through painting I love thrift store of all kinds of things and they're the possibilities are endless so hopefully by the end of class today you guys will feel the same way. So let me tell you what kind of things we're going to talk about in the jewelry class why will do it in the first place? Why buy junkie jewelry when there's plenty of nice new jewelry so we'll talk about that there are ways to clean and prep it to use in your projects and we'll talk about how to do that and then we're going to make two projects today one is a wearable project and one is sort of the home decor projects, so we're going to make charm bracelets and then we're also going to make a pillow cover, which I'll grab over here so that you can see sort of a mandala shaped we're going to take apart jewelry and I'm going to show you how to put this on a pillow or other home decor items so well so with them too so let's talk about why eat up cycle jewelry? This particular box which is really special to me is my grandmother's jewelry box and I have many memories of playing in this jewelry box now my grandmother did not have expensive jewelry she had lots of costume jewelry that's why she let a three year old play in her jewelry box but when she passed away, I asked her this box and her costume jewelry was important to me and that's really the first time I started playing with what to do with thrift store and costume jewelry because she had lots of pins and broaches and things that I wouldn't necessarily where but how can I create something that sort of has her memory still in it? But it's fun for me to wear and the other a big reason that I started playing with costume jewelry is because I love making things for special occasions like if you have a party it's such a quick, an expensive way to create if you've got the right tools created peace, jewelry and you're out the door it's it's really that simple? A lot of times I have created things from special trinkets we like family office, then walks the beach, we collect little pieces of driftwood when we travel, we bring that coins and things like that and I'll show you how we can make those into something that you can reuse because those air special little things to keep it's economical if you mess up the necklace it's totally fine you've probably invested about two or three dollars maybe even less so you can throw it away and just chalk it up to experience s and start over again and it's fun it is really fun, teo play with bobbles and beads and whatnot so those are the reasons that I love to play with costume jewelry and thrift store jory have any of you guys have any experience playing around with with costumes or energy? Where costume jewelry? Yeah, not much yeah, I've made approaches yeah, yeah, you can yeah, well, that's the thing I love approaches, but I don't I always think I'm going to wear because they're so pretty, but when I when I have them and I love them and I don't wear them, then I start thinking about how I could actually maybe used them a little bit more this's a junk, but I also this morning brought in this like bag of goodies that I've been sitting waiting tio fix yes, so I'm just excited to figure out what to do with yes and now you can take him apart and make something new out of them. Also, I played around with incorporating found objects into jewelry like like you said, coins or tokens or buttons are and that's been fun to yeah, yeah so let's talk about how you prepare what you find or what you thrift and collect in order to make these things that we're going to talk about the cleaning is really simple it's not complicated but it is nice to just start to start from ground zero a nice clean little stone or what not so I know that you guys have seen the jewelry cleaners that you can get them anywhere, that they have the little basket inside with the little brush. So the's work really well, you know, you put your pieces in there and you switch them around, it does work really, really well, and it will if you've got a costume jewelry piece, it will clean it. I think it cleans, you know, gold pieces if you wanted to work with nicer pieces. I also use silver cloth, and I don't use this on costume jewelry because it will rub the finish off it's pretty aggressive that silver jewelry will shine up really nicely with one of these if you want. I cut up old t shirts that I don't wear anymore to use as cloths just to wipe away any glue or anything like that. It's good to have something like that nearby and that if you're using jewelry that is dull for some reason you can, you can. I used a nail polish top coat, it really shines it up, and in fact, if you've got plastic jewelry pieces, you can change the color of them with colored nail polish just put a few coats on, just like a nail it's the the top coat really shines it up nicely.

Class Description

Just because your jewelry has fallen out of fashion (or fallen apart) doesn’t mean it can’t be revitalized! In How to Turn Junk Drawer Jewelry into Top Drawer Accessories, you’ll learn simple techniques for transforming old jewelry into new treasures.

Blair Stocker is an avid upcycler and creative mastermind behind the blog Wise Craft. In this class, she’ll inspire you to breathe new life into old items from the jewelry box. You’ll learn how to:

  • Deconstruct jewelry to preserve the best pieces
  • String salvaged pieces together to make a charm bracelet
  • Add a basic fastener
  • Incorporate jewelry into home decor

You’ll get tips on cleaning and caring for disassembled pieces and tips on how to pair it with other upcycled bits. Blair will offer a whole range of inspiring ideas for incorporating jewelry into your creative projects using the tools you already have around the house.

Don’t let lovely little things sit idle. Let Blair Stocker inspire you to get crafty with How to Turn Junk Drawer Jewelry into Top Drawer Accessories.