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Adobe Illustrator Workspace

Lesson 2 from: Ignite Your Business Marketing Kit in Adobe Illustrator

Kladi Vergine

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2. Adobe Illustrator Workspace

Get to know Adobe Illustrator, its menu, panels, tools and superpowers!
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Lesson Info

Adobe Illustrator Workspace

Welcome to this fun journey exploring adobe illustrator to start. Let's launch the illustrator app during these hands. On tour of this amazing app, we will dive into the workspace and it's important menus, panels and tools that will allow us to transform our ideas into finished professional assets. When you open illustrator, you will see the start or home screen, which will appear when there are no documents currently open in here. You can find learned content updates, a list of your recent files and presets from here. You can also access your creative cloud documents or use the search bar to browse various resources and search the adobe stock libraries to open a new document, click on the create new button and the new document dialog box will pop up. You can start by choosing any intent preset depending on the final use of the graphics that you will be creating when you do so, illustrator will select and show various sizes, document options and you will be able to access free and paid...

adobe stock templates, which are a great starting point for your design. The area on the right displays the document details which you can input and edit manually to create a bespoke document. We will talk more about the new document window and the presets in the next lesson, click on create to open a new document. The first area you want to become familiar with is the menu bar. The menu bar is located at the very top of the screen. From here. You can choose between file, edit, object and many other menus that will give you access to a variety of commands, adjustments and settings. A very unique menu you will be using very often is the window menu here. You will be able to find and activate any panels you like and you wish to use during your workflow. So if you ever see a panel on my screen and you cannot find it on yours. Simply choose the window menu and then select the panel of your choice. Now let's move to the left area of the screen here. You'll find the toolbar. The illustrator toolbar is a panel that contains tools for creating and editing artwork. To activate a tool, simply click on it. Also note that similar tools are nested together. You can access the hidden tools by clicking and holding on a tool displayed on the toolbar. When you open illustrator for the first time, the tuber will look exactly like mine. But if you wish to explore more tools, click on the three Dots located at the very bottom of the toolbar and from the top of the panel that will appear, click on the burger menu, then select Advanced. If you're just starting to use illustrator revert back to basic for now. We will be exploring the advanced tools during the end of the Curse. Under the top menu, you will find the application bar here. You will have access to the workspace switcher from here. You will be able to access switch and restore workspace presets. Each presets contains the configuration of panels which are tailored for different activities. You can also personalize the workspace by selecting and organizing the panels you use more often. And then you can create your own preset by saving the current size and position of panels as a named workspace to save a custom workspace. Once you've personalized the configuration, you want to save, click on the workspace switcher, then select new workspace, Give it a name and click on. Ok. By doing so you can access and restore that workspace. Even if you move or close the panel to display your switch. Any workspace simply selected from the workspace switcher to restore the default workspace, click on the workspace switcher in the application bar and then select reset. So in this case to reset essential, I'm going to first to select essentials and then reset essentials. Now let's move to the right side of the window. The essential panels include properties, layers, and libraries. These panels contain a variety of controls to create, edit and manage your artwork. As mentioned before. You can find a full list of panels under the window menu. The last larger area in the workspace is the document window. The document window display the file. You're currently working on. Multiple. Open documents appears stabs in the document window. You can access each tab simply by clicking on it. I really hope you enjoy this tour and you will be more comfortable using this wonderful app. And let's get started with our projects. I look forward to working with you creating exciting marketing material using adobe illustrator

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Kladi is very clear in her explanations all while being very inspiring. Great class!!

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Great Kladi is a legend I really appreciate

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Very good teacher. I wish she had more classes.

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