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Illustrative Stylings: Lettering and More with Photoshop

Lesson 10 of 14

How to Give Letters More Emphasis


Illustrative Stylings: Lettering and More with Photoshop

Lesson 10 of 14

How to Give Letters More Emphasis


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How to Give Letters More Emphasis

So for this next one we're going to talk about adding emphasis to um two letters in a composition I'm gonna go ahead and open one of our um demo files that air in the um the extras that you can download our work along with so I have this illustration that I've already done and I kind of like the letter forms and how they're working together and using this the sand saref playful letter forum with the strip lettering that's kind of worked together however I really wanted to good work to be more emphasized that it is here I thought I'm bumping up the scale and using a different letter in treatment would do it but it's not doing it enough so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna add some dimensionality to it to give it some more kick so the first thing that I want to do is I'm just going to change the color of good work tio was going to make a grave for our purposes you can worry about color later under steve in the paint bucket fill these in I'm going to do a new layer I'm gonna put that layer b...

ehind um underneath the layer that we have illustration on so we've got this layer and then on top is the other layer you want to make sure it's on top so that we can do what we're gonna do some to switch back to the black brush I'm gonna go ahead and make sure that I have my thinking brush, which is to smooth to be forgone again you don't have to use that one there's plenty of others there's some that have aa lot better variety between six and thins if something that you want to do it's like every lines get thicker is you're more pressure sensitivity but this one is pretty good and simple and I like that so we're going to do is add some three dimensionality to this so what I like to do is rotate my canvas at an angle like this that's kind of upside down and since I'm in letter behind it I can kind of go right over it so what I'm gonna do is just, um, draw lines and then kind of go out further in trace the shape and all the same angle so I'm gonna go down here and don't worry about it overlapping or not cause for being perfect because we're goingto we're doing in a separate later we can go in and fix it afterwards so you're basically just drawing a line out from the shape and then following that shape as you get further it's a little more difficult with around one because you gotta get a round shape what you're doing a straight line like uh the song you can destroy your lines out like that and then just connected like this so since I have the canvas rotated like this, I like tio just go ahead and do all of my shapes this way first and then I think we went a little too far with this one you just tryinto you want to match their angle so they're all the same all right? So I'm gonna switch back so I can see it normally like this and check it out see if I missed any spots see we could come in down here with that and then all like going and add this line oftentimes there's more of these straight lines at the bottom this word just had a lot of curves to it you go in and do all the obstructs there, so since this is on a different layer, we can't just go and fill this in because we would, um you know, it's not closed off. So what idea? The easiest thing to do is just pull that later on top for a little bit that way we can see the word underneath it and then I'll just go in and close off these these lines and we're not really wearing about where they go and you just want to keep them inside the letter because they're going to get hidden when we put the letter back behind it there's lots of other ways you can add emphasis you could use color comm use scale and texture can use some extra detail or filigree or something like that. But I thought this one would be kind of fun for this toe playoff, the playful letters up top. So once I have that all filled in, going to go in and use the paint bucket to fill that in, and then I'm gonna drag that layer back behind this letter, the other layer, and then I'm gonna zoom in, go in and fix up any little areas where there's some overlap, smooth that out a little bit. Some of my lines aren't a smooth as the lines I have in the script, so I would kind of just go in now, and he is. The paintbrush toe picks them up, okay, so that feels like a weapon or to me, the good work has clearly emphasized now, and it kind of flows nicely. I think once we add some color that to this one, no, be, uh, really fun.

Class Description

Hand lettering is a widely sought after skill – adding it to your arsenal of tools is sure to impress clients and help you land more work. Learn how to make attention-grabbing letterforms in Illustrative Stylings: Lettering and More with Photoshop with Chris Piascik.

An illustrator-turned-designer, Chris’s style is uniquely recognizable and his client work spans the globe. In this beginner-friendly class, you’ll get the opportunity to take a peek at his creative process and learn his methods for making illustrative lettering styles and compositions. 

Chris will teach:

  • Options for embellishing typography
  • Techniques for using a tablet to create digital art
  • Working from start to finish in Photoshop
  • Adding color and dimension

You’ll learn how to set up a framework for your composition and shape how letters and words interact with one another. Chris will help you understand how to infuse the content and client vision into your work while making letters that are both expressive and cohesive.

Get your complete introduction to digital lettering in Illustrative Stylings: Lettering and More with Photoshop with Chris Piascik.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2



This was very interesting. It would probably be best for beginners. It's always nice to see process. I feel very confident about jumping into lettering now.

a Creativelive Student

Love this class. I would like to see more like this class.