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Fun and Useful Stickers

Lesson 6 from: Ignite Your Business Marketing Kit in Adobe Illustrator

Kladi Vergine

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Lesson Info

6. Fun and Useful Stickers

Stickers are a fantastic way to generate valuable exposure. Learn how to quickly create an attention-grabbing image using the pencil tool, the appearance panel, and type on path to add in your details. Export your sticker as an .eps file ready for print.

Lesson Info

Fun and Useful Stickers

in this video, we're going to create Stickers. Stickers are a fantastic way to generate valuable exposure. Let's get started and learn how you can create your very own exclusive design. Open the starter file provided and select the type tool from the toolbar, then click once inside the harbor area to create a new point type, you can now input the text as we're creating a promotional sticker. You can use any word you like, ideally the name or objectives that represent you or your brand. I will use the word fresh. When you're done. Press the escape key on your keyboard. This will deactivate the type two and select the text box to recite the text, click and drag one of the corners of its bounding box and remember to hold the shift key to resize your text proportionally. If you're struggling to recite the text with this technique, you've probably created an area type. Let me show you how to quickly solve this issue. A point type has a single hollow handle to the right side of its bounding ...

box. You can quickly turn your text box into an area type by double clicking on the handle. You will now recognize the area type by its two handles, one filled circle at the right side and one square at the bottom. When you work with an area type and drag the corner of the bounding box, you recites the area of the text, not the text itself. To recite the text, swap back to a point type by clicking on the side handle. It's now time to start styling the text head to the properties panel and then to the character options. Start by selecting the front of your choice from the list by clicking on the down pointing arrow or explore the amazing adobe font gallery directly inside adobe illustrator by clicking on the fine more tab here you can test activate and apply any fund that you like. In just a click. Take your time to set a specific style and size from this panel and now it's time to take advantage of the full potential of adobe illustrator to style the text even further. Head to the window menu and choose appearance. The appearance panel will pop up, Click on the facts bottom located at the bottom of the panel and then select three D and extrude and bevel from the position. Drop down menu, select isometric top. When done. Feel free to customize the rotation by dragging the cube and that review will be generated as you go when you're happy with the position of the text. Then click OK click on the text to select it. At this point you can see that the text is still editable. So if you want to make any changes or delete or type a new word, this is the perfect time to do so when you're ready, head to the object menu and choose expand appearance. The text will be now converted into shapes In just one click. Let's head back to the object menu and click on lung group to release all the shapes. You can now select each area that you want to style individually. I will start with the top faces to save time. You can click on the first letter top area. Then hold the shift key and click on the other letters top areas to include them in the same selection. By doing so, you will be able to style their appearance at the same time. And let's have the color field by clicking on the down pointing arrow next to the field icon. Then select a color from the swatches panel. Remember when working with the appearance panel you can add multiple strokes and fills to the same object to add another field color, click on the new field icon located at the bottom of the panel and don't forget that from the appearance panel you can take advantage of the swatch libraries menu and in this case I will select patterns than basic graphics and finally textures. When the textures watches will open, select the texture of your choice, you can now style other areas of the letters by repeating the same steps, select them and then assign a field for a color. And when working on your project, take your time to add as many color feel and strokes as you want. When a plane is stroked to an expanded treaty object, you might notice areas which are divided into multiple shapes that might happen in particular when expanding curbs. But don't worry, it's very easy to merge each section into a single shape. Let me show you how. First use the selection tool to select and double click on the area to access the isolation mode. Here use the shortcut Control A on Windows. That's command A on a Mac to select all the split sections, then head to the properties panel and under part finder, click on the first icon to unite the shapes and here we go. It's done if you need to do the same to the remaining shapes until you successfully merged all areas. The text is now ready to be transformed into a sticker. When you're done, click and drag over the text to select the entire graphic. Use the shortcut Control C on Windows that's come and see on a Mac to create a copy, then pasted in front by pressing Control F on Windows That's command F on a Mac, and with the copy is still selected. Head to the Properties panel and under Pathfinder, click on the first icon to unite all the shapes. Now head to the top menu and choose object. Then path an offset path. The offset option. Window will pop up. You will be able to create a larger path based on your shape, and you can also pick between meter round over bevel offset effect, which will give you appointed, rounded or sloping edges. Pick your favorite. This is entirely up to you. I'm going to choose round as I like the contrast between the pointy edges of my son's stereotype and also the roundness of the stroke outside and also I think it looks cleaner. Then click. Ok. Use the shortcut control shift left curly bracket on a Windows. That's command shift left curly bracket on a Mac to bring the shape back behind the text. Once you're done, select a color, I will pick white to have a perfect sharp contrast. If you do have a brand guidelines, make sure to follow the background color specification of your brand. Fantastic. We're almost done, click and drag over the design to select it, and then I will move it outside the our board so we can see the white of set with no issues. This offset area is also a great location where you can place relevant information about your own business, ideally how to reach you like a website. I will use my social media handle to do so, double click on the background shape too isolated. Then press Control C on Windows. That's command see on a Mac to create a copy and then paste a copy of the background in front by pressing control F on Windows That's command F on a Mac. With these new shapes selected go back to the type tool and click and hold to reveal the hidden tools. Select the type on a path to and head back to the shape, position the pointer on the path and click now type your text. When done, you can head back to the formatting options inside the Properties panel to style the text. Of course this is going to be a quite smaller and definitely thinner font to move or flip the text along the path, select the past type object. The brackets will appear at the beginning of the type, at the end of the path and at the midpoint between the start and the end brackets, position the pointer over the type center bracket until it's more icon will appear next to the pointer to move the text along the path, click and drag the center bracket and hold down Control on Windows. That's command on a Mac to prevent the type from flipping to the other side of the past. If you wish to flip the direction of the text along the path, drive the bracket across the path. When you're happy with the final look of your text, you can now scale it proportionally towards the center by all in the shift and old key on Windows. That option shift on the Mac, you can scale the text proportionally by dragging toward the center one of the corners of its bounding box. Don't forget to hold the shift key to transform it proportionally. And you can also use the old key on Windows or options on a Mac to scale it proportionately to the center. When you find the final position that you're happy with, I will suggest transforming the text into an outline. You can do so by using the shortcut all control o on Windows. That option command o on a Mac. And we're done. It's time to save the file so we can send it to print. Select the arbor tool from the left Teuber and then click on the background offset path to make sure that the entire design is contained in the our board. Then use the shortcut shift control as on Windows that shift command as on a Mac. To save it as a new format, pick a destination folder on your machine, select the correct our board, then choose E P. S from the format. Drop down and finally click on. Save E P s. Is the professional format to have ready to send a sticker for print and you're set it's time to email the printer.

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