How to Use GoPro for Outdoor Photography


How to Use GoPro for Outdoor Photography


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How to Use GoPro for Outdoor Photography

So how you all doing today so as you can see, I've got toys I love toys I can't say I have a table of toys because that phrase bronze to russell preston brown he actually trademarked it so when you go to any of his presentation, you go to his table of toys and free beast so unfortunate I'm not going to give any of this away for free is this all belongs to me and I'm going to keep it all right, so go pros what does it go? Pro let's pick up one here the gopro is the smallest camera that made the biggest splash you know, these tiny little things these tiny little cameras just really have revolutionized the world I mean, everybody is using them I mean, you know they're doing subterranean all free falls with these they're in movies I mean they're everywhere you know, sports people love them hobbyists love them so don't worry if you're not an extreme sports person yes, they're going to have a lot of fun out of the gopro so the thing that I like about it is just a very, very small lightweight...

camera. One of the good things about it is if you shake it, nothing rattles over home trying to that five d mark three going like that throw it up and you know that kind of stuff you know, camera toss no problem with this s o you know they're very strong of reversible they're inexpensive you know I started about two hundred bucks for the white edition in three hundred for the silver edition four hundred for the black condition so what we're going to be talking about today is the black condition so just think of the other ones conduce most of the same stuff but this has a few more features so we don't talk about that like better frame rate bigger video and also shoots larger photographs so we can shoot photos weaken due time lapse as an interval ometer built into it we can do burst mode I can shoot up to thirty frames in one second someone I can push this bomb take thirty photographs does a lot of things like that video will even shoot all the way up to four k however right now forty a is on ly twelve frames per second so it's not good enough a video but it's great for taking that video turning it into still images so one of the things about the gopro apartment effect it's very small it's lightweight it's cheap it's easy to use uses these time little cards here these micro sd cards which you know just ridiculously small if you look at that we got this little card here and it's a thirty to get card I mean it's amazing you know when you think about that you have you know, there's sixty, forget cards as well don't know if the one twenty eight surround yet, but, you know, imagine that, like my first hard drive was two hundred megs, and it was the size of a truck, so I'm pretty impressed with that. So one of the things about the card let me just bring that up right now, you want to use a class ten card, which is super fast one that's really important? If you're shooting video on dl, the different things we could do with this camera specially and were shooting high frame rate and all that kind of stuff, you need to have a really, really fast right speed onto the cards that you're using this low card. You can have problems with value where it's not able to keep up in the process. All right, so what is it? The really makes a gopro exciting? What really makes it exciting is what jim was demonstrating earlier on is the mounts. The mounting system is incredible. You can put these things anywhere. You probably seen them using all kinds of crazy things, and I've got a bunch of mounts here that we're gonna be talking about the different mounts and connection system. And then I've got different pieces of footage and stuff like that that we're going to show but why don't we just kick off of something you know more exciting to me this is nico here he's one of the video guys here a creative life what's his official title is either director technician broadcast technician ok, so do you know what broadcast technicians doing that we can they go skydiving and wind soudan this is I think he said has done about five hundred jumps so got a little clip here I'm gonna play of nika this is from his head mounted gopro and he's going to do a little wing suiting and a little skydiving so all right so as you can see there that's uh, niko here how does that make you feel? You don't feel so bad about climbing up the ladder now, right? So and also want to thank triple scoop music too for providing all the music that I'm going to be using in my segment today s o one of the things I really love about this is the fact that you can mount it anywhere and I just love this kind of a look where you are mounted it on a solid object such as a helmet and everything else is moving around it and you just get this really interesting effect so let's look at some of these different types of amounts that we've got one of things I am going to talk about, too, is the difference between the hero three and here three plus. So you probably heard of that recently. The plus came out, and one of the big things about it is if you actually look at the camera, you know, it's a little myth that they said that, you know that here are pluses. A smaller the cameras are actually exactly the same size. What it is is the mounts of shrunk. So this is the mount here from the here are three. This is underwater housing, and this is underwater housing from the hero three plus, so you can see they have shrunk it down quite a bit. So it takes up a lot less space. One of the things I really like about it is this interchangeable quick release system. So we've got these little things here. We can just squeeze these. It takes a little if it's sometimes to do that, but you can just kind of squeeze these and pump the cameras off there's all kinds of different screw mount. You know, we've got extenders and different things like that. So if you need to get them out past other objects, that could do that kind of thing, or if you want to just kind of mount them on minimal things you can that come on the little sticker stick on things and that's actually part nico was using on his helmet one of these pecan so they actually very, very strong and he said and with this quick release it just snaps into position with all the different types of mounts said that he has won here here's the jaws this one's got a lot of fun, you know got a little crypt there and we can actually just take that and weaken snap that on all sorry hold up for the camera there here we go and this is actually finally use this is a month apart I just kind of walk around with this and I'm like shooting your own and you know, go it that I find someone I don't like techno just kidding don't attack people but it was great because you can just snap it on anywhere and with you got it you got a camera mount right there so you can just very, very versatile they're useful you could just pop that wherever you want another one that I like a lot is the section cap and keep the suction cup inside the bag because I want to protect this suction cup space seki um and here it is here and this is great you can actually just push this down when we tried on your head you think of my work with the suction cup, you push it down and you just kind of push that position and look at the record with the table up from, I think that's, pretty strong, and then once again you just want to snap the camera in. You can just pop it out of the other mount here real quick if you could just snap it into position here and put that on the front of a car. And according to the instructions, of course, I've never tested this. You can take it up two hundred miles an hour and it will stay secure. It does not to shake a little at eighty and then to release it, you just pull this up a great thing and very easy. So that's, one of the things that's kind of fun. This one here is not a actual gopro amount is just a little tripod thing or but this years ago, I didn't play honest. I didn't know where I got a problem it's made in china. I know that s o I get a set of tripods. I've had many sets of tripods and you know, I still have some in some broke and this was from one of the ones that broke it was just a little accession is just so cool because I can just do that and it comes with the tripod amounts so we get the tripod heads so if you want to put these on the thai party to screw this on here like that, you just pop it there and you can put your camera anywhere you want. Now let me talk about the minimal set up here. This little thing here is called the frame and we find that over here, so if you want to have the camera by itself, just minimum weight and you just you don't want to like bucket down for housing, the frame is really great, so this is just like, a minimal peace and I'll show you how easy it is to use you just pop it up in here and the camera just pops out like that. So this is the frame it's very, very lightweight doesn't weigh much and you know, this public camera inside here, and once you've got the camera in here, let me just do this again, you'll do that, and then you're snapping into one of these quick releases stuff I needed on a tripod, and I just want to do, for example, is that escape park shooting some skateboarders on day and, you know, we want to put in a middle of the car the parker gave this to the skater, the schedules took this and I actually dropped the camera right back like this, and he just got it just dropped it right in the middle of the part, and then all the kids come in the, you know, the skating and biking and stuff over that and that's just sitting there recording and that's what we're gonna cover in a second, we're going to talk about how to remotely control this because obviously, if this is in the middle of escape park and I'm standing back here, you know, I'm not going to be running through all these bikes and scooters and razors and everything to push the shutter button and hope that they go over the top of me of that landing on me that's not good, so we'll get to that in a second let's talk a little bit more about these different accessories. This is the housing here on day will come with these housings this is underwater housing, so you can take this one diving it's really cool. Let me grab a no the gopro I'm not moving too fast for you there you but keep up, I know I'm working with ok, I know I'm moving with very small parts and I apologize for talking at such a fast pace but I have a day's work for presentation to do in ninety minutes now here's another part that comes with the frame and you'll see on there's a little protector liken little limbs protective you know when you're working with a camera a lot of the time you know people put uv over the front you know his protection lands and that's what this is so in this minimal environment you could pop that in and if it's a sand storm or something like that it's not going to damage your lands so these waterproof housings are great for a number of reasons however get take this off if I want to fit this inside the housing so we just pop it in the housing here and you can see that I will just snap closed but not this one because I'm missing the clasp on it we have another one that has the clasp on it right here and uh we can just kind of puppet in here put the camera in like that and then this is the mounting system here you just pull it back and just snap it into position and in that one's ready to go now the thing about the different housings is you know this one notices a back on this one is called the skeleton back and the reason is a skeleton back there's a couple of different types of skeleton bags and we'll get to the one on the three d housing in a second where you can access the cables and the cards and stuff like that but with this one here is really to do with sound I'll show you how quick and easy it is to switch these out I'm going to put the sealed back on here so what you do is you just pull these down and you just ripped him off just snap him into position like that and then we go so this is completely sealed right now so I can take this one underwater I can take it diving um in and it is actually rated for dive deeper than you can dive as a recreational diver if he's a knight trucks and stuff then you probably I want to look it over more secure housing but you can definitely go one hundred twenty feet. No problem I don't know if many people are doing recreational diamond which deepen in one hundred twenty feet with using trucks but anyway so you can do this and not just water proof it's also great for taking to the beach it's sand prove you know old it's dirt proof you can you know it's actually give a little extra sturdiness you can throw these things around and that could take a lot now why would you want to use the skeleton housing this one on the back here was has little holes on it you know? Is it for ventilation it's not like you know, the go pros really have too many problems with heat which they don't really but what this is good for is if I put this on here and I've got this on a suction cup you know, good there, let me just note that on the suction cup away for a second just to show you how he's yet is of course I'm going to put that out way go when in you there a little stiff and we pop that on here so if I put this on a such a cub and I'm you know, riding a car or something like that driving a car and I want to get audio here's the thing if you have this one on here is not going to get a lot of audio and audio it does guess it's going to be just a muffled off the wind, but here when we using this back on here what happens is it allows a sound to come in from behind it so you're not going to get us much noise of the rushing sound at the front you're going to get the sound from behind and you might actually get some semi usable audio out of it while it's on the set shut up you know obviously I eighty miles now no but if you're driving really slow in a park or something you've got stuff going on you might you might get some good sound on there so that's that's part of the reason for that skeleton back all right so let's talk about one more housing and then we will look at some of the other stuff here this one is fun this is the three d housing so what this enables us to do is use to her prose together and shoot three d we can shoot three d video we can shoot three d photographs all we can actually do combo shooting so that enables you to shoot like say time lapse on one camera and video on the other camera at the same time or you could be shooting video and taking frames on the other camera says very cool and easy and this week's just the same as the other one is just you know the bumper edition takes a little you know speaker so this is really cool comes of his electronics here and these electronics do all the work for you let me grab this guy here just grab him out of his frame real quick and where is my other one you can see I've got my my toys here among other one is staring at me right here he's on the back let me get this one out now just tio let you know one of the things I do is on here you'll notice that I put a little too on there just sign of which cameras, which I didn't need to mark them both, but if I had three cameras I would mark the other one so I can tell these apart so it's kind of nice to know now this options in here which we will get into where we can do different things with the camera we can control different things of the camera and one of those things that you can turn the camera upside down and you can cause it to shoot the other way up so the way it works with three d housing with the three d housing one camera just snaps in here like that or the other way like that this absence a place and in the second one snaps into place here, so now we've got two cameras tethered together and then what happens is we can just control it from one camera and both of the cameras are talking to each other. The cool thing about this technology twos is automatically tells the other camera to shoot upside down so you don't have to go in there and put it into the upside down mode for to shoot and let me show you how we can put this inside housing here if I could get this the right way you could kind of tell there's a little clue there that we you know, we have lenses and there's lenses should fit those holes so he's put that one in there and then we're gonna pop the second one in there so if you look at it right now I've got to go pros in there one of them is the right way up and the other one's upside down you see that and then these electronics help them talk to each other I could just snap them into position there and then we go now we go to gopro's so if I want to shoot I simply go here and I'll turn on my go pro just like I normally would and when I do this what it's going to do is actually going to turn both of these gopro's on so that's it above studying up and then I can choose the modes and all those different things from this button. So there's three buttons on here the front one controls the mode this one's has shut a button and also select button and one undecided does the wifi and we will be looking at different wifi options. So one of the cool things about this is we have the option for two mounts on the three d camera here's you can see there's two mounts on there because it's a little heavier um and then we couldn't mounted on different things if you wanted to put a couple of these on their and mount them onto once I'll give you the instability of course you can always mounted on one two and it works quite well. One of the things I enjoy doing with this is I'd like to grab my jaws and uh and I snapped these into my joys here and I just walk around like this and I just have fun and I use it like this so recently a photo shop what actually did a thing of the show floor first up well and you can see that on youtube I put it up on the you push up cafe channel um, I can't show here because I don't have releases for all the faces on there, but I have the three d version and a two to two d version on there and I basically just walked around with this like it was a little baby quad copter and I'm like and it came out to people went on their faces and, you know, you know it's just like, you know and it's amazing to watch people do it, you put it there, they always do funny faces, you know, it's like it's like a baby, you know, people have to make a cute face that a baby just like on these people make two faces and it's hilarious. And then when you watch it in three d you know when you were the cool the co glasses any co guys get these ones, you know? Hey, you know, with funds u s o u got the code three d glasses then you can see and it's really cool because things just pop out at you, but one of the things when you're doing three d video three d photography you want to watch for is make sure there's a lot of death like you don't want everything on the same plane you want some stuff up close, you want some stuff far in some mid ground and that really just shows up casino if everything is on the same plane, you're not really going to get much of that three dimensional, dimensional miss if it's such a term all right, so, um let me show you another thing before we move on here. This is a really cool and this one here is mermaids we have underwater me mates, so he is a wonderful piece that was contributed here and I'm just going to hit the button here we can see this this's using underwater good problem wait, so these were all that was all shot by susan night on dh she has some really nice stuff that she's done here that's her information there and she does a lot of stuff of mermaids and underwater stuff. She wasn't hawaii, and right now, she's in canada, but this was shot in the bahamas and in mexico and these world shot on the season, these little gopro cameras you can see you can get some really good quality stuff. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have a couple of mermaids and, well, sharks. So you go down here, I'm going to show you another water one and this is ah, but your mind here, this is it, ward and he is a surfer. As you know, surface love gopro's. And once again, that has that really cool, you know, it's mounted on a surface that's actually mounted on the board. I just love that because that object to staying still while everything else is kind of moving around. In fact, why? Well, on that I'm going to skip ahead to another frame. Um, just something I just did the other day. So, you know, this is where we hear okay, this is me, jamie only guitars. I'm not really playing a song. I'm just making a noise, but I just was at a concert and I saw on the stage the guitarist head one of these jaws on here. Snapped on the guitar on his neck with a guitar is like man it looks really cool so I figured I would uh shoot something really quick like that so we can kind of get an idea here so here we go you could tell him a fan of music that any myself so you can see it's kind of cool though because I've got that on the guitar and it's kind of you know moving around and it's staying still like the guitar is not moving at all but just everything else is moving so it's kind of another fun thing you can do with these mounts you know you can say you know you can put them on anything I mean it's it's so much fun all right so what kind of talked about the mounts I want to talk to you about controlling the cameras but before I do this a couple of accessories I want to mention here and he's a third party accessories that you might not have heard ofthe um one of my buddies here travis he makes this plan's hood scolding eclipse lands hood and this is just really really useful um I don't know if you have found that when you use these particular you know when you use them on the court characters and stuff like that you can get a lot of lines lance player wait just wait out that he's open just pull these out way go and so I'm just going to rip that off there we go so these lin's hoods really nicely these just snap on here he actually creates these he's a build on three d printers and you could just pop it on there and that helps you because we have a very flat lands and that lends really sticking out a lot you get a lot of flair you know when you start to get the sun and it's a very wide angle lens you know, flares, big problems that pup the zone here and you're able to reduce that flare quite a lot that will create much sharper more contrast the images uh this only works in the medium sitting right now um so you don't want to be shooting at the wide of the super wise because it's going to pick up the this now there's another accessory this one's hot off the press put this one inside the housing here and this one is made by my buddy james stamps company in the u k and what these guys made then we take that off get it in here up in there what these guys have made is filters and his company's called format high tech but what is god is all these different filters here? You know? We've got everything from a circular polarized we've got in the filters and uv filters I wouldn't really used the inn uv filter myself but the mutual density filters a great special when you're shooting video because it dark is it down and you know it just creates better bit of videos who gets move emotion in your video using mutual densities and you could also cut down the amount of light so you don't get you know what it just blows out secular pol arises and nice and how these work is basically this is a real simple little system here you just taking a filter out let me show you and this one here is a point point nine just pop it inside here and I'll just sit in there like that just like sunglasses for your camera and you just go you puppet on the front of your lens here you do that like that it's tightening up like that I don't know if you guys can see that, ok? And then you know you've got indy filters so you know anyone shooting video knows the importance of indy filters but also for photography um, you know, in the circular polarized obviously photographers you know reduces the amount of glare reduces the reflections this is great for shooting, you know, shiny objects also very good when you're around water, I tend to do a lot of stuff living in southern california around water um and one of my favorite toys for the water is this puppy here this is my quad copter dj I phantom too this is with the three axis gimbal so this is the h three three d gimbal what does that mean? That means nothing to you ok, so this is a drone that flies in the air it's a tripod in the sky you can't take it any way you want and I can put my gopro on here which I have and this gimbal what this gimbal dozens will automatically level this and the reason is called a three d is because it works in three axis levels a camera so when I go site decide that camera stays level that's one access the second aps access is when I go up and down the camera will stay level and in the third is side to side and so the third one was the recently added most of the gimbels with a to access before and now they just added the third one for that and what that does is it gets rid of the jell o ring effect as the cameras used to shaking you would get this kind of little cello effect. So this is a brand new one it's actually bean dubbed snippy too I have quite a few of these and I've never flown this one yet is brand new it literally arrived on my doorstep ten minutes before it was time for me to get to the airport has had a choice I couldn't go and catch my plane on time and relax and you know or I could unpack this a sit up and of course you know, being the geek I am I chose the latter option so I was like, I'm going to pick this I could get a loaded up and put the props on and get everything ready so I could bring it with me hopefully I'll have a chance to fly this before you get home. Let me show you a little footage from the to access kimball and this will just kind of give you somewhat of an idea of what you can do with these on this is a mountain on a court copter and let's go you can see is a little little movement here but it's not bad on the sound is not going to be good on here because it's just the sound of these is just pretty much props propellers so it's just a quick little shot here on the c I kind of got a little sideways motion when I fly this on the three axis gimbal you're not gonna have that sideways motion so so that's one of the kind of fun things about that as we can now take a court corrupter take care of gopro anywhere we want so you know that's one of the things you know weaken but the bigger drones you know you can take the big cameras but this you know you're looking at big money so that's another advantage of the gopro is just like these things that just so versatile you can just take him anywhere you want so why don't we have a look a little bit more in depth about what we can actually do with ease and how we're going to control them so I don't know how you guys going to see this I'm gonna hold try and hold this really still um but we're going to grab a couple of these and we just move this stuff out of the way and I'm looking for my second cameras were in front of me you know, there it is. All right, so if I hold this, can you see this? Okay um so what we're going to do is we've got basically the three buttons I mentioned the first one is we turn it on and hold off a couple of seconds and it comes on right once it's on then we can you know right now it's showing as you know what mode we're in there and we could just click that button to take a picture now we could also hit the mode button several times said now we're in photo mode and then we hit it again it's going to go into aa burst mode so that would shoot multiple pictures of once you know, active um minimum I think is ten you can do ten frames and one second twenty frames in one second thirty frames in one second thirty frames in two seconds or thirty frames in three seconds so those are the options so we'll take those so if you've got some motion that's happening and you want to spread that motion out over time, you know the three second option is good one of the problems that you can run into this if you don't have enough light as we found out yesterday um my friend over here who she's hiding but I think we should definitely color up was doing some of those we call him around round office is very good at incredibly amazingly good at them so we did a little experiment with her round offs and we got some pitches were able to capture them all, but the problem is because the studio is set up here for, you know, just beautiful soft, even lightings everything looks beautiful eyes not intense enough lighting these really work well with bright light and we're really well outdoors, so one of the problems of theirs we came out good look good, but it was a little blurring there and her legs because, you know, this was choosing the slowest shutter speed it could possibly get to put that in if you were in bright sunlight this shut its people to being quicker and it would've been lists you know of the blurring there so some of the cities that we have we do have some limited sittings but that's one of the downsides of this obviously because it's such a small compact camera and also is being operated remotely is some of the controls are little limited one of the things too as faras differ field there's very little difficult I mean if you want to cinematic look, you know something really shopping a blurred background and all the step this is the go pros, not the camera for that this camera keeps everything pretty much sharp the fear of plus though the three plus has a shop of focus than a three so the three is on their on dh so that when this one has a slightly sharper lease it has a little bit of different field not a lot I mean, trust me I find probably has more so when I say a little bit it's not a lot even though the lends itself is like a two eight lens it's just so wide you know it's it's a fish I kind of lens and it gets a ring and that's good because as you can see there's no viewer on the back here so you know, you just kind of pointed in the general direction that you want to take the picture and in, you know, most of the time you're just hoping it's going to get everything and most of the time it does, you know, so because you can't see through here so before we have a solution to that, I'm going to show you the rest of the sittings really quick so this is the sitting here video photos burst mode, time lapse so has an interval ometer built in meaning it and take a time lapse over a period of time so you set up the camera and you tell it, hey, I want to take a photo every ten seconds and then you can compressed time, so, you know, for example, like a flower instead of taking all day, you can watch it open in front of you like that when you play it back so you know, time lapse a great, you know, you've all seen the time left is, you know, the clouds rushing by and all that kind of stuff sitting up rooms, you know, trade shows and stuff in order event, you know, setting up a photo shoot it's great, you just takes, like, five seconds to set up you just even running around good, everything is constructed very cool, you know? All right, so and then we've got a sittings in there but there's an optional extra and I would say, you know, there's one accessory is one accessory by this is the accessory getting by right here. It's good backpack and this little backpack here is an lcd backpack, so it is the screen so they don't come with them that you can buy these. You can also buy another time backpack, which is a battery, so if you need more battery life, you can get the battery backpack. So in this case here we're going to take this screen and we're gonna puppet on there and now we're going toe get this to go here and look at this magically we have a display we can actually see what the camera seeing no. So there's a couple of good things about this one of them obviously is really useful if I were if I want to take a photograph here I'm just going to go into the photo mode here I could actually see on my screen now I can just go like this touch screen much, much easier and if I want to take a photo of you guys, I can just get smile, mom, all right, now we get a photo, you know, and I know I got everybody and actually good from here to here in there, but I mean, I knew of him, wasn't it anyway, but we're doubly show that everyone was in it. But, you know, when you get close, you know, if you want to get up close to somebody like, you know, jim, you know, funny thing about jim is never given the camera because this is what I also take photos for me like here. Last time I was here, I gave him my camera. Hey, would you get some photos from any dirty something with we had faces like e it like a week later? I know it was it was awesome. I'm like that's funny, I was telling my friend ben wilmore and he's like I did that to you, teo. So jim is a president? Yes. So when you add accessory like that, like the screen or whatever, well, they've been the housing or do they make other housings so that you can have that option? That is exceptionally good question, and I'm glad you asked that have these extended backs on them for the video and this one here is actually a touch more so this one I can actually put on the back. And I can actually still control the screen sir it and is also another one that doesn't have a touchback and that will go deeper I could get the death of this but it doesn't goes deep so yesterday they thought of everything I mean these these there's somebody sitting somewhere just coming up with crazy mounts and accessories for these things and you know and there are a lot of fun so yeah the other thing too it does drop the battery life if you have this back running you're going to get about half the battery life you normally would because this is really churning through however when we click on here we have our options he held the options appear like this and it's so much easier to see video photo burst timelapse you know you don't have tohave you know I made a fine glass here to read what's on the front so you can do it on the back in for shooting some video with that um it can a time to remember now I think it's something like an hour because I think typically a ten eighty you get about two hours you put this on here have an hour however there's an extra option under here when we go into settings when we go into the sittings ups in here and we can hit the little button here and my doesn't like my fingers right now let's find it that way lcd settings let's go back a bit clumsy so we're here we go with the option here for the lcd settings on here we can control the brightness so you probably wouldn't want to have it on high purpose but a medium will last a little bit longer and in the other accidents lcd off so you know you can have a turn off so one shut down the camera but if you're not using the lcd it'll shut off after a minute and you can also turn it off manually here on this side there's a little but in here we can turn the lcd on and off so a lot of the times a good idea to do that you'll get the idea you use appear settings your frame is shot and then you can just let it automatically turn off for ten enough that you're not really going to be using it all the time while you're shooting so that's definitely a good option because it will sector battery real first oh so let's have a look at some of these sittings here since we got the lcd back out so notice he is a camera here showing us that wife eyes off and that's a little wife I think they're and there's a sittings and is that mode so because your battery there so your battery life so why don't we just turn around here we conceal our different options that we have I'm going to get more and defer the options when we talk about the ap and the reason I say that is just because you're going to probably see it a lot easier than you can see on here you can control your settings from the gopro you can do it from the lcd back or you can do it from the remote or you can also do it from the app which works on android ios and also on microsoft store so it's on three major platforms um so typically speaking a lot of time when I'm doing my settings I'm just because you know I hate to admit it I know you don't believe me but I'm not twenty one anymore and when I do this sitting sometimes I'll just snap my back on here and I'll just sit up my camera because it's so much quicker and easier to do it that way so if we go in here you know we can see here there's a photo we can choose that photo mode settle grab a camera and an underneath you can click there and get directly to the settings ah you know we can do that any of them I won't get into all the cities but let's change this we can go into the video mode once again his little indicators telling us different things going on here and we can click here and we can control have video sittings right there it's just so much quicker than click click click click click click click like I don't know if you guys have done that it you know I guess quicker with time but this is much quicker once again burst the sittings always underneath let's go back to the other sittings here we get a time lapse obviously we can set that up and change your settings there and play back we can actually play back here we can look at our photos and let's see what we've got here well did you see that that's jim how did that happen? Well you know that fish is a lot of fun and you put it that they can't get that you get that it's the pacific oh you look like a character on you that's a good that's a good one that's a good one I like that I think I know a little program called sort of shop I noticed every quick that I might be able to do something to your picture all right so let's see what else we got here um so here we can actually go through in the album we can look at the different pictures we've taken we can put them back into the grid view there you can see them all there and we can get out of there so what other options do we have here? Let's go to the cities so we're going to go into the settings here and I think I need to get my head out of the way so here's all the other cities you know, for the cameras and there's no need to necessarily mean if you want to change everything in one place it's good or you can do them individually from the camera we're not going to get into those settings but let's go in here we're gonna have a look at the set up really quick there's a couple of little things here that you want to look at, one of them is you'll see that I have turned it off is this beep? So you now the beep is on so now when I click here I'm doing you a favor by turning it off because could you imagine how that's going to be like after all, sit their entire mints and you get there? Yeah, so let's turn that off? What do you think, it's? A good idea to know it's kind of annoying um, that one of the times I will use that is if I'm doing a remote shoot and the cameras away from me and for example you're doing a burst mode, then I'll turn the beep on because then you know when the cameras ready to start shooting again because you'll hear it will it will be when it's ready so that's one time you might use the beep um we've got other controls here would get out wireless controller hand let's go back here well, we're good we got lcd settings here you know I showed you that already and uh oh this is we're showing you want him he had delete this is what you form at the card so you know when you've finished downloading all your stuff then you want you can either just delete the last one we can choose old format which I mean I could do I don't really have anything on here that you need to keep our now but one of the things I would recommend is whenever you dump your card always format it um it's just more reliable that way rather than just a racing car and putting things off doesn't hurt the format it and it just helps you prevent having you know areas and I'll be honest I format my cards all the time and I've had very, very few errors with my cards because of that um let's go down here with us we'll get we'll get our capture sittings and set up the city is anything here we consider timing here to turn it on and off automatically and yeah he's out lights this is another one here is probably worth mentioning because it's kind of interesting so right now this four lights on this camera if you look at the camera itself you'll see this two lights on the front there's a light here and there's another light over here somewhere under there and those tell you different things they'll tell you the wife the wife eyes connected up the flashing blue when you're recording video they'll turn red and when you take pictures though they'll turn red now one of the things you can do is you can change the lights here tow only have two lights which will keep just the two on the front so you know if you're like diving and stuff you know when all these lights kind of bugging you while you're diving in a water whatever you can turn those off and the other option is which nobody's gonna like is the option to turn the lights off entirely now this puts you in stealth mode this means that if you put that camera there and you walk away and you pull out your app you conspiring people? I'm not saying you should just saying and they won't know it's on of course the good time to use that you know we don't spy we not spy people but we're good time to do is when you're shooting people that a nervous you know, I don't know if you've ever done that how many you guys to any video work or photography work with people that are nervous doing interview right a person is a mess I mean when that camera is rolling they're a different person they are an actor and they're trying so hard sometimes to be themselves on dh acting to be yourself is a really difficult thing to do and have you people done that you do the interview and indecision turn the camera off and they never relaxes and I start talking and it's like oh man it was the best part so a good thing to do is if you are doing an interview is to turn the light off and in just don't let the person know you're rolling and then you're going to get a truly relaxed take and get them going with that and it's just going to be really nice and relaxed I mean I honestly doesn't my best interviews like that when no one knows the camera neighborhoods relaxed and natural simmons this light comes on you know it's like a recording or anything you know as soon as you see audio video or photos asu's anything's recording people freak out they just cannot relax that tiny little white has an amazing power to put people on me so any guy that's what's what you can do you know the power you can use for good or evil I'll let you decide while we're talking about audio just really quick when I recorded interviews with these are occurred for court audio I used this year's assume so you have seen that any dslr shooters I mean I really got this from ideas that are um and because the audio just awful on dear solares and it's really awful on these two so a lot of the time what I'll do is when I'm recording as I record my audio on my resume and then I'll just do a little camera sink and my clapper board, you know, the clapper board, the thing you know, my clapper board, my favorite one is this, you know, I do it all the time, you know, way have a slight we don't even use us, like we just clap your hands, take one, and you know what? It creates a sink point, and so when you're in programs like premier pro, you confined that sink point and it makes it easier to sink the ods, you'll see that little clip on the audio and because if you do two seconds silence to a clap, two seconds of silence after that is going to create a very distinctive form that you're going to see on this camera, and you're also going to see annual rodeo here, so you just match those, link them together and video and you've got beautiful audio, so I just figured that I would bring this so you could see it because that's I think, very important because forty it was important was the last time you went to a movie and the sound was bad. I was like, man, it was a great movie but the sound was awful, you know, run the home levy director so these things are as good as the weakest links, all right? So we've talked a little bit about out back here on this is a great way of controlling the cameras also a great way of seeing where the camera does so let's talk about we're gonna move on and talk about the wifi stuff but before I do that, any questions about the stuff before I move on you know the mounts and these kind of things and um just the basic we're going to go more in depth in the settings but you guys have any questions anything on that right now were you reiterate the title of the microphone place oh, the title of the microphones fellow here zoom z o m zoom and zoom make a number of products and this is this one that's th's the prettiest one it's ah h four in of course is probably people are rattling that off our search for end and you know that you know perfect and I how long does it take to charge a go pro takes about an hour for gopro to get eighty percent charge and about close to another our effort to get the additional so to oust fully charged great I think from our audience carries on the mounts if you didn't want amount that on your head or clip that thing onto your body, which should be paid father, other of, like body type mounts is your kind of photography. Anybody people know? Actually, I'm I'm kidding. Yeah, there's a number of different mounts and in fact, one of the one called chesty, which is a chest melt. You know this risk mounts there's, there's just tons. If you're going to go process, you'll see just predicted that got doggy amounts, we can mount them on dogs on guy was going to show some footage from my friend jeff foster, which I can't because jeff your videos a low resolution on youtube anyway, if you heard me, eh? So it wasn't hard enough for us, but check out pixel painter he's got something called a dog's days. It's hilarious he's got hey it's, not a real dog man. He just attached to the bottom of this dog and it's it's the most hilarious thing you've seen so anyway, all right, so time to move on them let's talk about the wifi. So wifi is an amazing thing. That's changed the world and that enables us to communicate wirelessly well, g well, really perceptive of me. All right, so why five one of the things about the gopro? It was actually added in the hear of three and obviously to hear three plus has it now you have this little button on the side here it's a little button and I hit that you're going to see the blue thing is going to start flashing and we go and what I'm getting dizzy it's him both these cameras on and attend this went on to I'm gonna take the back off because guess what once in my life I don't need that back I can run the back with the white fifi like so this camera's on turn this one on here to just by clicking it there click it there and one of them's got the bp noise on any other one doesn't cite ended off on this one on and this one has it on so both of these cameras on now and what we're looking for see that blue is flashing there so that one's flashing this one isn't now when I do click on here, one of the things that happens is when you click and hold on the stop that the wifi button is also will go into the wifi settings so I'm going to flip this around and I'm going to show you here if we click it here say this is a wife either and we could select there and you'll see this options on here and there's a wifi are cease if we move down here we could go to the r c we can get to the ap so I'm going to choose the r c and I'm going to just click click here and again as I can connect to a current one oren you want so he has a current one in orderto sync with this little remote control I have to first of all turn it on and you can see it comes off a little charge of here and is a little catch here that pops out so you can also have is a key chain that's interchangeable livable step up on enough so I've got one here and if I turn this on by turning the on button there hopefully it's charged this one's not but it doesn't matter because I'm not sink to that one s so this one is on and then you can actually sink if he hold both of these buttons together this will sink to a new camera now the cool thing is you can sync up to fifty cameras onto this one remote control so that's what's really great about it you cannot control the cameras individually though you can just control them with once so basically if you get your remote you just put cameras up everywhere you know you put him on the tripods amounts whatever and you have up to fifty of them connected and you could be standing I'm not sure how far away but you could be standing a long way away and you want to take a picture you to simply go you know just click like that boom and then we go I was taking pictures video whatever I've got it set to right now and no tender off so that's a really nice thing about the remote the remote you know has a little lcd but the lcd is pretty much the same as what's on the camera so it tells you more or less you know what mood you're in you can change the mode you can go from the photo to video you consider your settings and all that stuff on here so that's good that there's an even better option and bad thinking here I think we had a sink table we've got to set that up or is it here this isn't cable here awesome I think it's going to be this one here just all right mike is coming hey, we got a mike mike he's never heard that before so thank you very much so now here's the thing about the sinking with the wifi app the app is free is that gopro app what somebody crashed on my computer oh I got a cent increase like I'm just starting up my phone real quick here because I kind of learned to get idea turn your phone off while doing presentations because I you know, you don't want him going off, all right? So phone is starting and I just plug it in the bottom he but let me get into the thing first and we'll just go there said the whole world doesn't seem I passed with which they probably did anyway, uh, all right, so I'm plugging in and how we looking here, we're gonna we're gonna get good and, uh, let's see what we can do. All right, so we're in the heart and here's my phone now, this will also work on the ipad. What I'm going to do just for that I'm going to go to airplane mode and gets in the wifi on there'll be no further interruptions on that's also a good tip for when you're flying quite cups as to what was going on airplane mode then, is because there's nothing worse in your middle of something and someone calls and so on and it's always that one person you don't want to talk to that calls you when your middle of something. So we're gonna hit us sittings here and we're gonna get our wifi sittings. Now this is where we're going to go in tow notice how wife eyes on, but it's not connecting, we don't see it there right now. So what we're going to do is grab a little wifi sitting here by clicking on the side here, click on there and I'm going to go down to ap and its elected now the wife, I think here is going up and down, and we are waiting for total load on here we'll take a second for to refresh there we go gopro hero too and that's a number. Another reason I number these because this is the two and the other one is the one you can only connect tow one go part of time on the phone app. So it's a good idea to know number your cameras, you know which one you're connecting to? All right, so now we've connected on a wifi. We can go to the gopro app. I was going to pull this down and just go pro and, you know, I could probably sit for a second. Now you know what? I miss it and connecting control and yeah, we go there's the camera so we get a live view right now of the camera. How fun is that? So you can do this, baby monitor. So this is really cool because this is the onley way that you can actually see what is happening remote on your camera without actually being at it is with the back on it you can't do that so here if I want to take a picture or what we had were video modi just tap on here and I can see I can choose my mode this grab photo so that we're in a photo remote see the little deer thing this gives us that sittings we're gonna go about sittings and let's look at our sitting to have photo resolution twelve wide now you notice is a such a thing is the wide and the medium now just I'm going to just tell you this right now don't use the medium always used the wide because when you use the media mode it's not actually zooming in it's like a digital zoom on the camera it's a crop in zoom so you will get exactly the same result by shooting in the full wide and then just cropping it and software later on so you're not gaining any resolution you're in fact you're losing resolution when you're not shooting and wide now the super wide which is something that supported in the three plus is really good if you know you've got this on a surfboard, you can't quite put your face and or maybe you saw that shot with me I was playing my guitar if you wanted to get my face in then I doing super wideman but most of the time I don't do that because it squeezes and crunches and squashes it and creates a lot of distortion around the edges so anyway we could take a photograph now there we go just took that photo let's just talk quickly about a video sittings as well because I know we're screaming through time here so if we go under video resolution here there's a lot of options noticed this forte up here and that's the four k but it's only available um in oh, a set amount where we were going to hear a frame right here. We can only get fifteen francs for a second. I think I said fourteen earlier on I apologize so we can do fifteen frames per second now that's not really fast enough of video, but that is fantastic for getting a still shot out of a video and to show you how useful that is, let me just show you here really quickly. Um it's definitely worth it. Uh, just the one here um always getting busted up, isn't it for one second and come right back, you know about that? So yeah, I should have thought about that. I thought this was worth mentioning, so here is a shot that I did on my court character of a pelican from above and you know, that's a view that you don't normally see of a pelican I mean it's something unusual in court now how did I get that? I got that because I was rolling video and I was able to pull this was a still frame I pulled out of video into photo shop and was able to or delight room you can do it too and able to pull the frame and that's one of the things about the gopro is look at that this still friends are really good a lot better than a lot of video cameras on dso if you're shooting at four k you can create really really nice photographs from video so rather than going here just going take one, two, three, four, five photographs you can take hundreds of photographs, go home later, watch the video and in pull out the frames that you want and tournament of photographs now shooting and you know in the cameramen will go back to the camera sitting down if you go back to the camera, you know you obviously going to get slightly better photographs then you're going to get from the video. However, if you've got a lot of action and stuff happening and you're worried about missing things, then video is the way to go because the other thing about here is a little bit of delay having to take the pitch is on here especially you burst mode time that this morning, it's half a second delay when you're shooting investment from when you hit that shot and fires so, you know, a lot can happen in half a second in sports. All right, so let's civil case, we're going our resolutions. So let me just go in tow my preferred resolution. What I like to shoot it is two, two point seven k and that's because that will give me thirty frames per second and two point seven k and that's creating very, very large video. What that does is enables me to crop it later because remember, was shooting with a wide angle lens, it's almost a fish islands, there's a lot of stuff that you can crop out later wrong. So that gives you that kind of flexibility. And later on the other option is here. Let's, go under our we're going toe thing here have frame rate the thirty frames per second, and then we've got our u c I a resolution here stood down here. Um and he is the big setting here pro tune. I like to turn pro tune on the video now this is not photographs the photographs and just choose the highest size and just keep it at that its I I don't know why anybody ever reduces that unless you know his problems with card space, but you know if you've got a camera for since it used this answer crop it later imposed third way I mean if your camera shoots ten megapixels of fifteen megapixels shoot fifteen megapixels it doesn't make sense to shoot him. Five megapixels makes no sense at all because the cards a small they're big eh sofa video protein protein is amazing when you shoot importune when you first look at the video looks awful, but what it's doing is it's kind of like a it's not really raw but it's kind of a roid ish format kind of like a lawsuit tng what it does is it captures list compression on the video, which means shopper pixels list artifacts, but it also creates more of a dynamic range, and the reason it looks washed out is because it's it's a very, very flat setting and so it's preserving details in the shadows and is preserving details in the highlights at the same time so later on when you go back and you edit the video, you can pull out more detail in the shadows and highlights so pro tune is your highest quality you're going to get it's a large of file size, you have to process it if you want to do stuff that you just gonna shoot and inter upon youtube without doing anything then to importune offshoot in ten eighty or shooting seven twenty and that's ready to shit right away but for the best possible quality go here now when you turn pro, tune on with the latest update inside of this gopro here of three plus black edition you have other options now we have white balance we can go and weaken sit the white balance sittings so we can do automatic white balance we can choose camera roll, which is what I like to do because that enables you to change it later in post it's not destructive and it would get the three basic sittings you know, it's a five k is sunlight. We've got incandescent in florissant basically that's what? Those are going to get a rich rush through these we go the color here we can choose the different color cities flight color, ogre, pro college or pro color looks better initially, but flight color preserves more dynamic range for editing later. What else we got here? We've got ice so limit you know you just want to limit how much you could go in a s o so I just turned around just to show since we got this plugged in I would actually drop that down to about four hundred, so this will not shoot in a higher than four hundred s oh, no which reduces noise because obviously, if a small sensor small ends like this, you khun get a lot of noise because these are not really designed for shitting in low light, you know, they do ok, but they're not. They're not fantastic in my life. So you definitely want to have other lighting if you're doing that. So watch out for the noise. Sharpness. Just leave that. Normally, I said that in the middle. Actually, that was not even there, but that medium we got exposure settings. This is kind of fun. We can change it here from minus two two plus two. So if you want tio, you know, use like one of these neutral density filters pop one of these in. And you want to compensate. You can push the exposure of a little bit to compensate for those. If you want, you know different ways. We can do this now. The other thing, you can use a connection, shoot hdr. So if you shoot this in zero, which is what you see right now, then you take a shot there and minus two and another shot there. Plus two. You could merge the three together and create hdr, and I have much more training on hdr on creative life here. If you want to know about that s o we got the previews and other options here so you know, sound all that kind of stuff. So those are the main sitting so it's just it's just get out of these sittings and I think we'll go back to the computer just for the sake of time and let's look it actually, um samore samore things here. All right? So many questions on the, uh, on the on the camera you guys tracking and we good good with that. All right, awesome. So let's, look at some of the other tolls and accessories we have. One of them is I want to mention I really wanted to just a quick look at this. This is what's known as the gopro studio and this is a good pro studio vision too. I think is the way we had two point zero one whatever. That's the latest build on dh this is free. You just go online and you download gopro studio. They have a more enhanced version that has more features that you can pay for. But this is a great way to just stop working with your footage now for photographs I would say, you know, forget it. Just go directly to light room, go directly to photoshopped photos for your videos I like to use premier probe it gopro studio is a great place to start and if you want you khun, do your entire work flow right here and go for a studio. If you want to do you a whole video, you can do that. You can also pull stills from the video. So what we're gonna do is a three step process, the first deficit important. So we're going to go into here and we're gonna import something. So what do we got here? Okay, here's, a good shot. This is a good example. Here, this is me on my quad copter. And so I've got a lot of footage here is about eight minutes, almost nine minutes with footage and this is shot in pro tune. This is shot at two point seven case that this is a massive file. If I was to open this and quick time right now, it would struggle to play that in real time. But in here, I could just have a little space bar here. And aiken, you know, I'm not really trying to do a selfie, but I'm trying to make sure the cameras on so that's, why, you know, so the gopro always starts with the person's during in the camera and and she's speaking of that pulled some cool selfies out of that. I'm not sure this letter is actually finding go back later and then look at the ones when you're sitting the camera. I mean, you could really cool selfie is without realizing it. All right? So I got a card corrupters spinning up its flying and flying it out to sea obviously don't care about dropping another one in the ocean. I lost my first one in the ocean about a year ago s so what we're going to do is we're going to find a shot, so we got all this stuff we don't want all that, we just want a just a couple of shots someone's going to scroll through here, there we go as a catamaran is looking kind of interesting, so I'm just kind of going and I can hit the elke to go forward faster the katie will stop and l will go back. J will go back. Was this j k l editing it's known as so what I'm going to do is they're just going to go here, let's, just quickly find a shot scrawling arounds going around looking for something interesting. Uh, catch up with me here. Now we goes, go back. There we go there's a catamaran so what I want to do is I want to sit there in point I want to say I want to begin my clip here so it's two ways to do it you can click on this little button here or you can push the ikey notice that now that's blacked out so that's the end point so I'm going to play and I'm going to say, you know, this is the shot I want you know I could go back to forwards individual frames here too and say you know what that's a good shot I like that I'm going to save my outpoints I'm gonna hit o and boom what it's done is it's created just that little term there now or you can do is to go in here and you click this little but add to a conversion list and we click there and as a shot so that's cold is one shot I can go through here now I can scroll through looking for another shot on the same clip and it's just saved you know just saves a ton of time all that busy art that's kind of fun so I'm going to go here I'm just going to hit the end point there for that one and I'll just get it out point doesn't really matter just something random and so we create another clip add to conversion list so they were going now I've got to so I could go through I could bring all my videos in and just trim them down to the clips that I want miss it in that conversion list then on the hair good and that the advance sittings I would choose the settings that I want to set them too, and this is just basically size and frame right? And we can remove the fish eye here if we want then we're done doing that we just hit convert and what it does, it actually writes these to your hard drive under the gopro directory and it's right now converting these into video clips that we can then innit? So they're gonna be editable clips and I'll work on his big, big, big huge chunk we're working on smaller pieces, all right? So one is completed and the sick one is almost complete it's almost there and it's a showing to d c it says that so this is actually what you edit your three d and do that here, so we're going to end it now you can use these templates, you know I'm not going I'm not really in a dub step baby moved today, so we're not going to use the templates but we can click on a clip and noticed suddenly it looks beautiful why is it suddenly looking beautiful? Before it looked well washed out and that's because we got the presets down here and this is where you know you're doing all the cool stuff a few pro tune and all that stuff so we go down here we've got process let me just expand that and here's none that's what it looked like before so you can go down to protein and it will boost that contrast for you there's all kinds of different cinematic looks you can get simply by clicking here you can go through there and we could say hey let's do that one there you can change that aspect ratios here if we want to get a wide aspect ratio we can force it there we can do all that stuff so as using the presets then we can go down here and we've got all the options you know, this is where we can do fast or slow speed you know, sometimes that's the other thing I forgot to mention the camera here too you can shoot up to two hundred forty frames per second with this and you can create some some action that you can slow down and get some really nice slow motion on neck and will be controlled here from within the gopro studio we could do well that stuff it's really easy to use we say that why balances their exposures all that kind of stuff here just very basic and if we wanted to put a couple of clips we wanted to create a little story we drop on on the the other one on and we can ask we put these together and create a little video clip by combining them I'm just going to take this one off I'm just going to click on and remove it by hitting the escape key and basically it's what we do if we want to add type we can had titles here by clicking on the type and we just type of type in a title and see that and then we could just drag that on there and make that part about timeline as well so we could actually go through and play through that as well. We can add these on there so if you wanted to do the title screen I'm going take that off just for the sake of speed in time then we're gonna go to the final option, which is export. We choose the name of it and we'll drop this on a desktop and we'll pull it boat thinking and the options that we really care about right now are the two options here you know we can choose outsize here said seven twenty by ten eighty or nineteen twenties we could go to the original size is two point seven or we can now drop it down to ten, eighty which is hd over seven twenty hd or we could get a smaller if we wanted. I said the primary twenty four frames per second is what you see in cinema thirty frames per second. Twenty nine nine seven is what you see in video on television, so we're gonna get cinematic and in the two options h two six for his delivery format. That means that if you want to take this and you want to post it up online, you want to put her on your device. You want to email it to someone you want to share it and view it. Do that gopro, sina form, high quality kodak. This will produce a very high quality file it's going to be massive. Um, but when I'm working with premier pro or photo shop and I want to do further editing, you know, this is obviously the adobe software has rain more options. You know what stabilization is? Another one you stabilize your shots, different things like that, then I'll save it out in center form, and then I will open in sina form and it's a loss, this format premiere, and I can say this because there's a video on their on youtube by dave family there's a new, uh, update two premier pro coming out soon, where is going to support sinful uniform notably inside premieres you're actually going to have to get in there and control is sitting so that's really exciting can't show it now right now because it's too new so anyway so we can go here we can drop this out we just had export once we choose our settings and this is going to explode out the video just very very, very simple and easy to make that video I'm just gonna cancel here because you saw an example of it early iran one of the things I want to show you is quickly was decent three d super fost we're going to jump here into photo shop so is everyone have their three d glasses or some people have the three d glasses just get these glasses it's fun. All right, so how do we do this there's a little secret mickey mouse club's secret handshake for doing this not forgetting the glasses. You should get an answer. Questions for the glasses. I'm kidding, huh? So what we're going to do is we're just going to open up the images. So when you shoot in three d inside uh we just go here inside of the gopro and you shoot in the three d this is what you get and affected shoots one card on one of the cameras will be called left for right and the other one lives for right now lift for left alfa left and offer right how hard is that? And you can actually connect this a cable on here with two plugs on it I'll show you here that you complied in t one in does until one of the go pros and they're both of these go into your laptop into two usb ports and it will pull down from both cameras at the same time so you can pull that put it down or you could just, you know, take the cards out using little card readers like this and just downloaded the computer doesn't matter. So the cool thing is when you go to do the video inside of the gopro studio that I said you if it's a three d video you used to like the one that's going to find the other one and automatically put those two together in this case that we're going to do something with photos so I kind of like this stuff here so here's some stuff that we shot recently we could go and nelson did a dream workshop out there and so he is the left and if we look on here he is the right eye so there's a little bit of a difference between these two so that's open both of these I'm just going to select them both backing the monte and click open and both of these going open into photoshopped so what I want to do is I want to put one on top of the other. The way to do that is to click it and drag it into that tab and hold down the shift key and release and by holding down the shift key it perfectly positions that notices a little shift between the left and the right eye because of the parallax for the difference between the two. So let me just close down this ted group quickly and make this bigger. So how do we make these displaying left and right? I it's really simple. What we're going to do is see this little icon doubleclick ten that in total layer and at the same time I open the layer start maybe I did that too fast, you could double click here to open the layer style so under the layer star, we're going to go under the blending options, and what we want to do is we want to make this one show read and read on lee. So this is where prisoners were working with the red and signing glasses. So what I'm gonna do, you gonna hide the top when we got to get back here, open up the blending moods and I'm going to turn off the green and the blue channels right there. And now we have read all right so we're gonna go to the next layer the top layer here and we're going to get over here and we're gonna open up the layer stopped by double clicking and we're gonna go blending options and this time we're going to turn off the red channel and we're going to keep the other channels now if you put on your three d glasses well does it with three d call zahra yeah that's fine so for those of you at home that don't have three d glasses you combine of course then go buy some three d glasses now they cheap like fifty cents a lot of people have them but it's fun and it has this really cool three dimensional effect what do you think this is pretty neat on it's fun and the video kind of works the same way I unfortunately I don't think we have time to do the video but we do have time to do the time lapse there believe it or not it's going to take less than thirty seconds so I'm going to show you howto load up in time lapse here so what we're gonna do is just going to choose file open and when we shoot the time lapses you know I told you about that on the camera here you just set the intervals for however much time you want to have it to go so you know, you could take one photograph every ten seconds or whatever and that's what I said it for here, time lapse of simple choose the first image and all these are secret sequential numbers, and we're just going to choose image sequence here and in click open and then now we choose a frame or I'm going to choose twenty four frames per second and that's it there's the selfie is always the stuff at the beginning of every good part footage, unless you're using the remote, and what I'm going to do here is I'm just gonna open up the timeline and I'll show you quickly here in the timeline, we had to play button, and you can see he is that time lapse there this is, you'll see drones flying across here occasionally because this was a dream workshop. Finish up world reversal brown and you can see little drones appearing and you'll actually see, um, the shadow creeping up the mountain right now, it's loading you can see it's red down here, it's loading into four frames per second, but what it's doing is it's creating that little green line across the top, and that little green line is loading it up into ram, so that means we can get a riel real time preview. Once it's loaded up and it's almost there but I'm just gonna I'm impatient so I'm going to stop I'm going to give a care and now watch it play back in real time and we get we get a fun little timelapse sequence so I guess we were very ambitious to attempt all of this in an hour enough um so we got through ah quite a bit of material and I know I was talking very quickly eso jim back to you yes sir I'm just going to come up enjoy you a couple of like final questions I love this table by the way can I keep it norman the stuff on the table oh you know you can't keep the game looking like you can get on the plane all right so can you talk a little bit about stabilization stabilisation geo stabilization? Is that a whole nother workshop or does the gopro itself have some pretty decent um the answer to that is no in yes the gopro has no stabilization built in eso is a couple of little tips are gee, I've got one toe does your let me forget that at the end okay, so the thing about this this quadcopter has stabilization that's why has the gimbal ok doesn't have to just fly in the air you can walk around with this and use it as a steady camp of done it right works great, fantastic the other thing is, when you're doing stuff on boats like rafting and stuff like that, I'm going to show the whitewater rafting in a second. One of the things you do is as much as we said the head matt was amazing. Yeah, test mom is better because when you're going around your head's bobbing around like this well, maybe not quite like that crazy, but it test is a little bit more stable, so always mounted to a more solid surface. And then the other thing is imposed to conflicts. You could get a premier pro and you can do bob stabilizing. Get rid of that shaking. Cool. Perfect. How high can these fly? Oh, I had this one up to thirty thousand feet. Thirty thousand feet, southwest airlines that's, actually, exactly. Legally, you need a flight attendant, but it's really hard to get a beverage service. Yeah, but the legal high just four hundred feet. Cool. Well, we got some white water to look at. Yes, and I'm gonna show you what? That this is going to be really useful tip if you don't already note. So a good friend of mine, john, uh, was was this keynote thing I've got it running on here somewhere, I think it's this one, we just find it good for class sam I'm rushing here we go and I think this is my good protein oh let's find out please be the right one because it crashed when we switch to the other thing here this is it all right sweet eso let's go up here because it's a buddy of mine went what would've rafting and let's just play this and he's using the chest mount on here and so there's got him way way too much fun so he's the tip um you notice the little water spots on the lens yeah that's a big problem with the go pro is getting these little water spots they get on there so I actually did a little experiment and uh there's a solution for that okay, so I'm gonna have to show you this here it's kind of interesting s oh, here it is this is how it works his remix cool or all right you just look in it take this out so you here here's a test because I wasn't sure is that true doesn't really so here we go is a little twenty second test here okay to put in the water calling up water drops you know pull it out water drops you have different ones and I don't know if you found this when you're underwater it's fine but when you're on the surface it's not so he would be oh was this casting absolutely distressing to look at this that, uh, no order jobs. Just scuba goggles. There we get. Just like your school. We go, so that was the tip there.

Class Description

The GoPro is one of the world's most popular cameras. They are very popular with adventurers, adrenaline junkies, and belong in the outdoors, even underwater. These tiny, durable and flexible cameras are capable of very big things.

Colin Smith shows you how to do a ton of things with the GoPro from shooting regular photos, time-lapse, slow motion, burst mode, video and even 3D. You will discover techniques for connected cameras, through wifi, on mobile devices and triggering multiple cameras through wireless remotes. See the different ways of mounting these versatile cameras, then sit back and watch as Colin gives you a tour of the free GoPro Cineform software as well as a couple of Photoshop tricks for working with Time-lapse and Panoramas.



It's a good course if you don't know anything about GoPro's. Most of the time is spent talking about the camera, showing settings, talking about the different cases, etc. If you've used a GoPro you'll already know almost all of this.