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Newsletter Animation - Part 2

Lesson 13 from: Ignite Your Business Marketing Kit in Adobe Illustrator

Kladi Vergine

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13. Newsletter Animation - Part 2

Engage your audience by adding animation to your emails working with Illustrator and Photoshop together. Leverage the CC Libraries and the Timeline panel to bring your design to life with an animated Gif.
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Lesson Info

Newsletter Animation - Part 2

Welcome back in this class. We're just going to pick up where we left in the previous one in order to transform our newsletter template in an exciting animated gift to do so, we will use the powerful frame animation to create an entertaining gift with the amazing Photoshop timeline. Use the starter file provided to open the Photoshop document Or if you're creating a new file, just make sure to use the same settings and the same 600 by 700 pixels document size as we did for the illustrator file to add images to your library, select them from a folder in your machine and drug them inside the library you've just created. This can be photos of your project, a photo of yourself or an event, anything you like or you would like to communicate to your audience. Once the image are in your library, you can drag them inside the document and recite them if you need to by dragging the corner of the bounding box. When you're done. Don't forget to click on the enter return key to place them inside th...

e document. Then you can bring in the graphic created in illustrator to do so, simply drag it from the library inside your document area, center it and click on the enter return key to place it inside the document. As you can see every time that you bring in a new element from the library. Inside the document, Photoshop will create a new layer containing the graphic and it will place it on top of the layer stuck. Also, just like an illustrator. The order of the layers stack matters. In fact, layers placed above will display graphics in front the layer place below so make sure to respect the order when you place your graphics to change the order of your layer, simply selected and rugged above or below In the layer stuck now. Head to the window menu and choose timeline to open the timeline panel from here, select create frame animation. The timeline will appear Head over the first frame and click on the down pointing arrow to set the frame delay time I will state mine to 0.5. Then click on the plus icon located at the bottom of the timeline panel, duplicate the frame as many times as you need depending on the number of images you wish to display when done. Select one frame at the time and from the layers. Panel used a little icon to tackle the visibility of each layer. Hide the layers you do not wish to display on that particular frame and leave visible the one that you would like to show when you're done displaying each image on its own assigned frame, click on the play button to preview the animation and then don't forget to stop it. If you wish to edit your illustrator graphic, you can do so at any time, simply access the link Creative cloud asset by double clicking on it. Photoshop will launch an open illustrator and from here you can make as many changes as you wish. In this case I will select the text and add to the properties panel to change its color. I will also change the size and the disposition of the text. And now all you have to do to update your file is to save it. I will use the shortcut control S on Windows. That command? S on a Mac to save the changes. Yeah. And let's head back to photo shop. As you can see the file is already automatically updated. It's now time to export our newsletter. Use a shortcut shift control Old s on Windows. That shift command option s on a Mac to open the save for Web window here, set the file format to give and the animation looping options to forever. Then click on save, select the destination folder in your machine, name your file and click on save again. And you're done. Your animated gift is ready to wow all your readers. I really hope that you had fun with this project and you're excited to work together with illustrator and Photoshop in your everyday workflow, as you can see, is very easy to create professional graphics with those amazing apps.

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Lisa Carney

Kladi is very clear in her explanations all while being very inspiring. Great class!!

Mazhar Iqbal

Great Kladi is a legend I really appreciate

a Creativelive Student

Very good teacher. I wish she had more classes.

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