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Newsletter Template - Part 1

Lesson 12 from: Ignite Your Business Marketing Kit in Adobe Illustrator

Kladi Vergine

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Lesson Info

12. Newsletter Template - Part 1

Create a newsletter graphic by using shapes, text and the pathfinder tool in Illustrator. Save it in the creative cloud libraries and bring it to life in the next video.

Lesson Info

Newsletter Template - Part 1

Yeah. Yeah. In this lesson, I will show you how to create an animated newsletter. They will help you to connect with your audience by using shapes, text and the Pathfinder two in adobe illustrator. You can use the starter file provided to jumpstart this lesson. Or you can create your own document by following the next steps from the illustrator. Welcome screen Open a new document by clicking on the create new button from here said the intent for web as we will be producing an image for screen illustrator will change the units into pixels, the color mode to RGB and the resolution to 72 pp. I. These are considered the industry standard settings when producing a digital graphic Now set the size to 600 pixels wide and 700 pixels high. When creating a newsletter always work with a width of around 550-600 pixels. And make sure that all the relevant details will be located within the top 300-500 pixels. This is the size of an average preview panel in most deck. Stop emails now. Name your file...

and click on create to open the new document. Let's start by selecting the rectangle tool from the toolbar. You can also access the rectangle tool by pressing the letter M on your keyboard. Now move the cursor over the our board and intersect the top left origin corner until you will see the smart guide and the word intersect appearing in a magenta color. Click once and the rectangle to dialog box will open up to create a background of the same size of the art board set the size of the rectangle to 600 by pixels and person. Okay with the rectangle still selected. Head to the bottom of the toolbar and double click on the field color. To open the color picker from here, you can choose any color you like. And then press OK now click anywhere on the pace board to deselect direct tango and head back to the bottom of the toolbar and double click again on the fuel control to choose any other color from the color picker. The color you will choose now is only relevant to create contrast with the background. Wyndham press okay, press the letter L on your keyboard to activate the ellipse too. Then click and drag inside the art board while holding the shift key to create a perfect circle. We will use this circle to create an open window under which we will display multiple images in Photoshop. But for now let's center the circle inside the art board. A very quick way of aligning an object Inside, illustrator is to rely on the smart guides which are a default feature in illustrator, press the letter V. On your keyboard and dragged the circle in the middle of the art board until you will see a purple vertical line appearing on the screen. This purple line is the smart guide. Smart guides appear when you create objects or are birds. They're very useful and they will help you to align, edit and transform any objects or our boards relative to other objects or are birds present in your document when the line appears, release the shape. Your circle is now horizontally centered. If you don't see the smart guides appearing in your document, simply choose view from the top menu and then make sure to select smart guides. You can also activate and deactivate the smart guides with a shortcut control you on Windows. That's command you on a Mac. Press the V. Key on your keyboard to activate the selection tool and click and drag over the shapes to select them when that head to the Properties panel, find the Pathfinder effects and then click on the exclude icon to create a cutout. In just one click and the background is ready before jumping in Photoshop, let's add some text. Press the letter T on your keyboard to activate the type tool. Then bring the cursor on the our board and click once to create a point type. Now let's start typing your text. When you're done. Head to the Properties panel and from the character options, select a fund family of your choice when adding a title. I will recommend using a display fund that is bold and easy to read. It will make a great impact when opening the mailer. I will use a fund family called termina in a heavy style terminal is a sensory type face, great for headline points sizes because it's big, clear and beautiful if you cannot find this fund or you want to discover more typefaces from the adobe font library without living illustrator, simply choose the find more tab from here. You will be able to browse and activate new funds, which will be immediately available to apply to your text hover on the front to see a live preview on your text and click on the cloud icon to immediately activate them. If you're unsure regarding the best typeface to use for your project and you desire some guidance or you simply wish to discover new funds had to funds dot adobe dot com and from the on page, choose font packs with adobe fund. You will have thousands of quality funds at your fingertips and you can choose as many as you need with no extra charges. All funds are in fact included with your Creative cloud subscription and most importantly, they already licensed and cleared for personal and commercial use. The fund packs are professionally curated fund set ready for any occasion. They are assembled by the adobe fonte and guests. I Love Sons. The collection curated by the Amazing Design Army is one of my favorite, but you can browse many amazing collections and find the perfect fund match for your project. Click on you pack to learn more from here. You can activate all the funds inside the park at once. Use the simple text to test the fund with the text from your project And you can also browse and activate each fund or its entire family one x 1. Once the funds are active, they will be immediately available throughout your creative cloud apps. But now let's head back to illustrator when you're done selecting the front of your choice set. Also a size for your text. Let's add more text under the image box here you can share some details or more information regarding your project product or service for this body copy. I will suggest that smaller and easy to read. Fund Choose your favorite from the character panel and remember to use a minimum fund size of 16 pixels to preserve accessibility although there is no official minimum fund size for the web, It is generally agreed upon. The 16 pixels for body text is a good starting point When done, press the escape key to exit the type area and press the letter V. On your keyboard to activate the selection too, click on the first text box, then hold the shift key and click on the second text box to add it to the selection head to the Properties panel and from the paragraph options, choose align center. Then from the align options, click on the down pointing arrow and choose aligned to our board. Then click on the horizontal align center button. When done, opened the libraries panel by choosing the Window menu and then libraries here create a new library by clicking on the Plus icon and give it a name. Use the shortcut Control A on Windows. That's command A on a Mac to select all the graphics and text you just created and then drag them inside the library. It's time to jump into Photoshop, join me in the next class to learn how to animate the newsletter.

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