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Intro to Apple Logic Pro

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Travis Kasperbauer

Intro to Apple Logic Pro

Travis Kasperbauer

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1. Introduction

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Uh, thanks everybody glad to be here like you're saying the forces and, uh, I've been doing this for a long time I've been recording engineer for over twenty years started when I was a teenager there's one actually, I started a bit before that first time I got a really, really tape recorder think it's like seven or eight years old, I got it from my grandfather and I was a weird kid that walked around with a little microphone, this thing sticking in front of everything that made sound I've been obsessed with it since then, so, you know, as going through different technologies as I was coming up, I have gone from working in the studios where the only way we could record stuff was two inch analog tape, so I go way back when that stuff and I've watched digital audio workstations come up from very basic systems to now what we have with logic pro ten finally, just incredible amount of technology and options that we have for creating music, so, you know, you guys it's great, you know, the kin...

d of people who wanted, you know, teach all the time, show people air incident music, maybe have a little experience, maybe not much I have different reasons for wanting to learn it, but it's going to be great at a lot of stuff to go through I'm I'm going to then uh just jump right in you've got it start talking about it um I want talk to get a little bit just about logic pro ten and what it is so you might have heard me say before into other people say it's a really powerful d a w a digital audio workstations dog from people say um that's absolutely what it is so when we start going through everyone you guys just to keep in mind uh, logic pro ten now what we're able to do, we talked about recording vocals I'm going to talk to you guys besides recording things like vocals, guitars, the audio how are also able to use other built in software instruments and create sounds that way? So we'll be recording information on midi tracks we're gonna learn howto edit that stuff customize sounds, change them more from around and be able to mix these sounds together automate mixes changed again with using different processors be able to use some pre recorded music like apple loops or samples and samplers to quickly throw stuff together and then finally printing out those mixes, sharing music with other people, which is what this whole thing's all about, right um so that when you jump right into it as we see it, we're talking about logic pro ten, which is an apple product so this is a mac on ly application, so it is for the first time a cz long as it's been available for the mac computers apples been selling it it's available as an app store purchase so when you guys go to get your logic pro ten you're gonna be going to the app store I don't know if we've got the computer up here for these guys to see what I'm gonna do a quick run through with him here thank you. So I hear you guys look, you get your brand new mac and the one I'm working on here think last night was pretty much a brand new laptop that we're working with typical what you guys can get these days going to the app store down on the dock do a search for logic pro ten it's gonna pop up for you I send the introduction I said how this is such an incredible deal one hundred ninety nine bucks just talking about that again blows me away again you know you talk about some other pieces of software how expensive they could be previous versions of logic I always thought word totally worth a thousand dollars wherever they were but at one hundred ninety nine it's a steel that's when we can do directly from the app store which is a huge advantage remember the last time I was installing the logic nine studio the box of disk that it came with of dvds and sitting there in every couple of hours reloading, loading again now, much more streamlined, what's going to happen as soon as you go the app store search for it it's going to start installing for you and when that installs it's going to come up with a little box, tell you, ok, we're down stalling some essential con content here for you, some sounds and instruments, things like that on don't let you read a little bit of information about it. Like I said, I'm here on a pretty much a brand new. This is the way it looks out of the box. Uh uh, mac, book pro and a couple things I may have you guys set up if you're gonna follow along while watching this video, a couple things I may have you set up so they look the same as what I had going during the class here gonna run through here and you'll notice that now this is the latest operating system, which is necessary for the latest version of logic pro ten and so we're on, uh, os ten point nine something that it does is it shows you this blank desktop appearance up here, right, so one thing I like to be able to do when we're starting to look around through things is going to the finder and preferences and have it do what it used to do for us, which is toe melt hard disk up there reason why I lost is theirs course some ways that we can open up a new finder window and look around through some things but a big thing when you guys start making your own music or if you're recording other people, just doing it for fun or doing it professionally. Eyes file management, knowing where your saving stuff I don't know how you guys are, but when, like my laptop at home doesn't look like this it's full of stuff all over the desktop, right at your emails and funny picture you dragged off of a website, you know, important note, you want to keep favorite songs, stuff like that all end up in the most important place, which is what you see all the time until it starts to get littered and crowded with everything and you can't find anything, see start pulling stuff away and things get lost. So, you know, I'm a pretty strict with myself on with like you here in the class at the studio where we try to keep everything really organized. If we're working with clients in the studio, we make sure they have their own folder. They have a place to put stuff. If I'm working on my own stuff, make sure that I know where that's going to be, be able to go back and find it again. I have a lot of friends there using d w's like logic pro ten, teo earn their living doing things, maybe working with bands in the studio like we talked about like some of us are doing, but also a lot of them are doing things like queues for television, little bits of music, right that you hear before commercials and after the theme, the music bed that's playing the background or they were doing just sort of soundscapes for fillmore for independent projects or something like that. Those are the kind of things that when you create them, they friends that do accuse for tv and stuff, they need to keep good catalogs of everything they're doing give good names to them, be ableto find them because what's gonna happen to someday people that they sell their music to. We're gonna call them. And say, hey, we need something you know it's an ambien elektronik thing are we need like a little blues riff thing bumper to go you know, before and after for this segment being able to go on quickly search find it, pull it out that's the way you're going to make money be able to get some stuff uh, you know, turned into some people having a little crowded desktop not in this so the best way so speech over as far as keeping things clean but housekeeping is a good thing so that's why I want to start with our hard drive up here and then we're gonna be able to search through some different places and mainly I'm going to keep it simple logic provides a great place once we install it and open up our first session if we look in the favorites column over here and a finder window go down to music we'll see just because I installed this last night on her save one project it so I made a logic folder that's a great place for you to start saving your stuff maybe make sub folders be able to keep some different you're different files again uh organized in a way that you'll be able to find him so that's one thing might look different on the way to change it again because when it says find her in the upper left hand corner will go under that finder's for the preferences and just make sure that show these items on the desktop will pick hardness. Also, you can do external this anything else you're looking for, uh, to mount up there so, you know, work on like a firewire usb drive? Um, that'll work as well. All right, let's, move on to once we've installed logic pro, so like I said, the app store purchase going to be able to bring it up first thing is going to do for you that once he gets the initial app and there is it's going to start downloading some stuff for you, some other content let that go through doesn't take very long, and then once we do that, we're gonna be able to launch and a logic pro. Now we're going to get moving pretty quick here isn't just looking around listening says some stuff, but I want to do a couple more of those set up things first, just so we can sort of get in the same place, make sure that we're all looking at the same thing, so as soon as you get logic pro open first thing, I'm gonna suggest you do, you're not gonna want to dig right into it and start having some fun is there's actually a ton more content that they have for us? Lots of sound things in the form of apple loops, instrument patches content that we could work with here, where we're going to find that is in the main menu up at the top here, it says, logic pro ten once we've launched, if we go down, we're going to see download additional content. This is something I was doing a bunch of, and I get the whole list here setting up this computer for class, but we see that it's giving us tons of different categories of things I've got most of it installed. You seem incomplete on a couple things I'll be putting in later tonight, but everything from this essential sounds on instruments for logic pro and also their live performance at main stage, we've got some base content, the drum kits, incredible new drum sounds that they have on dh those coming stereo drum kits, multi output trump kitson producer pat producer patches, which we're going to be talking about all these different things, what they mean and how we're going to be using those or the next couple days here, the drum machine content guitar sounds and guitar files there, the mallets orchestral, all the different apple loops that we have, we're looking like subcategories, they're different genres of music. So if you know specifically the type of stuff you're gonna work with, you could go and check things or d select different ones if you know that you love modern, modern r and b, but you're not a big fan of one of these other genres of music you khun d select anything you want just put on what you're looking for. I believe the content I was down last night equal something like fifty six megabytes, so uh took a little while uh, but worth the wait to get that and they're not too long. I want to get in there then now we're really full of a bunch of different sounds and things that we can use and that's the way I'm gonna be showing you guys, eh? So I'm gonna be imagined fully installed with all this additional content as we go. Another thing that I'm going to suggest to those of you that have an apple ipad it's at the same time going here under the same main menu category of logic pro ten and down to download logic remote um thanks to xander soren that apple I will be showing you guys on uh, the ipad air here, but they have an incredible app here called the logic remote, which could allow me to use this and we'll be taking a look at it in a little while here allow me to use this ipad as many controller so we'll have a keyboard on it so we'll be able to play we're going to see there's some advantages to the logic remote keyboard compared to a normal usb controller like one that we have sitting over here that will pull out later as well but also tons of other control fader control so while we're mixing you can sit back automate change volumes on things possum quick in common commands that we have things like save copy paste all those kind of things will show up is a little button panel and here and also control of instrument sounds so different smart controls will be able to just on the touch screen be able to change something so it's another quick app free that weaken download to get going as well but once we get all that done then I think you guys are all ready for us to go through the next few segments of our class so again if you guys settle this up everything is gonna look exactly the same for you on dh have the same capabilities of what will be showing in class here I'm not going to be talking about any of the extra stuff that we could add to logic pro in this intro course what I'm talking about this of course there's a bunch of other developers and other companies itself things like software synthesizers, guitar amps simulators loop libraries, sample libraries for sample players and tons of great stuff out there. Andi, we'll definitely talk about that for going to more advanced class, but in the century, I want talk to you about just all the great stuff that they have built in on dh we'll see the well, actually be a little bit of a challenge for us to get it all in and these three days, because there's so much stuff there. So with just our logic pro ten content now we're going to jump in and take a look at what we have, um, it's the screens refreshing over here, a ce faras a session tohave us all work with over the next couple days are gonna be showing you guys a bunch of different projects and stuff that other people have made and logic pro that I want to be able to show you, but a lot of stuff that I've worked on stuff that I've worked on with mikey ross here in our studio with some of our clients, we have permission to pull up and show you some stuff different genres of music will look at, you know, some electrons pop stuff will be taking a look also at some incredibly heavy metal. Music with a lot of electric guitars and electric bass. And suddenly, that little bit of hip hop is well on. Definitely some electronic dance music stuff. So, you know, logic pro ten, perfect for all different types of music.

Class Description

There’s a reason Apple® Logic® Pro is the go-to recording tool for the music industry’s most-respected bands. It’s a powerful, easy to use program for creating professional-quality music on your Mac from scratch. Join world-class producer Travis Kasperbauer for the world’s first free live exploration of everything Apple Logic Pro has to offer.

This workshop will teach you everything you need to know about recording awesome music in Apple Logic Pro. You’ll explore the basics of the workspace and learn tips and shortcuts for navigating the interface. Travis will also teach you how to record with microphones and instruments, use MIDI, arrange and edit music, and mix multitrack projects. By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to record a full song with vocals, guitars, and drums.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, this course will give you an Apple Logic Pro playbook for unlocking your full potential as a producer and artist.

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a Creativelive Student

Travis Kasperbauer was one of the best teachers in this discipline I have encountered. His style of teaching is easy to follow. I learned more in one day with Travis then i have learned in a year watching video online and learning on my own and from others. Travis knows what he is talking about and what he doesn't know he takes the time to figure it out and walks you through the process of finding the solution to the problem. I find this important because there no one way to do anything when being creative and sometimes understanding the process to figuring something out is just as important on the steps to do something. So many people spend so much time explaining where a button is that they spend little time in truly explaining why you are pressing the button. Travis takes the the time to explain the basic lingo other instructors use but spend little or no time explaining. After Travis explains the basic foundation of logic pro he jumps right into the important thing we all want to know, and that how to make music. I does not matter what genre you are interested in this is the course for you. I watched the course live and after felt it was every bit worth it to own it! Take this course it is worth every dime. I look forward to his advance class in the future. After watching this class i feel confident that what i learned here has given me the tools for his next class but more importantly I can start experimenting and making music today! Thank you creativeLive for this course and Thank You Travis for your gift and knowledge. Thank you for making music attainable to the masses. Ronnie AKA

Ellen Gibson-Kennedy

This is a great course. Travis is an excellent teacher, as well as an interesting and relaxed speaker. I liked the casual classroom environment, which gives the impression of being in the room as well. I learned so many great Logic Pro tips. Highly recommend and enjoyed!


Extraordinarily well done. My long time expertise is with video production ... Avid and Final Cut Pro so I understand the learning curve in tools like Logic. But I was simply “blown away” by the quality and content in this class. I had already poured through two other video based courses and decided to try Travis’ course based on his credentials. It’s not even close: this course is superior to anything else out there. Here’s why: 1. He uses deep and creative real world examples based on his production experience. 2. He is a master of every feature of Logic Pro and then gives you precise examples of how to use those features to deliver a great production. 3. His “layered” approach to presenting the concepts makes the content “stick”. He doesn’t just turn on the fire hose of content, but brings in key features at just the right time. 4. He covers everything and showed me how to save a ton a money because of all the unique built in features. For example, because of his broad experience with 3rd party plugins and libraries, he showed how Logic meets and exceeds those other tools. 5. His style and communication ability is top notch. This is a long course ... I think this was done live over 3 days but absolutely worth my investment in time. I wish I had come here first.