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Enhance Your Teaching with Props

Let's talk about the magic of props props are simply fightings that are part of your set and some channels you'll have more props than others certainly crafting channel the whole thing is perhaps that may be in the money in business channel you'll show a book for example and maybe in the course the uh you know, photography channel you'll see a camera like this now there are two things that folks do that are problematic that the camera men and women really really I want you to avoid for example, holding something up to quickly when you want to demonstrate it and putting it away he couldn't see it so if you're gonna hold it up to let them see it, you need to hold it there for quite some time for longer than you think and then see how well this camera just switched so this was the camera before the prop we taught you how to work with cameras and then as soon as that light went away I knew they had it and I could come back to my close up nicely done thank you very much. Now there's another...

problem that often occurs where you don't hold it steady, you wave it around so you're like, okay, so here's the book and you're talking and now john director upstairs please stop doing that so he put us back to this camera here and it again, it's the same thing you know if you're going to keep it, just hold it up there you know when you're you're demonstrating with items that you may be taking a part like this you know you if you want to demonstrate how it's done, you need to remember that often the folks who you're teaching haven't done it before so if you do the super super fast they might miss it so if you're going to say, well, this is how you take the lens off you put it down, you press the button, you turn it lifted out do it slowly now it's very important that you take the cap, you see and you place it on you turn it so it's very slow as opposed to just shoot you good there's a dear so so slow it all down take it easy on you know people will be able to see what they need to see now it's important to talk to the crew ahead of time because if you show up with a whole bunch of props that they are not usedto they don't expect you to have, then you could throw them off now I'm going to do something now specifically for the, uh, photographers out there going put this back because I'm not going to keep my camera lens uh open there my mirror rather so so um we're going to talk about the other crew you know the crew I will make sure that all of your props have got clearance that you've run them through your content producer so everybody's on the same page that the line producer seen them that the director and the camera operators have seen them so they're prepared when you use it now it's also fun you can use inanimate objects that represent one thing and turn it into something else so this is a pen but it could be something else maybe telling a story about the time that your third grade teacher wrapped you on the knuckles and use this as an example she wrapped me on the knuckles and it hurt a lot and now you've just demonstrated something rather than just telling them which is she wrapped me on the knuckles and it hurt a lot it's very different certainly I went to a chinese restaurant and you know I was sitting there eating my noodles and now you've just demonstrated you know you've given them a visual of what happened and all you did was use your pen so there are thousands of different uses for any item you can turn so many different items into items that are in your story make it richer make it mohr riel then you can have fun and play with and the audience loves it gives them a visual picture and they find it very creative that's. It props really simple. But we just put these here because they smell lovely and very pretty. They just did a show yesterday, so there was a problem, and I'm gonna hold it up, hold it up, and then I know when they're done and that's it. We are out, and that is the magic of props.

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Let public speaking experts and pro instructors Michael and Amy Port show you how to own the room and master the art of teaching.

Even for seasoned experts, teaching can represent a new and unique challenge. In this class, Michael and Amy will help you become a better on-camera instructor and a better speaker in general. You’ll learn about the unique challenges of teaching and how to most efficiently prepare your material for a dynamic and engaging class. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Rehearse and prepare adequately in the time you have available
  • Develop your content to the fullest and prepare bonus materials that will incentivize sales
  • Attract a big live audience and drive them to purchase the class

Veteran public speakers themselves, Amy and Michael offer battle-tested strategies for preparing for, marketing, and teaching a class. You’ll develop skills that will make you a more engaging speaker, one who is completely at home engaging audiences.  


a Creativelive Student

This was such a pleasure to watch. Thank you, Michael and Amy for the tips - excellent for both new and seasoned instructors! I had several *huge* take-aways that will help me improve my next class. I appreciate you and the thought that went into these sessions.

a Creativelive Student

This class is full of great advice from two seasoned pros... I've worked with Michael Port in the past and attended a workshop with both Michael and Amy in NY last year that was AMAZING... this CreativeLive class is perfect for people like myself that are not only speaking to groups but also teaching them in the process.

a Creativelive Student

Amazing class! So many great tips & ways to connect with your audience. Thanks Amy & Michael!