How to Use a Wacom® Tablet



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Wacom® tablets can deliver important capabilities when used with Adobe® Photoshop®. But the transition from mouse to Wacom®  can be a rocky one.

Learn all about Wacom and find out if it is right for you in How to Use a Wacom® Tablet with Dave Cross.

Dave has been helping photographers and creative professionals for over 25 years. In How to Use a Wacom® Tablet, Dave will show you how adjustments and retouching changes when you use a pressure sensitive pen and tablet. You’ll learn about the variety of Wacom® products on the market, how to know what is right for you, and how you can use Wacom® to be more accurate and to save time. Dave will teach:

  • Strategies for getting comfortable with the tablet
  • Pen and ExpressKeys customization
  • How to take full advantage of its functions and features

If you’ve been considering switching to a Wacom® or have struggled to adopt the one you own, don’t miss this complete introduction to getting started from Dave Cross.