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In Focus: Taboo Questions from the Photo Industry

Chase Jarvis

In Focus: Taboo Questions from the Photo Industry

Chase Jarvis

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Class Description

Chase Jarvis is an award winning photographer who has helped create campaigns for some of the world’s most well-known brands. In this In Focus, Chase will discuss his start as a photographer and how he confronted the challenges along his journey. He’ll directly address the questions photographers are afraid to ask about the photo industry or about starting your photography business.  

Ratings and Reviews


This class was wonderful! I love the way Chase presents. His personality shines throughout and essentially that is also what I was able to take away from his course. Be yourself, do what you love, create with intention, be comfortable with who you are as an artist...these are just a few of the wonderful inspirational words I am taking away after watching this class!

Jay Goodrich

Chase! Thank you for taking the time to produce this hour long nugget. The day that I became a photographer who photographed for me, was the day that I became successful. I love the concept of not trying to make a $500 client a $5000 one. Even though both can essentially pay your bills. A lot of great advice packed into this hour. Great for any level of photographer to watch.

Lee Kneisz

Fantastic! A big thank you to Chase for his positivity, honesty and authenticity. I love his focus on self and not "the other person"-so important

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