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Lesson 1 from: Innovative Techniques for Outdoor Photography

George Lepp

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1. Class Overview

Get an overview of what you’ll learn in this course on creative outdoor photography, including how to do panoramas, extending your depth of field, and time-lapse photography.

Lesson Info

Class Overview

Everyone and welcome to creative live my name is ken klosterman and this is innovative techniques for outdoor photography with george left now most of you out there know that george left is one of north america's finest and most renowned outdoor and nature photographers. For thirty years he has been the field editor and a columnist in outdoor photographer magazine and he is has published a series of books a number of books his images have been on the covers of so many different magazines and we are honored to have him here at crate of live for the very first time please help me welcome george left george how are you doing today? Fine. All right, all right. So one of the things without door photography is that we all would go out and we're in these magnificent scenes magnificent places and you'll survive and you're like wow on and then you are not sure how to actually capture that how to actually get that to something that you can have forever and show other people and enjoy do you find...

that to be the case? This is a case a lot of times I can remember a number of instances where I've arrived someplace and I look at this and say my goodness, this is just incredible now how do I do this? How do I bring this home? How do I bring this to the people that either sent me there or people such as yourselves how do I teach this to you too make it all happen and that's what we're going to do today is we're going to try to give you some of the tools techniques to capture it and however you want to you know, whether you want to make prints, whether you want to put it on your facebook page or whatever that's what we're going to be about today fantastic, how to bring all that home with you. All right? Well, I know we have a ton to cover, so I'm going to let you just take it away and tell us more about what we're going to learn we're going to cover a lot of different things, all right? Thank you, george, I want to just give you a really quick idea of what we're going to accomplish in these sessions. There's two main sessions and in this first one, we're going to talk about panoramas, some additional lighting, extended depth, the field macro techniques, hdr hdr is a tool not so much as a in effect, we're going to talk about time lapses of I have great fun with time lapse is, you know, you maybe you're not trying to sell your images, but having fun is a good part of what we're going to talk about and video I mean almost everybody has a camera now that khun do high definition video, but very, very few people are doing it here's a few examples of what we're going to talk about panorama is not just vertical panorama is before is donald ones we're going talk about different kinds of panorama is there's eight kinds of panorama is that we'll talk about here's here's one which we call an action sequence panorama we're going to talk about stacking macro macro it up to ten x at ten x you khun sea butterfly wings and all the scales want to talk about electronic flash? We're going to talk about hdr not just as a tool but a little bit of this the same old types of things that we've had a lot of fun with in the past and will even talk about across polarization a way to get rid of, uh, extraneous light and bring out color and things like minerals like we have here and some of these lenses I have a few pieces of technique of equipment up here and behind me that only come to those ill talk about them for a very short time appears well, this is a particular lens on the camera combination that gives you eight hundred ninety six millimeters and focuses to three point two feet and it's readily available and it's not overly expensive there's a difference between expensive and overly expensive second the second session will talk about applications and we'll take all these things that we're talking about in the first segment and we'll put him to pictures and we'll have a few new things that will show up there as well, but we'll talk about wildlife, birds, mammals and then we'll do flowers and macro and then we'll do some landscape, so we'll bring it to life in the sense of where would I use this? And what would I do there? So let's get started? Well, here's some examples of that second segment snowflakes, macro technique stacking techniques, of course you have to have snow uh, some of us have that some of us fortunately do not. We'll talk about different lenses in places like africa, panoramas, flowers. This is cooking a half gardens in holland, and I've been there a number of times and it's just the ultimate place on the planet during april and may we'll talk a little bit about lightning and some other landscape techniques. So ansel adams talked about a word that he called pre visual ization and I've gotten letters. I put this on my column and I've gotten letters that say there is no such word but yet if ansel adams said, as far as I'm concerned, it's a word and it was the ability to anticipate a finished image before making the exposure he would look at a scene, and he would know whether he had different films, but generally he would know what the exposure was, what zone system he would be using when he knew that when he got back to the dark room that he would be using maybe a water bath to change the contrast and what paper he would print on. So he had all these things in his mind while he was out there actually taking the picture itself. Uh, this follow through today in a very big way, we have us, we're going to talk about a set of capture concepts, technical tools, uh, pieces of equipment that are now available that expand our options way beyond anything that ansel adams could have ever of I dreamt about, and we have to shoot in a certain way in the field when we take the picture to make it all happen when we bring it in the second half of digital photography today is actually the computer, and if you don't like the computer, you're not going to get nearly as far with your photography as you might have. Uh, if you did embrace photo, shop and like room and all of those types of programs

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Ratings and Reviews

R. Hetrick

Amazing class! I particularly loved the macro and how to correctly take panoramic photos sections. George was not only a great teacher but he was super funny too. Would be happy to take any of his future classes.


I watched the entire class, and found it to be a very negative experience - in contrast to all of my other experiences with Creative Live, which had been very good. The problem with this class was the instructor. Mr. Lepp, rather than giving us practical, useful information, and techniques for approaching the subject of Outdoor Photography, instead used his time to show off his seemingly endless array of incredibly expensive and cutting edge gadgetry. For the first half hour or so, Mr. Lepp seemed pleasant and interesting, but it quickly became apparent that this class was NOT about anything relating to the art of outdoor photography. Instead, it was basically a seminar highlighting exotic equipment for the 1%. I have well over $25,000 of photographic equipment, but the arena in which Mr. Lepp plays begins somewhere around the $100,000 mark, and then requires a staggering ongoing budget for chartering helicopters, hiring guides, and constant upgrades to remain on the bleeding edge of gadgetry and accessories. From his gyroscopic mounts to his 40" printer, Mr. Lepp has it ALL and continues to spend, spend, spend. I admire his deep pockets, but I would have appreciated some real insight and technique and useful knowledge on actually getting great shots. (And I must say... Mr. Lepp's work... did not impress me to the degree that other teachers on CreativeLive have.) I believe those giving positive reviews here were more or less wowed by the sheer magnitude of his extensive, well-funded travels and his off-handed way of revealing the endless contraptions and combinations of gear he uses. The passion here is clearly about the gadgetry, and NOT about finding an original and creative voice in the arena of outdoor photography.


George really prepared a lot of information for his class. It is true, he does have a lot of expensive equipment and we may not be able to do some of the things he does with a smaller budget, but it is good incentive for us to plan for the future. He seemed to share new information constantly and stay focused and I was able to take a lot of notes. He talked about many kinds of equipment as well as software and websites he uses. I am pretty impressed that he is so up to date with recent technology. He especially loves macro/micro and stacking hundreds of images for minute focus on really large enlargements (for example, over 600 photos for one butterfly wing). That can get boring if you are not interested in doing that. I can take those tips and apply them to landscape photography though. I think it is more helpful for someone already doing outdoor photography and looking for new inspiration or new techniques as opposed to someone new to photography in general.

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