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Illustrative Stylings: Lettering and More with Photoshop

Lesson 4 of 14

How to Start with Lettering Basic


Illustrative Stylings: Lettering and More with Photoshop

Lesson 4 of 14

How to Start with Lettering Basic


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How to Start with Lettering Basic

So now we're going to start with lettering basics so we're going to talk about here is how to use um to illustrate um with a phrase so we'll just take a phrase or maybe you want to illustrate some lyrics or just some words that you like a lot and we're gonna make a illustrated composition out of that so we're going to draw this phrase stop doing that because because I want to stop doing that so the first thing I do when I'm going to do an illustrated composition is I just write down the words and this gives me an idea of how long each word is and how much room they're going to take up so from here it's just that ends up being a lot of experimenting so I'll just write this very quickly and a whole bunch of different ways and when I'm doing that I'm thinking about what words I want to emphasize and what I want to stand out so maybe I want stop to be the most important thing and something to keep in mind when you're doing this is I'm just writing this as simple as possible just in handwri...

ting I don't really care about stallion because I'm just tryingto think about where the words are going to break up so maybe I want stop to be really big and doing that to be smaller below so when I look at that I think that this is kind of getting doing that is getting a little too small so I'm gonna try something else so maybe I will maybe emphasize stop and that and then make doing little smile in the middle so what you're gonna be thinking about is what you want to emphasize and what needs to be smaller you don't want tio emphasize everything because then when you emphasize everything then nothing is emphasized so that's something to keep in mind another thing that I like to try is maybe working into some shape so I will make some frameworks or maybe some loose face lines so to do that you can destroy some lines maybe and then use those lines too sticky words in there and then we could get rid of the lines afterwards so again we're really just experimenting and trying new things I want to make that smaller maybe try a circle sweat that up and again keep in mind we're not trying tio add any style or just trying to space this out could be very loose could try making a center point for your drawing and then maybe having shapes coming off that so I think something I think this uh it's the words being all the same length this one's going to be a little less exciting I think we're going to keep it simple and do something like this and then try to get the letters to connect a little more if you look in the bonus features, we have some files where I kind of worked through this already and there's a. Each of these steps is on a different layer, so that you can look through and play around with it. So that's, basically, how I would start setting things up, where I'm just going to really loosely, not putting too much thought into it. Try some new shapes. Try where the word breaks will be. What words are going to be more important. And then I'll start trying to add some style, which we'll talk about next.

Class Description

Hand lettering is a widely sought after skill – adding it to your arsenal of tools is sure to impress clients and help you land more work. Learn how to make attention-grabbing letterforms in Illustrative Stylings: Lettering and More with Photoshop with Chris Piascik.

An illustrator-turned-designer, Chris’s style is uniquely recognizable and his client work spans the globe. In this beginner-friendly class, you’ll get the opportunity to take a peek at his creative process and learn his methods for making illustrative lettering styles and compositions. 

Chris will teach:

  • Options for embellishing typography
  • Techniques for using a tablet to create digital art
  • Working from start to finish in Photoshop
  • Adding color and dimension

You’ll learn how to set up a framework for your composition and shape how letters and words interact with one another. Chris will help you understand how to infuse the content and client vision into your work while making letters that are both expressive and cohesive.

Get your complete introduction to digital lettering in Illustrative Stylings: Lettering and More with Photoshop with Chris Piascik.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2



This was very interesting. It would probably be best for beginners. It's always nice to see process. I feel very confident about jumping into lettering now.

a Creativelive Student

Love this class. I would like to see more like this class.