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Master Authenticity as a Performer

Hi, I'm michael I'm amy hi, I'm sure I'm sure good sheila am she's authentically amy and that's what this lesson is about mastering authenticity because we have found that the people who are most compelling as instructors are often the most authentic they are who they are or as public says, I am who I am I am who I am exactly and so what? We want to make sure that you feel comfortable that you can be yourself when you're teaching of course rosalind russell famous actress said that acting feels like uh standing on the stage naked and turning around very slowly and of course you're not an actor and we certainly are not asking you to be one but you're a performer and when you're standing up here in front of an audience andi cameras there's the lights on, you know, it's a big red dot on the camera and there's thousands of people at home well, you may feel naked you may feel vulnerable. Absolutely, and what we want to say is bu bu I mean we're all kind of different from each other we all ha...

ve our own quirks. We all have our own style as instructors as performers and that there isn't one way to be don't tamp down what makes you you that's what makes you interesting? Your story is why you're here not just your expertise but your story and we're going to show you a clip now of a performer named petra colder she is incredibly popular course here called moving toe happiness. I just so happened to live with her, and so she gave us permission to show a couple quick clips from the first segment of her first day on a two day course that she taught we're going to show you those clips and then we're going toe point out something that she did on dh there's a great lesson in it, so let's, go ahead and look at those clips I love. I heard this analogy that you know, psychology in the past, and I'm not a psychologist usedto often focus on what's wrong with you to sit down in a therapist office. I've been in therapy for seven years many years ago to deal my anxiety, which will talk about tomorrow. I'm already over sharing whatever I don't know we move from that place, I find it does two things, it takes away the fear every time I get afraid about something wanna share again. So I was a little anxious about being here with you guys and you're amazing creatives on my beautiful hosts and everyone here little action, and I had to reframe my thoughts I'm not gonna let that anxiety stop me from doing the work that I have no money, so what passionate about because I've lived this and I've seen what a difference it makes in my own life they always say you teach what you need to learn who so but here we are I think a lot of us wanted we're gonna talk about this more on tomorrow I think a lot of us feel that way it's called the impostor sin I am guilty of that my biggest thing over sharing again is I don't have letters after my name she's so good yes, yes so it is you so likeable to do you notice three times in that one segment? Of course we cut those together but it was in the first morning segment and I wanna have segment. She apologized for sharing. So during the break after the first segment she sent me taxes is how am I doing? Do you have any notes for me? And I said you are killing it you're fantastic! If I was going to give you a note, I would suggest you consider stop apologizing for your story because you were there to share your story that's why creative live chose you and you can see our stories quite powerful but you can also see how likable she is and that's a big part of being a very powerful creative live instructor now you know not everybody is going to like the same people I mean, there are people who love me and the people who don't like me and people who love amy is a performer and their people everybody loves amy is a performer, but but we're not trying to seek approval that's not what likability is about likability is about allowing yourself to be more authentic so that you could be in service of the audience and likability starts with friendliness you can see how friendly she is likability then of course requires real nous and you can see just how real she is, but she doesn't need to apologize for being real and then empathy clearly she's so empathetic you can hear it in her language and the way she connects with her audience and then finally she's relevant the work she's doing on that platform is relevant to the people in the audience and the people at home, so if you are friendly, if you were really if you are empathetic and you are also relevant, you're going to be very authentic and likable creative live instructor so she's also talking about difficult subjects and that's something that if you are being authentically yourself you may find that is something that comes up what we want to say about that is this you have to get comfortable with discomfort you don't have to, but but it makes a difference if you know that that's part of your role in being in the public eye in standing up in a bigger way in the world in a larger way, it will feel uncomfortable sometimes, and if you know that that's just part of it, that that's unexpected part of it, then you can work toward being more comfortable in those situations of discomfort. And one of the ways that we as instructors sometimes feel uncomfortable is when they asked were asked a question that we don't know an answer to, and that may happen from time to time and it's okay to say you don't know your audience doesn't expect you to know every single question and answer to have an answer to every single question. That's asked it's perfectly. Ok, sit, I don't know how about you in the audience anybody ever having experienced with that or I don't know, but I'll tell you what I could guarantee you during the break, I'm gonna go find out and when we come back, I'm gonna make sure I have an answer for you, it's perfectly okay, it's not going to damage your credibility and it started even get it might even give you more credibility. It might even give you more credibility it's, true and also it's okay to say by this course. Because you wouldn't teach something that wasn't a value that's, right? If you value what it is that you are offering and you know how it will serve people and you are passionate about your work, then to say by this course it comes out of a place of caring for them rather than a place of, like, give me getting and this is not some, you know, we're not teach you clever sales techniques were just demonstrating that the people are watching because they value what you're teaching and they're expressing their values through buying the course that you're teaching, and so you want to give them the opportunity to to do that, and sometimes they need a little help making the decision because they've got a lot going on or I'm not really sure is it's gonna have everything I need, and your job is to make sure that they know what you're doing is going to help solve any problems they have and or achieve any results that they want or big dreams that they have and look it's okay to laugh at yourself, way, do it all the time all the time, you'll you know, through this course, we'll probably laugh at ourselves a lot and make a lot of mistakes and, you know, we just have fun with it. We try to keep it a simple and easy as possible. We don't think that, you know, were perfect, and you'll never be perfect. It just doesn't work that way and any of you, if you worked too hard to be perfect, and you probably won't be too good. True story, huh? Two story. So we want to make sure that you feel comfortable being uncomfortable and being yourself so that you could be as likeable as possible. And master authenticity is the key to success at creative live. Bye bye.

Class Description

Let public speaking experts and pro instructors Michael and Amy Port show you how to own the room and master the art of teaching.

Even for seasoned experts, teaching can represent a new and unique challenge. In this class, Michael and Amy will help you become a better on-camera instructor and a better speaker in general. You’ll learn about the unique challenges of teaching and how to most efficiently prepare your material for a dynamic and engaging class. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Rehearse and prepare adequately in the time you have available
  • Develop your content to the fullest and prepare bonus materials that will incentivize sales
  • Attract a big live audience and drive them to purchase the class

Veteran public speakers themselves, Amy and Michael offer battle-tested strategies for preparing for, marketing, and teaching a class. You’ll develop skills that will make you a more engaging speaker, one who is completely at home engaging audiences.  


a Creativelive Student

This was such a pleasure to watch. Thank you, Michael and Amy for the tips - excellent for both new and seasoned instructors! I had several *huge* take-aways that will help me improve my next class. I appreciate you and the thought that went into these sessions.

a Creativelive Student

This class is full of great advice from two seasoned pros... I've worked with Michael Port in the past and attended a workshop with both Michael and Amy in NY last year that was AMAZING... this CreativeLive class is perfect for people like myself that are not only speaking to groups but also teaching them in the process.

a Creativelive Student

Amazing class! So many great tips & ways to connect with your audience. Thanks Amy & Michael!