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Class Introduction

Hey, hi, how are you? Come on in, michael port, I'm amy meet and we are what we here to teach. We're teaching the instructor master class, so because we're the masters or the class well, you you're the one with the class on, I'll just help out and, you know, try to give you some energy, but we're going to teach you how to create world class creative life that's, right? And here's the thing if you if you don't come on this journey with us, we're not quite sure how your class is going to turn out. So come do this work with us and then you will you you you produce, you'll perform a creative five class that is second to none and it'll be worth every single second of it. So here's, what we're gonna do, we're gonna start with crushing your fears and silence and the critics it's so important because, you know, this could be scary, you know, when you go on camera would be really nerve racking so that's where we start and then it becomes really important to master authenticity, they are here to...

see you indeed, and then we're going to teach you a protocol for creating content, take your expertise, what you know and you turn it into really well organized content and then take that content and because this is a different kind of venue than a lot of others were going to look at, how you specifically a plier content to creative life that's right? And these are our producers, by the way, this is justin and this is kate they don't talk a lot I don't know why, but but they're here with us and they're the ones that make this happen. So we're also going to teach you how to work with producers because you know, I could be very difficult and that's part of your preparation for creative live but another part of your preparation is rehearsal and so will teach you the protocols for rehearsal so that you can come in and nail it and also how to create compelling visual media because this is a visual medium and then we'll move into storytelling secrets you will teach you howto find those stories the write stories for your material, for your course and then how to tell them did you indeed and how to engage the audience? Because you know you're trying to get people to put in a lot of time with you so you want to make sure that you know how to engage the audience and if you're doing one where there's a studio audience you know howto work with people in the room and of course the people that are at home watching you through the camera and then we'll teach you some techniques that performers know for keeping your energy up especially over longer shoots on for keeping your voice strong and of course the biggest mistake that performers make we'll make most of them and here's what your job is to figure out where we made the mistakes but we'll actually do a lesson that specifically in the biggest mistake that biggest bigot but and that would be one of them and that's intentional because of course it's all really well crafted so the biggest mistakes that performers make and then how to oh boy them and then we'll talk about what to wear and more importantly what not to wear this is true although you should wear something to wear pants or not to wear pants is not the question here a creative live is it no it's a pence are not optional they are required creative lives that right? Good, good see how they giggle a lot don't you turn around and then we'll move into the magic of props uh indeed the magic of props look, we're playing around a lot we're having fun would be a little bit silly little bit goofy because we want to demonstrate that this could be a fun experience for you I don't need to make it you know, a stressful, anxiety ridden experience this is an opportunity to share your passion with really the world, because you can reach so many people through this platform. And I've done two courses for creative live ones called book yourself salad and the other a b. And I did together, heroic public speaking, and they were some of the best experiences we've ever had. And we are so happy to come back here and give you a master class in how to nail this yourself. A swell, so ready, you guys ready? Yeah, everybody ready in the booth. Good let's, do it.

Class Description

Let public speaking experts and pro instructors Michael and Amy Port show you how to own the room and master the art of teaching.

Even for seasoned experts, teaching can represent a new and unique challenge. In this class, Michael and Amy will help you become a better on-camera instructor and a better speaker in general. You’ll learn about the unique challenges of teaching and how to most efficiently prepare your material for a dynamic and engaging class. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Rehearse and prepare adequately in the time you have available
  • Develop your content to the fullest and prepare bonus materials that will incentivize sales
  • Attract a big live audience and drive them to purchase the class

Veteran public speakers themselves, Amy and Michael offer battle-tested strategies for preparing for, marketing, and teaching a class. You’ll develop skills that will make you a more engaging speaker, one who is completely at home engaging audiences.  


a Creativelive Student

This was such a pleasure to watch. Thank you, Michael and Amy for the tips - excellent for both new and seasoned instructors! I had several *huge* take-aways that will help me improve my next class. I appreciate you and the thought that went into these sessions.

a Creativelive Student

This class is full of great advice from two seasoned pros... I've worked with Michael Port in the past and attended a workshop with both Michael and Amy in NY last year that was AMAZING... this CreativeLive class is perfect for people like myself that are not only speaking to groups but also teaching them in the process.

a Creativelive Student

Amazing class! So many great tips & ways to connect with your audience. Thanks Amy & Michael!