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Illustrative Stylings: Lettering and More with Photoshop

Lesson 8 of 14

How to Work Hand Lettering Into an Existing Design


Illustrative Stylings: Lettering and More with Photoshop

Lesson 8 of 14

How to Work Hand Lettering Into an Existing Design


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How to Work Hand Lettering Into an Existing Design

Now we're going to talk about bringing lettering into an existing design we're going to use this as our example this is a daily one of my daily drawings actually that I thought would be applicable for this um the lettering is please don't kill my vibe as you can see a little back story on this it was there's a kendall lamar song that it's pretty great but the radio version is please don't kill my vibe in the actual regions a little different so um I thought it was really funny that they translated to such a kind of polite thing from what is on the actual song so that's just little back story on why we're going to be drawing police don't kill my vibe so this is what we're working towards this is my finish piece um we're going to go back to the beginning and just show we just got the hands here and we're gonna work our lettering into this existing illustration this file will exist in the um and the bonus material you can get this working file which shows that in progress with each step o...

n a different layer so you can follow along okay so to get started we're just gonna begin as we did with both the basic lettering and the script when we're going to start a new layer I'm gonna grab my brush tool and then I'm gonna grab my favorite kyle ultimate pencil sketch tool and then we're just going to kind of write this phrase down I'm going to try tio eyeball it to get this teo working here and I wanted to kind of wrap around these hands as we saw in our um finished piece so actually I'm gonna keep it zoomed out a little bit so that I can just go quick so gonna start up here actually I'm gonna bring my brush size up a little bit so you can see it a little more okay so again I'm not really worrying about composition right now I'm just trying to see how much room I need to fill this in please don't kill my vibe she's very important were littering you don't want anyone to kill your vibe so we're seeing how much room is going to take up I kind of got lucky sometimes um when you're doing this and you're trying to fill it out it doesn't actually work out perfectly and he run out of space so the good thing about that is you can always just start over do new layers one of the benefits of working and photoshopped so since this fills the space out pretty good I'm going to just turn the capacity down on that layer start a new one and I know I want to emphasize some of these words um so I'm gonna try toe figure out what I want to emphasize so I think you know, emphasizing, kill cause kills a pretty strong word and vibe are important because those were kind of the important parts of this composition, so I'm gonna go ahead and make those words bigger and make lie a little bigger on I'll go in and make clear that maybe don't is like, well, slightly bigger kind of in between well, between kills much bigger and then have a good ratio between those two, and then my can be a little bit smaller tucked in there, so when you're just creating a framework again, you're just trying to get the words down on the page, figure out how much room they're going to take up, and you know what we're trying to work with, so this feels pretty good. I want to have my lettering take up a little more space in these hands do because the hands are, you know, they're solid color, they're really bold on the page, and I want the lettering to balance that out, so we're going to go a little bigger with the lettering because there's a lot of, um, negative space and like the county's between the letters that it's going to make it feel lighter than the hand, so if they were the same size, the hands would really be the emphasis, and we want the lettering to balance that out. So what I'm going to do is ah, maybe create a rough framework that I want to stick with. This kind of shape feels pretty good, but I want to emphasize that a little more so who might kind of just draw box around this, have this come in, maybe bring kill out a little more? So having this kind of box, I can use this to kind of fill in my illustration as we get further, so maybe I can make kill even bigger and expanded out here that way, we're using the space. We have probably been this line a little bit in closer, so we're not close to the edge always want to be careful with the edge of your page. You either wanna give some ample room or just break over where you might have, like a letter going off the page. You never want to have something that's so great on the edge of the page because that causes a weird tension and looks kind of unplanned, which is important when you're doing littering. So I'm gonna kind of end this box right here, so, you know, we can still keep this big, but we have space to work with so that's, basically how you would get started kind of doing a rough framework that you could use as a basis to start an illustration

Class Description

Hand lettering is a widely sought after skill – adding it to your arsenal of tools is sure to impress clients and help you land more work. Learn how to make attention-grabbing letterforms in Illustrative Stylings: Lettering and More with Photoshop with Chris Piascik.

An illustrator-turned-designer, Chris’s style is uniquely recognizable and his client work spans the globe. In this beginner-friendly class, you’ll get the opportunity to take a peek at his creative process and learn his methods for making illustrative lettering styles and compositions. 

Chris will teach:

  • Options for embellishing typography
  • Techniques for using a tablet to create digital art
  • Working from start to finish in Photoshop
  • Adding color and dimension

You’ll learn how to set up a framework for your composition and shape how letters and words interact with one another. Chris will help you understand how to infuse the content and client vision into your work while making letters that are both expressive and cohesive.

Get your complete introduction to digital lettering in Illustrative Stylings: Lettering and More with Photoshop with Chris Piascik.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2



This was very interesting. It would probably be best for beginners. It's always nice to see process. I feel very confident about jumping into lettering now.

a Creativelive Student

Love this class. I would like to see more like this class.