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Bullets & Numbering

We're gonna go ahead and use bullets and numbering. So and I'm also gonna show you a couple quick tips also with bullets and numbering. I'm gonna open up several files here, and we're gonna look at, we're gonna do some numbering like this. With like an outline sort of thing. And we're gonna start here with something simple. I've just got this list, and what I wanna do, is I either wanna put bullets or I wanna number this list. So I'm gonna go ahead and choose a level one item. So I want level one, level two, level three, we're gonna eventually get a nice little outline going. But to start with, I just wanna put bullets. So I'm gonna grab at least a little bit of each paragraph. Because this is a paragraph item. This is not a character item. I just have to make sure my cursor is in the paragraph I wanna work with. In this case I have it touching a little bit of each one. I'm gonna go to bullets and numbering, I just went to the control panel. Bullets and numbering and I'm gonna go ahead...

and tell it bullets. We're gonna turn up previews so we can see that. And if you notice, there's a little bit of weird stuff goin' on here, and that's because I have different tabs set to each of those. So we're not gonna worry about that just yet, we'll fix that in a minute. So the bullet characters here, I can choose any of the other bullets, that are here, or I can add a bullet. If I don't want just the regular bullet, I can say add and here I get that whole glif panel again. For whatever font I'm working in, right now it's actually in Times, which is odd, so let's actually choose, we're gonna go with the Webdings, if I have those here. Or Wingdings or something. I do have Wingdings, we'll do that. And we'll do something fun. Let's do, how about the power button. We can do that and say add. And when I do that, now it's here for me to use, and I can just say, "oh that's my bullet!" and I can decide that, so if I don't wanna use the tab, and automatically it says, put a tab, that's what this is carrot t, if you don't know that just go to the secret menu that' over here and say, "that's what it is". So it will give the bullet and then some text after it. Maybe I don't want that, maybe I want to go space, dash, space. I just typed that right into there. And if you just hit tab so it takes, now it puts the symbol, space, dash, space. I could put in thin spaces, all that. So instead, let's tell it, let's go with the tab. Alright, so it just puts a tab after that. I'm just gonna say okay to that. Again, this was odd because in my bullets and numbering, come back to that, you notice it says tab position 36. I don't want that, I'm gonna make that back to zero. Or maybe not to zero it's gonna, I'm gonna go back as far as I can go. Which is whatever the inset is, so we'll go with the 18 points. See okay now it's all nice and lined up. But maybe what we didn't want, we didn't really want that, we wanted numbering instead. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna select all those items again. And even though they're each gonna be their own number, I want it all together because I can tell it all at one time, let's do numbers. So that's what it did. Did numbers and I can choose what kind of numbers I would like to use, letters, numbers. I'm just gonna use the regular letters, and then it says, well what does this mean? Well this is again, from the menu, it says current number, that's what the carrot and the number sign is. Current number, followed by a period, followed by a tab, so that's what we have set up there. And it's all level one at the moment. We're gonna make it level two, level three indented a little bit. So I'll go ahead and say choose that, leave that as is. But now actually what I wanna do is, is I wanna take these two level two items that need to move in a little bit. And I'm goin' back to numbering. And in a minute you're gonna say, "well this is taking a long time!" Well it is, but we're also gonna create a style for this. And we're gonna do styles a little later. But I am gonna show you that I already have styles set up, so that all I have to do is assign a style. Once I create it I can just assign it, and it goes a lot quicker. So setting it up takes a little while, but if you're doing a big long outline, or something like that, it's huge. So in this case, let's do the next thing, we're gonna do our small letters instead. And we'll still the current number followed by a period, followed by a tab, and if I just hit tab so I can see what's happening to that, I need to tell it it's the next level. So you notice it changed the numbering, but you noticed it started with B. Because it's all on the same level, so it's basically one, two, three, four, five. It's just I told it letters instead. I need to move it in and tell it to start the numbering as A, right? So that's what this is up here, the level. So I've told it level two, I need to tell it it's level two. I just moved it in and now it's starting a whole new numbering, I actually want it indented as well, and that's what this is here. So I can come in here, let's choose this, let's actually make this all the way to 18 point, and we'll make this 36 point, alright? So now I've just indented it nicely. I've got my one, A, and B, and now I want a third level item. Alright, so I'm gonna say okay, and that's what I'm gonna do with these items here, go back to bullets and numbering, and tell it this is level three. So you notice the numbering started over again, and again I need to change my indent. We're gonna do 36 point, and this should be still, this is 36, this is where I get really bad with my math. I think I have to add 36 and 18. Which would be 42, is that sound right? 52? 52. Six and 18, yeah, that right, 54. I think it, whatever, we're close enough. I use the arrows, because obviously, I can't ever remember how to do that, right? So 'cause it's the indent and the tab position added to it. So I've indented it good, I'm gonna do it visually. Looks good to me, and I wanna also change this back to actually numbers, that's good. You wanna do numbers, letters, numbers. So we'll say okay, and that's great. So we've got that, like I said, we're gonna change it as a style. I'm gonna show you when one I have set up as a style. But at anytime I could say, well actually I want this one to be back to a level one item, and when I tell it level one, you notice it changes to two, and it doesn't sound like it's very different, but it's because I actually want it to be level one. I'm gonna go back here to the zero and the 18. So now, this is actually a level one item, it's the next one in the list. Does that make sense? So let's actually grab this one that I have set up. So here I have this set up so this is level one. This is a level two, but you notice it's grabbing the number from before. 1.1, 1.2, so let's look at how we did that. I'm in the second line, the 1.1, bring up bullets and numbering and I've told it in here to do first the level above it. So let's actually delete all this and how do we get that numbering that's here? So now that's gone. I'll say I want to include the place holder. I want it to say the current, or the level one, 'cause that's the one above it, right? So I want it to grab that number, 'cause whether it's one or two it's gonna grab the level just above it, followed by a period. So we'll just type a period. Followed by the current level, followed by a tab. So we just choose that from there. So we get that 1.1, 1.2. Does that make sense? How we numbered that. And again we'll set up the tabs that are there. So how do we do this so that it looks really good? I'm gonna take everything here, and I'm gonna just wipe out the bullets and numbering. That sounds like a pain, right? Why did we do that? Let's wipe that out, we'll say okay. I've got the tabs that are there, but the bullets and numbering are gone. Well that's because I've set up a paragraph style. And again, we're gonna actually create styles in awhile. But you can kinda see it says, oh it was level one, but there was an override, something I did, well that's where I said take out the bullets and numbering. Well now I want to tell it, no put back the bullets and numbering I've put built this into the style, so that if I suddenly had this list, I could go, oh this line here? That's a level one. So I'm gonna wipe out the overrides. I'm holding down the option key. And I'll wipe out the overrides so it brings that in. So you notice the numbering got fixed as well. And I can come in here and select these. That's a level two. If I decided that these needed to also be level two, I could switch that, you notice the numbering changed to update to that. Soon as I tell it, no it's actually level three. And if you notice the numbering continues, right? It stops here, but it picks up with two and the numbering will continue even if I were to say to jump this across a frame. My numbering continues. What won't happen though, is we won't be able to, if I grab, let's say I grab these last three items that are here. I'm gonna copy it. You notice that it's not grabbing the number because that number is being auto generated. Let's say I copied that or deleted that, and I put it in a new text frame. They're not linked, they're two separate text frames. And I put that here. You know what it actually is doing the continuing of the numbering. I wanna show you what happens normally, but because it's built into the style, what happens normally, is you would see this. And you're like, wait a minute, those need to be connected. Well what I do is I created a list. And so I've told it that this list needs to always be linked together. So I'm gonna create a new document in here really quick. And let's say we had a bunch of figures we wanted to show off. We're gonna say, some images, and have figures next to 'em. I'm gonna come down here and show my frame edges. So I can actually see those. And I want this to be, let's say we have, Venice, we're gonna pretend we have pictures here, I'm just not gonna do it because you can obviously get the idea. Venice, and we have Rome, and we have Florence. Alright, so we've got some images, maybe these are figures or they're just headers, whatever. We just want them to look the same. We also want 'em to say figure one, figure two, figure three. But I don't wanna have to number those. I want to use bullets and numbering to do that for me. So I can do that, I can come in here, and I can say, let's create bullets and numbering for this, and I say numbers, let's just do regular numbers, and text before that, anything we want to format before that, we want it to say, figure one, or I'm sorry, figure, and then I want the number to automatically generate. So I'll say current level, and I'll do space, dash, space. Alright, so now it says figure one Venice. Great! That seems great. Now I have to do that here and here. But what I really gonna do, is I'm gonna create a paragraph style really quick. So what I'm gonna do is just put one. Alright, so we won't worry about that again. We'll do that paragraph style in just a little while. But I created a style, just so you can see how quickly we can do that. But if you notice, it says figure one, because those items are not connected. I need to tell it how to connect that. So what I'm going to do, is I'm going to go up to bullets and numbering, and I'm gonna create a list. Say new list, and I'll call this figures. And it asks you, do you want to continue numbers across stories? Yes we do. So let's do that. Say figures. And I'm gonna have to redefine my style here. So now that style is figure one. You'll notice that changed to figure two, and figure three. So even though we're not really doing numbered lists, we still have that continuation. And it will still automate that for me. Now what happens if I move that up here, this is three, this is two, that doesn't work. Well what happens is, when you've got the separate text frames, the only order it knows to go in, is the order you created. So you wanna make sure that you create them in the right order, if you don't there's a way around it, just takes a little extra, what I basically have to do is, pull each thing off and paste it in the order that I want it to be numbered in. So here's what you do, command or control x to cut it, and then do command or control, option alt shift. So it's basically all your command keys. Or use paste and place under the edit menu. Past that in place looks exactly the same, why? Well it's the last thing I pasted. Cut it, paste it in place, cut this, paste it in place. So I've pasted each one in the order, now I've got my one, my two, and my three. Because it's a list, it sees it as one continuous thing, and it's still putting those numbers in there. Does that make sense? Bullets and numbering kinda make sense? I know sometimes when you get into these multi level lists they're kind of hard to get by. And it seems like a lot of changes, but again, just by making a paragraph style, you can change it that easily, and go actually that needed to be there, this needs to a subset of that, and these three things need to be a subset of that, and these are all back to level one, or whatever. You know, so you can change them that quickly. Again, because I saved them as a style. So that's kind of a style preview as well.

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  • As an absolute beginner to InDesign, I purchased both of Erica's classes and man was she helpful. I highly recommend this course to anyone unfamiliar with the software to give them some great footing. Thank you Erica and thank you Creative Live!
  • I am using Erica's videos to supplement my "Classroom in a book series" on Indesign. The beauty of this is that I can go through the sections of the book and when I get to something, like Master Pages, that I can't quite follow I jump to the video. I gain the understanding I need by listening and watching Erica and then go back to the book and finish the project with a lot more under my belt. The book gives me real examples to complete but does not give me that "personal" touch. Thanks Erica for being my personal coach. This has worked perfectly.
  • This was really helpful, although *very* fast paced! But gave me a lot of great ideas to take my InDesign use to another level. Thanks!